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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dum, dum, de-dum...


First off, I'm totally recycling these photos because my laptop and I have decided to take a break from each other. Actually, my laptop decided it needed a vacation and left me stranded and alone. Thank God I have B to fall back on or I don't know what I would do. Its not you, its me, but I hope we can still be friends.

These bouquet shots were from the engagement shoot. Actually, I took these with the bouquet from the shoot. The last shot from the lovely Adrienne.


Things are a changing 'round here! Last minute details. Family coming in. Food to be eaten. Places to go. People to see. I still have things to do on my knot checklist.

Lets talk bouquets for a moment. I have to admit that I'm really not a bouquet catcher. When the bride tosses the bouquet I usually look for the bar and try to sneak out quietly before she starts. I know. I'm sorry. So, when it came to my own wedding I took stalk of the single ladies out there. Was anyone going to miss this? I decided I wasn't going to do it.

I decided I would do a bouquet presentation instead. We were going to have all the married couples get up to dance and then the DJ would start narrowing down the couples during the song. "Will all the couples who have been married for less than a year sit down" until the last couple is standing and we all applaud. Then we were going to mention that there was a couple who has actually been married for over 69 years!

B's grandparents (Poh poh and Gung gung) have been married for 69 years, can you believe that?! We were going to present them with the bouquet and tell them how much we love and appreciate them. Unfortunately, B's grandpa fell ill this past weekend and has been admitted to the hospital. They won't be able to make the trip down for the wedding and we will miss having them there.

Please keep Gung gung in your prayers.


What else? I still don't have:
-underwear (I'm just keeping it real here. I mean, I own underwear but not pretty wedding ones)
-escort cards (we had some formatting issues)
-the cranes (they should get here FRIDAY- good Lord that is cutting it close)
-a cantor (ours had a death in the family)

-MY DRESS.... to be picked up later today... I hope...

DawnCraig  115

Besides being exhausted, I am thoroughly excited. We have family coming in from Puerto Rico today and friends coming in from Sacramento tonight. Tomorrow we'll be dropping things at hotels, wiping our sweaty palms on our pants, smiling, sweating, crying, clapping, laughing, eating, talking and generally running in circles.

I'm not nervous, I'm anxious. There is not a doubt in my mind that B is the man for me. Whatever life brings us, we can tackle it. Last night I thought of the moment I knew I was going to marry B. It was the day I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I wrote about it in 3 parts, the last being the diagnosis. You can read the first one here.

When I look back at that day, I smile. How odd is that? What a great gift he has given me.

3 days until all B's dreams come true..... I mean, until all my dreams come true....


  1. Dawn,
    Awww, sweet thoughts. So excited for you, hope you get everything done easily. Love the bouquet presentation idea. Hope Gung gung gets well. Happy Wedding Wishes and Happy Holidays. We'll have movers here this weekend and I'll be computerless until our stuff clears customs and reaches Austin, but looking forward to reading all about your wedding and honeymoon!
    Hugs, Jennifer

  2. "3 days until all B's dreams come true..... I mean, until all my dreams come true...."

    that is funny.

    don't forget to stop and enjoy your day. stop and enjoy and eat the food. we didn't eat at our reception... total bummer.

  3. I hope B's grampa feels better soon!

    OMG 3 DAAAAYS! :)

    Melinda Sue nailed it, though... make sure you enjoy the day. Don't sweat the small stuff, and all that stuff.

  4. Oh yeah!! Yes I agree with Melinda Sue... eat the food for heaven's sake... other wise someone will have to run out of the hotel later that night for chicken in a biscuit crackers and water bottles and let me tell you... that won't go over very well. Not at all.

  5. I've said this before, but I wish B had a blog we could read. He's the mysterious silent presence in your posts. Could you set up a blogging profile for him as a wedding present?

  6. Beyond excited for you. Wish I could be there;) I know you will share all the lovely pics!

  7. This is so exciting!!! Everything will come together, it will, it will. And yes, eat the food. Your ring is gorgeous!!!

  8. How exciting that it is almost here. I can't wait to hear all about it. And I at your are paying for the food afterall!

  9. Your ring is so beautiful!
    Thoughts are with Gung gung.

  10. Beautiful ring! So much to celebrate! Who needs underwear? (Did I say that?!) Blessings and more joy than your heart can hold. That is what I wish for you!

  11. Your sense of humor just keeps shining through!

  12. Dearest Dandy,
    1. I'm so glad that B's computer is working, cause I'd hate to miss this!
    2. Yay for family coming in for the big day!
    3. I'm sorry that B's grandparents can't make it. Prayers for Gung Gung.
    4. I agree with EVERYTHING Mrs. E says!
    5. Thinking of you often and sending good thoughts your way!!!


  13. I love that bouquet presentation idea, how sweet! My grandparents are pushing 60 years, and I am amazed by them both. I'm sorry B's Grandparents can't make it, but maybe you guys can give them a little toast instead of the bouquet toss. I'm with you, it was always kind of awkward. But you better cut the cake, because I love watching that part!!

  14. Your ability to handle ALL of this, the wedding, a blog, and life with such aplomb is truly inspiring. Prayers for Gung gung, without a doubt.

  15. Dawn,

    I am so sorry about B's grandpa. That would have been a beautiful thing to do for them. Honor them with that acknowledgement:) Maybe you could keep the bouquet and do it later? Have a great time. I know that you are so excited. We are all excited for you. Congrats to you and B.

  16. 3 days is not long. I hope you enjoy every moment between now and then... And After.

    Congratulations. Sending many good thoughts and prayers!!! ENJOY

  17. We didn't do a bouquet throw either... and (gasp!) I didn't have a garter. I wasn't into those things. What we did have was a 'game' for all the guests. They got to write down questions (answers to be only "Chris" or "my name") about us, --like "Who made the first move?" The emcee (my SIL!) would read them out; Chris and I were standing back to back and we would raise our shoe(!) for the correct answer. It provided for lots of laughs and was quite fun for everyone. :)

    Hope GungGung feels better soon. I would have loved to have mine at my wedding.

  18. I'm having a little weep. I'm soooooooooooo excited for you both!

    I had a wrist coursage cos I knew if I had to remember to carry something I'd probably fall over walking down the aisle!!

    Will be praying for you both and those you'll miss on the day. xxx

  19. I love this post...random, simple and filled with everything happening right now for you! enjoy.every.single.moment....and always remember how B looked on your wedding day! hus to you Dandy!

  20. Dawn, you'll be in my thoughts a lot over the course of the next few days. I'm so excited for you and B!! And I will keep Gung gung in my prayers. -Tammy


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