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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gettin' Glamorous

Dawn Wedding 011

Despite the fact that the wedding wasn't until 3 pm we started getting ready at 8 am. With the wedding being so late and it being winter we wanted to get some pictures done ahead of time.

We wanted to make sure things weren't too rushed and that we had some natural light for the pictures. So while most of the guys were sleeping off hangovers, we were up and bringing out our "natural" beauty.

Dawn Wedding 008

This was the first time everyone saw the dresses together. Aren't they purty?

Dawn Wedding 002

My mom had us all set up around the kitchen island to get ready. And there was a buffet of food... of course. Oh and cocktails. Bloody Mary's and Mimosa's. I didn't have one. I have no idea why.

Dawn Wedding 012

Here is my dress. I don't have the strength to tell about all the drama. But everything panned out and it looked very pretty, very classy if I do say so myself.

Dawn Wedding 016

I believe its only fair to show you what they had to work with here.

Do you see those bags under my eyes? That may be from falling asleep around 1 am and then waking up at 3 am soaked in sweat. Really. I had to get up and get out of my fleece pajamas (that do nothing but trap the sweat in) and literally towel off. Then I slept in a sweater dress because I didn't have spare pajamas.

Dawn Wedding 013

I think Jenn had to use all of this to make me look the way I did. She did such a good job that I didn't feel like I had any make-up on. That is a miracle because I never, ever use foundation so I normally feel like a freak when I do.

Dawn Wedding 015

Dad and Ginger are clearly feeling the excitement and frenzy of the upcoming event.

Dawn Wedding 018

We listened to Christmas music while we were getting done up. It was so festive!

In the background you see Kim doing my hair. I love Kim. If I weren't married I think I might want to marry her. We've known each other for years. I've known her boyfriend since kindegarten as he was one of my best friends brother.

When I told Kim I would need to put on a birdcage veil for the pictures, then a traditional veil for the ceremony, then back to the birdcage veil (only worn differently) for the reception.... she thought it would be fun.

I think she might be insane. And actually she primped me all night long. Even when she removed the veil completely part way thru the reception. She brought a bag of hair products and bobby pins to the reception with her. I had a personal stylist at the entire event!

Dawn Wedding 081cr

This picture is from later in the day but I wanted you to see the amazing difference a hair and make-up artist can make.

Dawn Wedding 022

Then the flowers came and everyone ooohed and aaaahed!

Dawn Wedding 023

Um, is that a ROSE I spy? Because I love you Shawna, I will forgive you.

Besides, everything really was gorgeous.

Dawn Wedding 024

Boutonnieres. Do you notice the little "Made Especially For" tags on each. How cute is that?!

Oh and the presentation is so over-the-top perfect. This is just how they were dropped off at the house.

Dawn Wedding 026

B's is the big white orchid. I have never seen them as huge as the ones Shawna used.

Only his didn't make it thru the evening. When we were saying our vows I noticed his was clinging for dear life. My mom replaced it with the one meant for his grandfather.

Dawn Wedding 029

When the cocktails were finished we headed to the country club to take some pictures.

Dawn Wedding 031

I brought my camera in the limo. It really helped keep me occupied. It helped calm me.

We laughed all day long. Laughed and cried and laughed some more. Adrienne is in the back taking pictures of me taking pictures :) She is so totally patient with the psychotic bride who brought a camera with her.

Whats a blogger to do?

Dawn Wedding 038

Another bouquet shot. My bouquet was so fantastical and I didn't get any pictures of the handle! I can't wait until you see it.

Shawna read my blog and saw the post about how much I love birch. So she surprised me and incorporated it into the whole wedding!!

The handle of my bouquet is actually a hollowed out piece of birch. Can you believe that? I cannot even tell you how much I loved the personalized effect of all the birch!

Dawn Wedding 034

Here we are just moments away from seeing B for the first time! Well, for the first time that day.



  1. Beautiful, just beautiful. And every bride should laugh and have fun on her day.

  2. SO glad you had your camera...little miss blogger you. It gives us a front row seat to all the excitement. Wasn't that fun...getting all glammed up all day? I love that kind of stuff. You looked so beautiful!

  3. I can't wait to see more picture. Everything and everyone looks amazing! :)

  4. Beautiful!! Cant wait to see more!

  5. It is so fantastic that you were able to have fun on your wedding day.

    More pictures, please!!

    P.S. I love the pic of your dad asleep. :)

  6. You look amazing--and I love the flowers! Thanks for making us feel like we were "silent" bridesmaids at your wedding! We even got the limo ride!!

  7. I love the bridesmaid dresses. I love the flowers, I love your photos. I just simply love it all!! Trust me, not everyone can take pictures while they're preparing for their OWN wedding. Really, not're awesome! Can't wait for more!!!

    Oh, and you know, I just adore the photo of Ginger and your dad. Beautiful!

  8. Everything is looking so dreamy... and your veil is JUST what I pictured you wearing too!!

  9. Love your bouquet! So original and beautiful, oh and wintery! (is that a word?)

    Oh and I love the day from the perspective of the bride. Really cool :)

  10. ohh I want to see more! Love your flowers they are stunning!! you are simply elegant!

  11. oh wow! everything looks amazing from the flowers to the different shaded dress ( i love that idea, btw )! you are one gorgeous gal, seriously! :) i also love that there was christmas music playing while you were getting ready, definitely festive! double the excitement! hehe! for my brother & bff's wedding last month, it was also at 3PM but we were up and getting ready by 7:30! haha!

  12. Ohh thank goodness I didn't stay away from Blogland for another minute or I woulda missed the whole thing!

    I've been attending to multiple festive events up here in Michigan, as we celebrated my son's homecoming and 10 day visit, which is now coming to a close, so I can get back to blogging.

    I look forward to seeing more of this highly anticipated wedding from Blogland! So, glad you didn't end up needing me to fill in for one of the bridesmaids. I've been so busy! heehee

  13. I just love that birdcage veil, it really suited you well!

  14. Dawn,

    Even more breath-taking pictures of a classic take on a vintage wedding! I love it! Should be filmed for TV! Yours looks amazing!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  15. The morning shot is priceless! You transformed into a BEAUTIFUL bride my dear...

  16. Dad and doggie look pretty peaceful while all this wonderful stuff is going on.

  17. How beautiful are those flowers ... but you look more beautiful! Honestly you didn't need your own make-up artist, but so cool that you did!!
    Your parents sure know how to throw a party before the party!
    What a wonderful day!

    More! More!

  18. Awesome!! You look so lovely and the boquets could not be any more winter-wonderland-perfect!! Eating each post up like it's my only nourishment for the day Dandy! Keep em coming PLEASE!!!

  19. Love these Dawn! You are NOT psychotic for bringing your camera - you are totally awesome! Love the limo shots, can't wait to show you the ones from the other side of the lens!

  20. Love, love, love it!! You are so cool for helping us feel like we were there! :)
    If I had been blogging back when I got married, I think I would have had a camera on me too. The church ladies surely would have tried to wrestle it from me, though.
    Your day looks so fun!

  21. The dresses are beautiful. I love all the different shades of color. The flowers are to die for and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Love the hat.

  22. I agree with Melanie, I love how all of the dresses are different colors. Those flowers....that bouquet...your theme was amazing!! I love it! And your hair, you definitely pulled off the old fashioned look. You could be a 1920s pin up girl!

  23. Love everything, all the pictures!! I can't wait to catch up when my computer is acting more civilized :) What a beautiful bride. I do love the picture of you getting 'gussied' up with the hairpins, etc. Adorable! And your dad and Ginger... so sweet.

    The hair was just one of the many fabulous ideas you had... perfect! -Tammy

  24. You look beautiful! Belated Congratulations!!


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