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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmastime at Disneyland


Oh my. We have family out from Puerto Rico and they all went to Disneyland. I went back and forth on whether or not to go...because one ticket costs the promise of my first born...because I just went for my birthday and because I had to work that day.


I am so happy I went. I met the family there and it was a fantastic time. Do you see the mouse shaped garland?!


In September when we went, the Haunted Mansion was closed. I was terribly sad. I love the Haunted Mansion.


THIS is why it was closed. They redo the entire mansion in the Nightmare Before Christmas!


Keep in mind that its hard to take pictures on a ride and catch the magic.


But it was seriously amazing!


We ooooohed and aaaaaahed the entire time!


It was so much fun. I said right then that I would go to Disneyland just to go on that!


I love that movie.


Then we had Mexican food. There really hasn't been enough food on my blog lately.
This is the steak tostada. Plus, its a salad so its healthy.


Chicken burrito! The food was very good and it was huge. All the food at amusement parks are over-priced but taking that into consideration I'd say this was a good buy.


Then it started to get dark and the real magic began. If you can only go for a certain amount of time...go in the evening.


All the buildings along Main Street light up along with so many decorations throughout the park.

It was so petty I said right then that I would go to Disneyland just walk around there!


The Christmas tree near the entrance is absolutely ginormous!


Looking back towards the park you can see the castle on the end.

The lit buildings remind me of the end of Meet Me In St. Louis. I acted it out in my mind while I was taking this picture.

Oh, isn't it breathtaking, John! I never dreamed anything could be so beautiful.

There's never been anything like it in the whole world.

We don't have to come here on a train or stay in a hotel. It's right in our own home town.

Right in our own home town!


We watched the fantastic Christmas parade and I decided I wanted to be a roller skating snowflake or a dancing snowman and that we should start having an annual Christmas masquerade ball.

Santa Claus was available for pictures.... as were his....



I am now going to admit to the internets a deep dark secret.

I had no idea that reindeer were real. I thought they were fictional creatures. Are you laughing at me?

I was so excited that I said right then I would go to Disneyland just for those!


It's A Small World! This ride makes me laugh. I didn't go on it but I hear its all decked out inside as well. It reminds me of the time my girlfriends and I got stuck on it.... you can only hear that song so many times. Its all the the theme song for my sisters and I.


Judging by the sea of strollers its quite popular with the kiddies.


It was mesmorizing.

It was so mesmorizing I said right then that I would go to Disneyland just to gaze at that!


Oh but the castle was the prettiest. I think. They add snow to the top and decorate it with lit icycles.

I'm really not for getting married at Disneyland (personally) but tell me this wouldn't go with my Winter Wonderland theme.


You should have seen the look on peoples faces.

It was so fantastic I said I would go to Disneyland just to stand right there!


As my sister and I were trying to get these reflection shots off the water of the moat we heard a rather funny comment behind us.

The husband tells his wife that she can prop the camera up to get a good shot. She very huffily replies, "I'm trying but there are little people in front of me!"

We started cracking up. How rude!


Oh but its not over yet. At 9:30 the fireworks show starts!


Please stay for the fireworks. Its the right thing to do.

Do you see Mickey?


If I were taller you would see they are right above the castle.


The music and the show is amazing. Actually, if you want high quality Disney coverage head on over to Alive In Wonderland and click on Disney Love under categories. Suzanne rocks and gets sneak peeks to whats new at Disney. See her recent interview with Tiana!


It was so grand I swore I would go to Disneyland just to watch that!

The fireworks finale had us gasping and clapping with excitement until this happened...


it snowed! The lights came back on in Main Street and IT SNOWED! We were just stunned for a second.

Here is my second secret for today: I couldn't understand what it was.

Sherri: OMG its snowing!
Me: OMG! But what is it?!
Sherri: Its snow!
Me: I know, but what is it?!
Sherri: ~insert odd look~ Its snow.
Me: Yes, but what is it made of? Its so fluffy!
Sherri: ITS SNOW! Man-made snow!
Me: OMG I can't believe its snowing!
Us: Whhhhheeeeeee! ~sniffle~ Whhhhheeeeee!


I thought it was some kind of foam or styrofoam or confetti or something. Besides the 1 foot patch of snow I saw off the freeway last winter driving up to Sac I haven't seen snow in maybe 10 years and before that possibly another 10 years. But I've seen it on TV and in pictures!

It was amazing. Our eyes were filled with tears. Seriously. Something about being caught up in the fantasy and magic of Disney with the rides, decorations, parades and fireworks show and then it actually Anaheim. It was just too much. In a good way.


Plus, I'm married. Did I tell you that?


On our way out we stopped to admire the tree again. It was sooo huge! I was trying to give you a scale by showing that there are like 2 foot santas and birdcages and full size instruments decorating the darn thing. The round ornaments are the size of basketballs!


Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Merry Yule! Happy Kwanza!


  1. Scott and I just went to Disneyland last night! I loved looking through your photos since it looks like we had almost an identical experience! (and since I barely got any good ones of my own since I only had my P&S) I have been wanting to see it snow at Disneyland my whole life & it was definitely everything I dreamed it to be! The whole Christmas at Disneyland experience is phenomenal - I wonder if Scott will take me back every night until Christmas?

  2. Oh ... wow ... I had no idea. What a wonderful thing for your guests to see. Thanks so much for the terrific pics! I know I'll probably never get to Disneyland, especially at Christmas, so thanks for the tour! Amazing!!!!

  3. Hmmmm, wonder where they store all those Christmas decos? Mine fit into a single green and red Rubbermaid tub. For which I am profoundly grateful. lol

  4. How neat!!!! I've never been, but everybody I know always rants and raves about it. I'm glad it snowed for ya, too. ;) Good thing, cause those reindeer were probably wondering where the heck it all was...

  5. THAT WAS AMAZING!!! OMG seriously...thank you so much for sharing. Wow that tree! I am still laughing that the lady called you "little people":) Anytime you want some snow come on out for a little visit. I'll get you all hooked up and it might even be cheaper than your ticket to Disneyland;)

  6. It snowed! Oh, I'm so glad you got snow! You don't have to stare longingly and wonderingly at my pictures anymore because now you have your own memories!

    Until I got distracted by that, I was going to marvel at the incredible light you got on the four "just getting dark" photos. Seriously beautiful. The kind of light you just want to hug and keep forever. Delicious light. But, then, snow!

  7. wow...disneyland is just the coolest place! I would totally be a roller skating snowflake with you! I am so glad you all had so much fun!! and your married! AHHHH!!!!!

  8. Gotta love that ol' Disney magic! It's amazing how all Disneyland's look the same everywhere. We're probably going to skip Disneyland until after the holidays are over. I'm not game enough to brave the crowds.

    The Nightmare Before Christmas... aahhh, very memorable for me because I was on my way to watch the premiere and I was singing as I was driving and then wham! I crashed into another car that came up on a No Entry street. Needless to say, I'd missed the premiere!

  9. Great post~! It brought back alot of memories. My grandfather actually helped build Disneyland. Being he helped build it my mom and aunt (when they were younger) got to go in as one of the first guests. (July 17, 1955)
    My whole family are native Southern Californians and have been to Disneyland many times-But this post was the first time I've seen anybody catch the magic of the place on camera! Good job!


  10. Just reading about Disneyland at Christmas made me tear up... I love Disneyland.

    Congratulations on a lovely wedding! Now the fun begins, and that is in a good way!!!

  11. Beautiful pictures and I have to admit that I also didn't know that reindeer really exist. Do they really???

    I would go to Disneyland just for the magic at night feeling.

    When I worked there, I never got tired of watching the fireworks. It was like the grand finale of a beautiful, magical day.

  12. The food looks fab and the decorations are mesmerizing! I love Jack the Pumpkin King too!

  13. I've heard of the snow, but never been there to see it. I'm so glad I got to live it through your photos! I got teary eyed too! I'm listening to sweet christmas music while I read this and when it got to the snow part, I just choked up. How awesome and perfect!!! Your joy is just exploding out of the screen Dandy. I'm so glad I get to see a part of your joyous life through your blog.

  14. Woohoo! Never been to Disneyland, but maybe I'll go someday...when I'm up to braving the crowds, anyway. XD

    Ahh, thanks so much for dropping by my site, by the by! I love any comment I get... :D I discovered your site while going through the comments on a Pioneer Woman post, and was sucked in by your story. It's an amazing one to be sure! I've also started looking at Canon cameras too--I'm hoping to get a camera sometime in the next month, and I'm just casting about looking for the 'best' for my buck, as it were. Anyway, thanks for the info and the comments! Both were appreciated muchly! :D

  15. So fun, and awesome to do with people you love!

  16. They made it snow?! That's so cool!

  17. That photo with the snow is amazing! I love all of them, but that's my fave :)

  18. The castle alone was worth the trip. The Christmas tree too. We went to Disney World for Christmas too and too our son but that was about 10 years ago. It was beautiful. I am glad that you went. Looks like you had a great time.


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