Friday, October 23, 2009

My Search for Birch

I have this deep love for birch. It came up unexpectedley one day (like love often does). I'm not sure why or how I came to admire it so. Birch is not native to California. I have never even seen a bunch of birch trees together in real life.

Love is funny that way. Sometimes when it strikes you should just go with it. Let your love blossom, you know?

So I spent just the tiniest amount of time on Etsy the other day ~insert eye-roll~ and found these bircheriffic treasures. The links go to their etsy site but if you want to see that particular product just type birch into the search field.


By Allison Trentelmann of Rocky Top Studio Her work is like looking into a dream. This picture is haunting in the most delicious way.


I know you're not going to believe me when I say that I need these plates. I do realize I just received a bunch of plates. Its just that...I need these plates. Vintage Mikasa from Modern Nest.


This is a lovely Autumn painting by Kristen Dougherty which gave me the fantastic idea that I should change my living room artwork according to the season. This will happen after I win the lottery, of course.

Wait a minute. I found this while searching birch but now it says Aspen. I'm going to ignore this fact. Aspen means nothing to me. These are birch.

passport cover

A passport cover by Pepperberry & Co. I never even knew I needed a passport cover but here I am only months away from my trip and left with a nekkid passport.

scrabble pendant

These are both by ImagesUnderGlass. The first has a wonderful vintage feel and the second is on a recycled scrabble piece. Thats right, if you flip it over you can see the letter its done on.


A lovely journal from Reams of Fun. You can use this to jot down poetry... or more likely blog ideas when you get struck with a thought for a post and aren't anywhere near your computer.


I just love these pillows from Sarah Smile. She has different kinds in different colors. Simple and modern in such a sweet way.


This vintage picture from Knitsandpics needs to be framed and sitting on my shelf. Gorgeous.

leaf necklace

Oh my. This silver dipped birch leaf by My Cellar Door comes gift-wrapped for you. I love to open gifts, even the ones I give myself. Can you imagine making these to order? Striking.

birch words

A very crafty way of creating birh trees by Julie Suzanne!

thru window

Last but definitely not least are these two photographs by Gayle Ketzel Photographer. "This fine art print is formatted in the style of a TTV (Through The Viewfinder) study which is done with a digital camera through the viewfinder of an antique Kodak Duaflex camera."

Isn't it just marvelous? Maaaahvelous.

What are you into looking at these days?


  1. Oh my, beautiful eye candy to start my day. My girly (2 years old) is on my lap and liked the birdy on the passport cover and instantly recognized the jewelry as necklaces! Yes, she has good taste like you Dawn!

  2. Those plates are the loveliest things ever! The last two pics are gorgeous, too. Beautiful stuff! I haven't had time to peruse lovely things this past week, and I'm starting to feel the effects! I have, however, been drooling over new SLR's, which could very easily be considered a lovely thing in my eyes. The Nikon D90 with 18-200mm lens? Oh yes, lovely. My brown haired, non bearded Santa is bringing me one for Christmas. At least, he better if he wants supper every night! ;)

  3. I agree, a beautiful way to start the day! I especially love the first photo and all of her dreamy and wintery...

  4. gorgeous all of it, the last two photos really caught my attention, perhaps because of the angle of the view..anyway, haven't had a chance to lolly gag through Etsy this week, which makes me sad...however, wishing you a happy weekend!! :)

  5. That was a fun trip through etsy land! Thanks for sharing!

  6. what a great collection - i love trees!

    thanks for visiting my blog. it was great to meet you last night!

  7. I like and I didn't know I liked birch!

    Happy Friday!

  8. gorgeous...i love that pillow!

  9. You're the 7th wonder of the civilized world and I'm delighted to have found you and your blog (unexpectedly one day (like finding often does)).

  10. Really lovely stuff here girlie! I know what you mean about's like a time warp when you go on there...hours pass by in a blink of an eye :)

    :) T

  11. Wonderful birch finds! Which reminds me, many years ago I planted a clump of birch trees (as often times birches are planted in a clump). They died :-( But I've always loved birch, and you have inspired me to try to grow them again next spring.

    I love the scrabble tile jewelry. I've been buying up a few of the pendants for gifts on Etsy. Speaking of Etsy, I could peruse it aimlessly for hours, and I have on many occasions. Etsy = Guilty pleasure! -Tammy

  12. Birch is vacation to me. I like it. What have I been looking at lately. Try colleges and universities- for Fash- *sigh*

  13. People are so creative...those are lovely for sure. Scrabble tile-love it! Plates-totally get what you are saying!
    Thanks for sharing your finds.
    These days I love looking at cold cans of Dr. Pepper. Now that is a lovely sight.

  14. I love birch, too! And it always reminds me of the Robert Frost poem.

  15. Delicious pictures! Love birch trees, 'specially in the winter when their nakedness is exposed for all the world to oooo and ahhhhh over :o)
    Thanks for popping over to my place!

  16. super great birchriffic finds! I love the jewelry!

  17. Leave it to you to give me a whole new appreciation for birch trees! I love to see all of the wonderful representations of what people see in the birch! Each so different and unique. Around here, I can't recall any groves of Birch trees, only single specimens. I'll have to keep a closer watch for them!

    Right now I'm into the changing colors at sunrise. I love the way the trees slowly illuminate as the sun rises higher in the sky.

  18. My sister's nickname is Birch, and I love everything you found! It reminds me of the drive to the north woods of Minnesota - beautiful.

    I've spent the last few weeks engrossed in design blogs and sites trying to finish furnishing/decorating our new apartment. I'm about cross-eyed and should be sewing right now. ;p

  19. The second to the last photo is my FAVORITE. Looking up into that tree. I have always liked birches, too. They are short-lived, as trees go, which maybe makes them all the more special. I'm WILD over quaking aspens. Your post made me want to RUN to the mountains to see them. :)

  20. Those last photos are amazing. Really capture the feeling of a Birch. Great post.

  21. I love this collection of birch images - just lovely and inspiring... And so soothing and serene. Just what I needed this morning - thank you.



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