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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

~sigh~ I lurve Christmas


Can you believe its nearly Christmas?
Our first Christmas together as a married couple to be exact.


You know, like our first Monday as a married couple, and our first concert as a married couple, and our first.... its like I'm back in high school.


I stole B's point and shoot and I have to say that I am quite impressed!
The blurry ones are mainly my fault. Those things don't have image stabilization.


Do you see this bell? Its older than I am. I "borrowed" it from my parents.


I have a thing about snowflakes. I LOVE snowflakes.


I also love leaves. Is it weird hanging leaves on a tree without leaves? Are pine needles leaves? What does it all mean?
I'm a tad bit on the tired side, you'll have to excuse me.


When I was little I had my own little tree in my room. This was one of the dolls on that sat on the branches. I have the best memories of falling asleep at night as I watched the lights twinkle on my little tree.


I interrupt this post for a public service announcement.
When you bake a cake.... smooth out the batter evenly before you pop it in the oven. Otherwise the cake will bake in a big mound and when you flip it onto a tray it will crack down the middle.


But it tastes just as good. Apparently while I was wrapping presents B decided we needed cake...and he baked one at 9 pm.
Who decides to bake a cake at 9 pm?
But it was a box cake so it didn't take long.
We only had a smidgeon of chocolate frosting left so he pulled out the confetti frosting. (I have a thing for confetti cake and confetti frosting- I can't help it)
The thing about cakes like this is that I feel like its OK to eat with my fingers.
So we stopped our present wrapping and ate cake... with our hands...while we watched Frosty the Snowman. This is our first box cake as a married couple.
CORRECTION: My sincerest apologies. As it has been pointed out to me... the above pictured frosting is in fact Rainbow Chip. It is not confetti.


And then we had a sword fight with wrapping paper tubes.
I'm totally serious. Maybe it was the sugar.
Maybe next year I'll take up fencing. B turned his sword into nuncucks but I still won.

In these last few days before Christmas, in the hustle and bustle of baking and cleaning and shopping and packing, don't forget to take a moment to yourself!
Take a moment to breathe and smile and laugh and play. :)
What are your plans for the next couple of days?


  1. Lots of firsts! (Am I first for the comments on this post?)
    B sounds like my kind of guy. Baking a cake at 9 P.M.! Sounds like a great idea to me!!
    Enjoy this wonderful time together!

  2. Baking, wrapping, cleaning for me.

    Merry First Married Christmas to you and B!! -Tammy

  3. Ok, I have to correct you my dear, that's not confetti frosting, that is rainbow chip, hands down the BEST FROSTING in the entire world. I know it's only a buck and comes in a can, but it is UH-mazing! :-) Lol, sorry but seeing that picture I wish I could eat some right now...

    Love the tree, it looks professionally decorated. :-) I love all the firsts too. I'll probably be that annoying girl that goes around introducing herself as Mrs. to everyone in earshot. ;-)

    Match and I are headed up to Oregon tonight and I'm so excited I could spontaneously combust right now. :-) Christmas at home with my family!! YAYY!!
    PS I'm having a contest on my blog, check it out if you have some time!

  4. Visiting with family and friends, cooking, eating and a little sleep. Hope y'all enjoy your 1st Christmas together.

  5. Love your first tree, and the first boxed cake - the icing cracked me up. I have tiramisu, cheese cake, and a ham to make...a few presents to wrap during nap time, annnd I do believe I'm done.
    Merry 1st Christmas!

  6. I love your tree! How pretty it looks! Is it too terrible to say that I can't remember the first married Christmas together with the hubz? I remember our first fight --- a year and a half into the relationship and it didn't last very long because we ended up laughing...but our first Xmas...hmmm? Well, we've been married 31 years so maybe I can be forgiven....

    To you, sweetness, enjoy all of your 'firsts' with your beloved and wishing both of you a very safe and happy holiday....

  7. Your tree is beautiful!

    Are you sure we're not related? Love confetti cake & frosting, too!

    Happy 1st Married Christmas!!

  8. ohhh, the 1st box cake...looks like somthing else! :) your 1st sword fight, cute...the pool man and I used to wrestle, however he is quite a bit stronger then me, shocker I know...and he always won, and I always got hurt we stopped was cute for a while! I love love your tree and your presents look pretty...and I hope to get off work early tomorrow to start playing! I need to wrap too, want to come over and watch movies and wrap with me? I am thinking Julie and Julia?

  9. Um. I don't believe that is "confetti" frosting! That looks to me like Rainbow Chip Frosting. Which is INFINITELY better than "confetti" frosting. I detest all the "confetti" or "funfetti" cake mixes and frosting. But I do LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Rainbow Chip mix and frosting. Seriously my favorite ever!

  10. ok, I meant the looks like something else in a NICE way, I just read it and it sounds bad, sorry, it looks yummie...the confetti frosting killed me...too cute! leaving now, sorry. bye!

  11. You crack me up!

    Sword fights and late-night cake needs to be your yearly tradition. Share it with your future kids.

  12. Oh Happy First Married Christmas to you and B!! And....Confetti is the food of the gods.

  13. Your tree is beautiful. Happy 1st married box cake to you & B! Oh, and yeah, happy 1st married Christmas too! :o)

  14. Working, baking, wrapping and in that order. Wrapping should finish about 2:37am Christmas morning and after sitting on the floor, hunched over gifts wrapping for countless hours on end, I should be able to stand up straight without any back pain in time to ring in the new year! The Artist can do many things, but is wrapping leaves a lot to be desired!

    Happy first married Christmas to you and B!!


  15. Beautiful tree! The cake looks great...edible is all that matters, really. I totally make cakes and brownies late at night, then my kids are sleeping and I can eat it all myself. Sometimes I share with my husband. Sometimes.
    Ya'll keep having fun. (Ya'll? Do I live in Texas or something?)

  16. That was the first thing I thought of was that it was your first Christmas together as a married couple!!

    I love the decorations. I think I'm going to be a copy cat and put more snowflakes on mine. I don't have enough and I have one that is made of beads that I like so maybe, I just need to make some more???

    Loved eating the cake with your fingers. Much more fun that way.

  17. Your first post about Christmas as a married couple! Awww... ;p You're too much!

    I LOVE your tree and I love that you are so enjoying married coupledom (Wait, is that a word? Whatever... you know what I mean!).

    Have a most blessed Christmas!

  18. Last night I was baking at 1:30am and wondering who in the world (other than me) does that. Since you are on the West Coast and I am on the East...9pm your time is midnight mine, so B and I are about even.

    BTW - the mound in the middle also has something to do with being a box cake. Don't know why, but they do that more than other cakes. But it doesn't take away from the taste

  19. Awwww... Sloane has a tree in her room too. And I am hoping she'll cherish all her childhood ornaments some day, too.

  20. Merry Christmas! We have out first Christmas tree as a married couple, and we've been married over three years.

    And.... I bake at 9pm. Not just cake, but cookies, bread, muffins, and often pie. Sometimes it does take until 3am, but that's how it goes.

  21. You are too cute and too funny. I love that you said that you are back in high school. All those firsts that you are recalling. LOL

    Enjoy your Christmas with your hubby and rest because you have a big honeymoon coming up!

    Merry Christmas.


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