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Monday, December 28, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner at Ruby Palace

Did everyone have a wonderful Christmas?

I did, it was completely fantastical. Unfortunately I seem to have the flu. I hope it doesn't last long because I have approximately 243 things to do before New Zealand. But B made me some chicken noodle soup and I had this post already in the works so I had a bit of rest! I'm sure I'll feel better in no time.

Rehearsal 138

I'm going to share a few pictures from the rehearsal. I totally forgot to hand my camera off to someone and so it sat there sad and lonely for majority of the rehearsal.

But someone did pick it up and snap a few pictures, so thank you!

Rehearsal 130

The ringbearers and flower girls. This was the first time they met and they were instantly connected. The two on the ends are B's nieces and nephews, the two in the middle are mine.

Rehearsal 133

It didn't take long for the 2 boys to separate and very quietly wiggle their way around the altar.

Rehearsal 134

Things on the girls side are looking more mellow... and boring. Or is it depressing? Sad? Is there something on the floor?

Rehearsal 128

With all the hustling around and direction giving B gravitated to the place he felt most comfortable.

Rehearsal 135

My favorite part was when the wedding coordinator (a very serious, stern woman) was doing a role call of sorts and looked around and said "Where is the groom?!"

Then we all giggled because he was sitting behind her in the designated kids area. The look on his face is the general look of anyone being spoken to by the coordinator.

Rehearsal 141

Here is my mom and Cassidy. I know you see her all the time but you see, she is the only child that will let me take her picture. The other ones are too busy moving around all the time. So its not that I have favorites, I just take control of the ones too little to run away.

Besides, she goes to absolutely everyone so she gets passed around constantly and everyone wants a picture with her.

Rehearsal 151

Oh but here is the part of the post I couldn't wait to share.

This is the rehearsal dinner that B planned all by himself. He knew exactly what he wanted.

Rehearsal 148

We went to Ruby Palace in Huntington Beach and had a 8 course Chinese Banquet. Its traditional for this type of event

Rehearsal 156

Here you see most of what was on the Cold Appetizer Plate. Starting clock-wise with the scary greenish looking blob in the back: 1,000 year egg (surprisingly it tastes like egg only soft and creamy in the middle and jelly-ish on the outside. A lot of people tried this and it got rave reviews. I had to close my eyes. I'm a visual eater), honey walnuts, roast beef, shrimp, chicken and jellyfish.

Funny story, I went over to my mom and sister and asked them if they liked the jelly fish. They said they hadn't tried it yet. They thought it was the bright red thing in the middle of the plate (in the previous picture) which is actually a mushroom. They did tell me they liked the noodles.

Of course, there weren't noodles on they plate... they were eating jelly fish.

Rehearsal 158

Shark's Fin Soup with white asparagus and crab. Its quite a delicacy.

Rehearsal 159

This was really, really good. The shark's fin is actually similar to a noodle in texture. If I had served this and told everyone it was chicken noodle soup (with crab) they totally would have gone for it.

The dinner got less intimidating, I swear.

Rehearsal 162

House Special Lobster in the most delectable sauce evah!

Rehearsal 181

Sheesh, how did this get in here?

Rehearsal 166

Can we just get another look at this lobster. The plate was covered in these pieces and you just lifted out big chunks of lobster.

At this point I tried to remind everyone that we had like a bazillion courses to go. No one listened.

Rehearsal 169

The heads were quite entertaining. Poor little Ruby left the table because she thought the Crab Monster was going to get her.

Rehearsal 170

Beef with Gai Lan (Chinese Broccoli) or Gai Lon. Lovely.

I love the way its presented. Keep in mind that these huge plates or platters were presented to every table of 10.

Rehearsal 173.

Pork Fried Rice. Chinese multi-course meals differ from many other multi-course meals in that the serving portions don't seem to get any smaller. If you went to an American restaurant that was serving 8 courses we would be getting dishes 1/10 of this size :)

Rehearsal 174

Salt and Pepper Pork, simple, breaded and seasoned with salt and pepper. Delicious.

Rehearsal 176

My bridesmaid Chrissy's boyfriend Matt. Did that make sense?

I think he might have taken Cassidy home if he had the chance.

Rehearsal 179

This dish cracks me up because it has such a typical name. Its called Sweet and Romantic Shrimp! I love English names that they come up with for these dishes.

Its basically a sort of sweet and sour shrimp on one side and honey walnut shrimp on the other side.

Our table had a lot of leftovers because we only had 4 adults. Nothing got wasted though.. we took it all with us!

Rehearsal 180

I almost forgot the black mushroom and bok choy!

I want to take this time to remind you that we all have dresses to put on the next day. Some of us ate 8 full courses the night before wearing a wedding dress. Actually all of us ate 8 courses.

About half way thru the dinner my fingers were swelling and my rings felt tight. But I was not about to miss out. I drank 3 bottles of water before I went to bed.

Rehearsal 185csc

CSC! That stands for Cute Shoe Crop... didn't you know? Have I ever told you how much I love peep toe pumps?

Rehearsal 195

Me and my girls. Two foxy ladies if you ask me.

Did you have a rehearsal dinner? What did you eat?


  1. Your posts always leave me hungry! And at 12:49 in the morning where the heck can I get some Chinese food? San Marcos is sorely lacking in the 24 hour Chinese food Delivery area... :)

  2. Nom, nom, nom!!! I love Chinese banquets (but only if they don't serve pigeons)! Salt & pepper anything --I totally heart!

    I love the look on friends who are not used to Chinese food when presented with something that they are not familiar with. ;p

  3. What a terrific night! Those kiddos are adorable ... as well as the peep toes!
    The dinner looks very interesting. I think I might stay away from the green stuff, ;-> but everything else looks tasty!

    Feel better soon!

  4. I kind of want to try all of it! (Maybe not that egg thing...but the rest!) I am envious if the cute shoes. I like comfort too much to wear heels, but those are adorable-and you look gorgeous as always!

    My girls have the flu on this end, too. Get well!

  5. THREE foxy ladies if you ask me!! So much to say...where to begin! Cassidy is adorable! Love the photo of her and your dad--that is pure joy. Your mom is beautiful. So funny that your wedding coordinator was scary. And I love your niece's uggs. THe photos of the food were lovely. I might not have eaten much because of my phobia of sea food...but everything looked quite interesting and enjoyable! :o)

  6. I love the food photos - that looked delicious!

    And so did the shoes! Yummy!

  7. Ooooh foxy ladies in cute shoes! Love that.

    Okay, I'm an adventurous eater, but I'm not so sure about the egg... I just don't see myself putting that into my mouth, chewing it up (or perhaps it needs no chewing being the consistency of jello) and swallowing it. And then imagining it sliding down my throat... Yeah, can't visualize that at all. Everything else looked amazing though!

  8. Now I'm starving for asian cuisine. That looks incredible!

    I sure hope you're feeling better soon.

  9. Is it weird to tell you I love the french manicure on your toes? Why have I never thought of that??

    I LOVE seafood and now have a hankering for some. Thanks. : )

  10. Dawn,

    Once again, I love all these wonderful traditions. I have never seen so much food in my life not only in one meal. Yikes! Don't know how you got through it all.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. I'm so hungry now! All those kids are super cute! It's nice that your husband is so comfortable with them...that's cute too!

  12. Looks like you had some great food. I would taste everything except the fish:)

    Hope you get better soon. You have that honeymoon coming up1

  13. so I am not adventerous at all when it come to eating, your dinner would have made me a bit squemish, but I am so tickled you enjoyed it soo much and that B planned it all by himself! perfect! Hope you are feeling better soon! Happy new year girl!

  14. oooh! it all looks delightful!! what a wonderful time!
    Hope you are feeling better soon!
    sending you extra "get-well" wishes and Many Blessings!

  15. That was quite the rehearsal dinner. It's been too long for me to remember the food...not sure I would be able to forget yours though! Wow:) I love chinese food. I would have been in heaven. Not sure about the 1,000 year old egg, that looked really nasty.

    Smart to drink that water girlie. You looked adorable by the way!

  16. Oh and I hope you feel better real soon. I can only imagine how excited you are to get going on that fabulous honeymoon!!

  17. Everything looks awesome!!!!! I'm totally craving for Chinese food now!

  18. I'm not married but my honey and I have been engaged for forever! I haven't decided yet if I'm keeping him. :)

    Unlike many women I never dreamed of some fancy romantic dreamlike wedding. I just wanted the dress and gifts! LOL! No, I'm not kidding. I never did and am totally content. In ever way we're married. I take his paycheck and write him "honey do" lists. :)

  19. Oh Dawn ... I'm having such a blast today catching up on your wedding posts. I can't believe I've been so "out of it" ... but I'm also so glad you had such a beautiful wedding!!


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