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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tomato Pie, Just Do It


I have a craving right now and its all Elle's fault.

Curse that gorgeous woman and her gorgeous family!


My craving is for Tomato Pie. I'm not going to post the recipe because reading her recipes are a joy. Oh and she makes her own crust... which looks easy... but I'm lazy... and I have pre-made crusts in my freezer.


I followed Elle's recipe almost exactly but I had roasted garlic in the fridge so I mashed it up into the mayo, cheese mixture. Thats right. I said mayo and cheese. I still consider this pie healthy as its called Tomato Pie and not something like Chocolate Silk Pie.

Tomatoes are a vegetable (actually a fruit but we'll ignore that in this case) and so this is considered a health food. Right? Right.


Why am I showing you so many of these very similar pictures?

Because I don't have a single picture of the pie once it was cut into! It disappeared too quickly.

I meant to get a picture of a perfect slice on a pretty plate. Then I ate the slice.


I tried to straighten out the edge of the cut pie. I straightened and straightened and straightened until there wasn't much left.

I ate the leftovers for breakfast.. cold... straight out of the refrigerator... while standing in the middle of my kitchen.


Go make that pie and report back

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fisherman's Warf


Well, you got a little sneak preview yesterday.
As we walked down the street towards Fisherman's Warf
I could remember the many times I've taken this walk before.
I love San Francisco. Have I told you that?


I know you love it too. I know you love the sourdough bread.
We stopped in front of the window at the Boudin Bakery and chit chatted about nothing incriminating... thank God. Why? Because they can hear you, thats why!
She really startled me when she started speaking to us thru the speaker I didn't notice in the wall.


She can make all kinds of fun animals!
The raw dough in front of her are little turtles.


I know you love that alligator!
I don't know this couple but aren't they handsome? I did tell them they would be splashed all over the internet. They were totally OK with it.


Whats that up above? Why its baskets of bread that rotate overhead on some huge conveyor belt throughout the entire bakery.


This fantastic man assembled our bread bowls of goodness.


We started with the shrimp cocktail!


And the tomato soup......


Of course we had the clam chowder?! You didn't doubt me, did you?


~sigh~ I miss you already clam chowder.
I shall think of you when I struggle to button my pants.


My regret? I didn't save room for the crab.
You must get crab from one of these vendors and then park your butt on the curb and eat it.


Or you can walk down the street and eat it by the water.
But you can't have it in a restaurant. Its just not the same.


The Bush Man!!! He is as much a part of the area as the warf itself.
So this is how it works. You may not belive me from this angle, but noone sees this man hiding behind the bush, ahem, twigs, branches, whatever.
In fact 10 minutes after me telling the girls about him... he scared Tina.
As you are walking by he jumps out at you. Or actually he just says Aaah! and shakes the branches and you scream. Or jump. Or smack your friend for laughing.
I never see him but I've learned to look across the street occasionally as I walk.
If there is a crowd there I know the bush man is coming up.
Then I hang back and watch a friend embarass him/herself.
I'm a good friend like that.


I love these little boats. Here you'll find boats that will give 60-90 minute tours around the pier to Alcatraz and back.


These are new. Its a computer guided tour with a GPS system and audio as you drive.
If you are not used to city driving this might be more than you bargain for.


At the end of the street there is a small beach. The sand is soooo soft.


I stepped down to test the very cold water. I love walking along the beach.
I love the view over the ocean. But I have another view that will beat this.

This was the view looking back. When I turned around I lifted my camera and said "Smile" and this is what I got. I couldn't have posed them better if I tried.
The breeze came up and lifted their hair and they all smiled at once.
One day I'll edit the busy background out but even with the distractions they are still gorgeous.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pier 39 in the morning


As I'm writing this I realize I'm going about this all backwards having not written about the amazing hotel we stayed at. But this is probably more realistic a story because I'm telling it completely out of order.

I do this to B all the time. I'll start somewhere in the middle and then remember a detail from the beginning and then add on why it ties into the end... which I haven't told him yet and then wonder why he can't follow what I'm saying. I mean, is he even paying attention to my story?


We took a taxi down to Pier 39 Sunday morning. I highly suggest going early as it was packed by the time we were leaving around 1:30 maybe? The shops were opening their doors and setting out their wares.


The air was crisp and cool with the scent of the ocean that I love so much. I love the way it clings to your hair. I love the way it feels damp and full of life.

I love the smell of the sea and.... wait... what is that I smell?


Do you remember the pretty picture of all the amazing fresh fruit I just showed you?
That was not what we had for breakfast.

Do you see the freshly made bits of fried dough rolling off this wonderful mechanism?


Fresh doughnuts coated in sugar. They were small. About 2 bites.

2 bites x 12 doughnuts = 4 happy ladies.


We strolled through the shops to the end of the pier and looked out at Alcatraz.

I made some purchases but they'll be given out as Christmas presents and will remain a secret.


To the left we watched the fog swirl around the Golden Gate Bridge.


Eat Chicken Nuggets! Its says so right here.


I believe they are on their way to Alcatraz. Its a very interesting tour.


Circling around the pier we can hear a VERY LOUD RAUCOUS!

Its the California Sea Lions.. .they are the celebrities of the pier.


Just look at the size of this man. Males can grow up to 850 lb and 7 feet long.


The ladies grow up to 300 lbs and 6 feet long (the dainty little things).

Just look at them all piled up and sleeping in the sun. Now is a good time to tell you its stinks here. This is not the smell of the ocean. This is cover your nose with your sleeve.

You cannot cover your nose with your sleeve and take 50 pictures of sea lions. Sacrifices must be made. Please eat your donuts before you come to this side of the pier.


Is that Sea Lion giving me the stink eye?

It is. Its totally glaring at me. When I took the picture I was thinking, Oh how cute! Its looking right at me!

I'm starting to feel like the evil paparazzi.


This was the best I could do but if you look closely you'll see this woman armed with a hose... and some very large sea lions off to the right.

She is very casually trying to spray them off her boat. Do you see the hint of a retreating mass behind the stairs?


We headed down the walk towards Fisherman's Warf and stopped to watch this street performer. Street performers are another part of the downtown area that never changes.

I've seen some of the same people for as long as I can remember.


This is a sneak preview of one of my favorite eats in San Fran.

(Its a Sourdough Bread Alligator!)

Saturday, September 26, 2009



I've told you my posts have been backing up so I'm going to have to back track a bit. Did I tell you that B and I went to Disneyland on my birthday?


These are the Dapper Dans of Disneyland singing as they ride their bike through the park. What better way to celebrate a 30th birthday than to re-live all those childhood memories.

We don't go to Disneyland very often and couldn't pass up the idea of getting in free on your birthday (as part of the 2009 promo) which helps with the $72 adult ticket.


Some things have changed. This was the submarine ride and is now the Finding Nemo ride.


The Matterhorn.... this used to scare me. I exited this battered and bruised and smiling.


One of my absolute favorite parts about Disneyland are the kids walking around in costume. They are everywhere and they are so adorable!


Oh the castle! We didn't stay for the evening but its just gorgeous at night. Its like a fairy tale.


Lemon ice. I realize its just frozen lemonade but I love it and I always get it.


Look its Mary Poppins! I loved watching her dance. I still watch the movie and I still know all the words.


Don't forget Bert! He's saying "View Hallo!"


Trash Cans. Why are these on here? While standing in line for corn dogs B befriended a Disneyland worker. She told us some Disney trivia.

Did you know that the trash cans were designed for Disney so that you can't see the trash inside them. And get this... they are each hand painted... and cost about $2000.


We walked thru some shops and I found the Mickey and Minnie wedding hats! No we did not buy them or walk around in them.


This is what B thought of them. ~snicker~


Oh and they had little outfits for sale. Tinkerbell anyone?


The only disappointment of the day were that both the Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain were closed for decorating and updating.


On our way out we heard the announcement over the park speaker that the flag was to be lowered and those in the Armed Forces would be honored during the ceremony. I know the flag lowering ceremony happens daily at 5 pm but I'm not sure if this happens normally or just for 9/11.


As the band played the anthems of each of the US Armed Forces those active and veteran stepped forward to circle the flag.

I started sniffling then. It was the power of the music, the pride of our country and those men and women stepping forward with pride that sent my emotions flying.


As the flag was lowered we sang the Star Spangled Banner. I'm getting choked up just thinking about it.


All eyes were on the flag and the brave soldiers.


At the end they exchanged hand-shakes and the band played a series of patriotic songs.

We could hear the people singing along as we left the park.


We went home and got ready to go to dinner at the Summit House.

What a wonderful day!
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