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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Food and Fun

Dawn Wedding 148

Well, folks it looks like we'll be finishing up the last of the photos.... and then we'll go thru all the details again when I get the pictures back from Adrienne Gunde Photography.

All the pictures I've been showing you were taken on my camera. You know, because I brought my camera to my own wedding. Doesn't every bride?

Dawn Wedding 152

Here we are enjoying our first dance. Well, I'm enjoying it anyway. B was super cute doing this. He is not a dancer. When we first got engaged we couldn't even sway together to the music.

Dawn Wedding 153

Then we went to a couple dance classes and spent the day practicing on the beach and got real comfortable. Real comfortable until you have 180 people watching you.

You can't tell in this picture but he is sweating buckets! Poor man.

Now, lets talk food! During the cocktail hour in the lounge area we had a cheese display. I didn't even see it because we were takin family pictures. I'm not sure if my bridesmaids did either because I called them over for pictures and then didn't use them. Sorry Tina and Chrissy!

Dawn Wedding 154

We also had the following passed appetizers:

~Bacon wrapped Scallop (this was the only thing I got- I had 1 scallop and it was delicious)

~Lump Crab Cake with a Plum Sauc

~Brie Canape topped with Sliced Pear

~Beef Carpaccio with Stone Ground Mustard on Baguette

Dawn Wedding 155

We did listen to all of you and sat down to eat our dinner.

This was the Spoon Leaf Spinach Salad with feta, bacon and madarin oranges, topped with the most fantastic Honey Mustard Dressing ever! It was prettier when it was served.

Dawn Wedding 156

Our table was amazing. I still can't believe it. And you know what the best part was? Whereever we looked people were smiling.

Dawn Wedding 157
They were eating and drinking and talking and laughing! When I envisioned our wedding I wanted classy, elegant, classic, different and fun all at the same time. I wanted a formal and whymsical look with a comfortable feel. I wasn't sure I could have all these things and pull it off. How could I have classic and new at the same time? How could I have icy wintery elaborte arrangements and a fun photo booth in the same space?

Oh but it all came together and I couldn't be happier!

Have you ever seen such gorgeous orchids?! We had pretty printed menus at each place setting.

Dawn Wedding 158

Flat bread with a sun-dried tomato spread. I want more.

Dawn Wedding 159

I ate this entire plate and some of B's. I was so hungry and it was soo good!

Petit Filet Mignon topped with a Gorgonzola Compound Butter in a Pinot Noir Sauce and Shrimp Scampi in a Lemon Butter Sauce with Au Gratin Potatoes and vegetables. Yum.

Dawn Wedding 160

These crystals were dripping down above our heads. Heaven, I tell you.

Dawn Wedding 161

And behind us were these lovely birch branches. I want these in my house. I want a back drop of birch trees. Wouldn't this be awesome against a blank wall in my house. Perhaps at one end of the library. You know, the house in my dreams.

Dawn Wedding 163

How cute is this card?! I have a collection of notes and drawings from this sweetheart.

Dawn Wedding 164

You didn't think you would be the only one to notice that big stuffed tiger, did you?

Dawn Wedding 165

My mom had the good sense to move it away from the table before someone took it down.

Dawn Wedding 169

Here are the ringbearers. B's nephew Alex on the left and my nephew Josh on the right. They totally loved each other!

Dawn Wedding 170

Kate and my youngest niece Cassidy. Both of those dresses were made by my sister-in-law's mom. She is so talented!

Dawn Wedding 172

This is my sister-in-law Noreen. She is such an incredible mom.

Dawn Wedding 174

Dancing with my dad. The song was The Way You Look Tonight by Rod Stewart

Dawn Wedding 180

Here B is dancing with my sister. This makes me laugh because B really doesn't like to dance.

Dawn Wedding 181

Here I am dancing with my brother Mike. I know, the family resemblance is striking!

Dawn Wedding 176

The reception was just absolutely amazing. The wedding was so totally fantastic. My friends and family as loving as ever. I am now part of an amazing family. And I'm a wife. Can you believe that?! I am a wife. I am B's wife. ~giggle~

We are nearing the end of the wedding saga. I have a few more things to cover, like the photobooth, the rehearsal dinner and the brunch. It was a weekend of the most amazing memories. An entire weekend and I'm still reeling from it.


  1. I'm impressed you got plenty of photos with you in them rather than hiding behind your camera! It really looks like an amazing day - honestly, it looks like a film-set, it's just fabulous!!!!!

  2. There have to be more pictures! They have been so fun to see.

  3. Your dad looks so proud! I love his face! I'm wishing you could send that food this way! Yum! Just beautiful--every inch!

  4. Food looked amazing! Oh and those pics of you and your dad...SWEET:)

  5. Great photos, Dawn!
    I think I've said it before ... but it really does look like a dream! So ethereal and light. I love the pics of the food and of B and you tripping the light fantastic ... and of your brother and ... especially ... your dad. What a happy day. Makes me want to cry! Beauty does that to me. (Name that movie!)
    Have a great and restful weekend!

  6. I am glad you brought your camera so that your blog readers could see pics ASAP. Thanks for sharing - it all looks AMAZING! And, you're married!! :-)

  7. I can just feel how overflowing with joy you are and that makes me so happy! You deserved every moment of this bliss and it's such a treat to come here each day to share it with you.
    Everything was perfect! And now you're lovely Mrs. B! :o) YAY!

  8. It all looked so good, Dawn! The food I can practically SMELL, my word, it looked delicious! The kid pics? Preeeeecious!

  9. All the pics are gorgeous, but I especially love seeing the pictures of you with your dad.

    Did he surreptitiously wipe away a tear or two at your wedding? :)

  10. Every single thing looks amazing and lovely. I haven't ever been to a wedding that actually served such amazing food! You did great on that girl!

    You are a wife!! Isn't that just the craziest at first? You think you won't get used to it, but you do eventually!! And I still love it when Adrain introduces me as his wife to someone. Just makes me all mushy inside...

  11. Love the birch and crystals. I have a small birch branch on one of my walls with snowflakes hanging from it. It's my favorite.

  12. Wow!! Just from looking at your pictures I'm hungry! It seems like you did good at choosing the food for your reception. If it didn't taste good, it evidently looked like it was yummi!)

  13. Haven't been commenting lately, but have been faithfully reading. I have been living the vicarious life through your blog. My dad has been ill over the past week or so and lots of stress and issues, but then I come over here and get all happy again! Such a beautiful day! Beautiful bride! Beautiful life! Blessings!

  14. Your food. Your food. Sigh. GASP!

    Deep, deep envy.

    Seriously, girl, you know how to throw a party.

    And, oh how we all love B to dance with you just because he loves you, just to please you. sigh...

  15. I am absolutely drooling over your food photos. Looks amazing!

  16. You look so happy... So purty...

    and now I am so hungry!

  17. Oh my goodness. Your wedding looks PERFECT! And you looked drop dead gorgeous. :-)

  18. Good for you that you sat down and ate!! Seriously.
    It's so nice to be happy with such an important day, one that had so much anticipation wrapped up in it!
    I love the pictures with you and your dad, and your brother.

  19. I am enjoying looking at all your wedding photos. You just looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing them all.

  20. What a beautiful bride! Your wedding looks so wonderful, Congratulations!


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