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Friday, October 30, 2009

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!


Watching this movie is part of my Halloween ritual. However until B and I saw this book at an antique shop I had no idea it existed.


Its a first edition and in perfect condition.
The book was published in 1967.


Reading the book and watching the movie are two different things.
I love having this in my collection.
"I believed in you! I missed Tricks or Treats to sit in this pumpkin patch! You owe me restitution!"


Restitution. There is a word you don't see often in kids books.


Does anyone wonder why Snoopy doesn't have beagle markings? What kind of beagle is he anyway?


You owe me restitution!
Sorry, I'm just practicing.
Someday I'll have a good use for that phrase.

Tomorrow I'll be watching Hocus Pocus while I bake.
What are your Halloween traditions?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Timeless Vixen


I found this shop on Etsy. I know you are shocked. You see, I'm doing as much Christmas shopping as possible on Etsy.
When I saw this coat I literaly gasped. I have a coat fetish which is odd considering the fact that I rarely need them here in sunny So Cal.
This shop Timeless Vixen is nothing but high end perfect condition vintage clothing.


This is a Christian Dior set from the 1962. She even has the tags and way back then it was $695.
I'm telling you though, I would totally wear this today.
I love it.


Since we are being honest here, I don't have the occasion to wear most of this stuff, or the money to purchase it.

But you know, this would be the perfect spring wedding dress for some retro lady. Someone out there could totally pull it off.

We'd see it in a magazine shoot and gush about how precious it is.


I would wear this too. It would be perfect for when B and I go to the theatre. No, we don't usually go to the theatre but we would if I had this dress.


Its soooo Mad Men. People really dressed up back then.

Speaking of dressing up and going to the theatre. Has anyone noticed that people just don't do it anymore? I find it sad that people wear jeans and t-shirts to see a show or production.

Dressing up for a special time out is part of the fun. Thoughts?


I love that this is listed under daytime dresses. Is that considered casual? She even has a sweater that goes with it.

Check out the shop as it is being updated constantly!

How often do you get dressed up?

Is dressing up something that you like to do?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A tale of transformation

Today's post is a tale of transformation (as you might have thought from the title). Its a tale of a diamond in the rough. It is a tale of the possibilites one has to change if one so deems it time to change in ones life for ones own good.


~snicker~ What in the world am I talking about? I think I've lost it. If you drive past me and see me walking down the street mumbling to myself, please pick me up and call the number on my id tag.

This is not a deep post. Its of the purely superficial kind. We are talking about diamonds though. So it can't be all that bad.

My grandma gave me this lovely diamond heart pendant. She said she really isn't into hearts and that its too fancy for her to wear. It really is lovely.


But I take after my grandma. I'm really not into hearts and I know I would never wear this pendant. So B and I took it to our jeweler. I love saying that. Its like we go get jewelry every day.

Our jeweler is who we purchased our wedding rings from. He knows me when I walk in and I feel really special. Its only because I like to gaze lovingly at the sparklies.


I brought in the pendant and asked ever so sweetly if they could make it into earrings for the wedding. He started to measure and count and draw and then he took my pretty neckalce and gave me back these earrings.


Ooooooohhh! Aaaaaaaahhh!


Aren't they purty?

Its hard to catch the sparklies on camera but they are there.


I wonder what grandma will think.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A vintage picnic, a talented Adrienne and a small meltdown, hurray!


A few weeks ago B and I had out engagement shoot. I have to admit that going into it I was sort of terrified. The thought of being in front of two cameras on an actual "photo shoot" made my stomach lurch. I just wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted to look natural. I wanted it to be us.. only you know.. the best parts. When we arrived I realized that I forgot my earrings. The sweet vintage earrings I adored. I had them walking out and cannot find them anywhere. I must have dropped them. I'm a spaz. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the entire laundry basket of props we brought. Then Adrienne came and B and I instantly felt at ease.

Speaking of natural. Is there anything more natural than being in the wilderness with your bike, a dress and your 4 inch red suede peep toes pumps? I think not.

Adrienne has a spread on her blog here. I've talked about her before and if you haven't gone over there please take a look at her fantastic portfolio.

As a second added perk we've been featured on a wedding blog called Ruffled.. check it out, you'll love it. Some of you may be familiar with the site as it used to be called Vintage Glam.

May I first say that Adrienne was awesome and takes fantastic pictures. You and Scott are the best Adrienne!

May I also say that I realize I am overly critical of myself. I can't help it. I really can't.

This is what I learned from this photo shoot:

1. B is really adorable.

2. If you are doing a shoot that involves sitting down... don't wear a linen dress because it will wrinkle and then it won't lay right the rest of the shoot causing you to look oddly rolly and rumpled. If the dress is too stiff its really not good for sitting either. Practice taking pictures in your clothes for goodness sakes!

3. My legs refuse to tan and I should only wear pants.... ever.

4. I really love picnics.

5. I really love cupcakes.

6. I really love B.

7. I have man legs and weird knees. I should be a Seinfeld episode.

8. Adrienne is very talented

9. I love the prop photos.

10. I puffy heart Adrienne and Scott and I totally want to be BFF's and KIT.

So, all in all, I love almost all the pictures. I'm sorta mad at myself because I have the perfect dress for this photo shoot which is actually the one I wore at my bridal shower. It lays beautifully and its made of silk so its flowy instead of rigid. Only I didn't wear it because I tried it on about a month before the shoot and it wouldn't zip. But then I tried it on again a couple days after the shoot and it fit beautifully. I do realize these are just pictures and I'm being crazy by analyzing each and every detail. The more I look at them, the more I really do love them. Except the last one makes me cringe. I'm so excited for the wedding and the wedding pictures! Its so much easier to look good when you have people prepping you.... and a long wedding dress.


I sat on this post for a bit and then looked at all the pictures and really do love them. I'm going to chalk up my spaz out to being a frivilous, over-critical female whose hormones are completely out a whack and is weeks away from getting married. Its either that or I'm crazy. I decided not to edit out my initial reaction because, well, it was my initial reaction.

I had a slice of lemon pie, a pep talk with my best friend, some positive reinforcement from mom and some slow dancing in the living room and I'm back to feeling pretty and secure.

Then my sister Sherri sent me an email with a picture by picture evaluation. Seriously, she noticed every detail. She has decided (and I concur) that its the belt. The belt was too big and stiff and when it leans forward it gives that frump look. I needed something that was more fitted, that would stay straight and look sleeker. I feel validated. I need sisterly validation. I can now go to sleep.

Its like a roller coaster over here people, watch out!

Are you still with me or did you go running for the hills? :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

I meet strangers from the internet.

A few months ago I discovered a wonderful group called OC Blogcrush. Its a group of Orange County bloggers and they meet up once a month. Its an odd, interesting and wonderful thing to meet people from the great interwebs... don't you think?

I think its hard for some to wrap their minds around meeting strangers from the internet. I kinda like it.

I have to admit I was just a bit nervous walking in but I felt right at home immediately. As soon as I walked up ladies were exchanging business cards... for their blogs?! Do you have a blog business card? I don't have a blog business card. I thought it would be better to say I don't have one than to write on the post-it pad I had in my bag. Mental note to self: Get business cards made.


This months Blogcrush meet-up was at Matador Cantina in Historic Downtown Fullerton. It really is a fantastic restaurant. Its more than just your typical Mexican place in that not only is the food delicious, the ambiance swanky and sophisticated but there is also a wine list.

I was impressed by the selections of wines and the cocktails. Don't miss out on the Jalapeno Martini or the Mango Dulce. I was hearing raves about them. I had the sangria... several.


Co-owner Rob Hallstrom greeted us and told us a bit about the restaurant. They had set aside the lounge area for us and went to great lengths to be accomodating. Shortly after they sent out a sampling of food. You know how much I love sampling food.

Here you see the Cantina Rolls. They are basically a Mexican beef egg roll with 2 sauces on the side. Do you notice the guacamole on the right hand side? Huge chunks of avocado. Thats all I have to say about that.


Oh Fundido, my love. Where have you been all my life? Chef Dave Dennis was kind enough to deliver our appetizers. That in itself was impressive. I love it when the chefs come out of the kitchen. I'm impressed every time.

He explained how he made the Queso Fundido Dip and it was something like this. Cheese, cheese, bechamel (kill me now), chorizo, beans, chiles and cheese. I died on that first bite. Eat it with chips, eat it with a spoon, pick it up and eat it straight out of the bowl.


The Chile Relleno. This is not your traditional relleno. In fact, if you are a relleno purist just completely forget I said it was Chile Relleno. What you should have heard is that it is a stuffed chile sent from heaven.

Instead of the normal eggy outside you see the tri-color torilla crust. Inside is a mixture of Oaxaca cheese, cream cheese, chiles and chicken. I love this addition of chicken because I always miss the meat when I get relleno for dinner.


Can you see how soft and creamy the center was. I'm salivating just thinking about it.


Somehow the left overs gravitated towards our end of the table. Either that or I pulled them over. None of this food was wasted. Don't you worry your pretty little head about wasting food around me.


Pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. The frosting was really light and the dish was so fragrant. Moist and delicious.


We ended the night with the Cookie Fundido (I think) which is basically a chocolate chip cookie topped with Dulche de leche ice cream and served with cinnamon sugar coated chips.

I don't even think I need to comment on whether or not I liked this. Also, may I just say that our server remembered which drinks each lady had and then printed a separate drink tab. Its sort of a servers nightmare having a complete table of split checks and he didn't even bat an eye.

Is there a dish you normally get when you eat Mexican or do you switch it up?

I'll take notes and be sure to go back to Matador to try all your favorites :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Saturday Evening


I love this tree.
Its stands near the church we'll be married at.

As much as I sometimes long for seasons, days like this remind me why I love my area so much. As we ran errands during the day we found ourselves driving down the coast. It was a perfect 75 degrees and the air smelled of the ocean. People were riding their bikes along the beach.

We stopped by and picked up my new favorite cupcake EVER. Its from Frostings. Yes, I realize I've covered Frostings, but I didn't cover the Lemondrop Cupcake.


As much of a chocolate lover as I am I cannot pass this cupcake up. Do you see the inside? The Lemondrop is filled with lemon curd. Filled to ensure one perfect bite after another.


What are we missing? A couple glasses of champagne and a setting sun. I'll handle the champagne.


Is it me or is it like the heavens have opened up and are shining down on that lovely cupcake?
~cue singing angels~


While I was taking 62 photos of our cupcake B whipped up some breaded salmon with snap peas and king mushrooms.
He is so good to me. You see, since we ate a cupcake for an appetizer he is trying to cook healthy foods for me. In case you didn't know... we are getting married in 40 days. I have a dress to look fantastic and amazing in. But I eat cupcakes for appetizers. There must be some balance here.


Ah, here is the sunset we were looking for.

We'll just assume we didn't finish the bottle of champagne and then eat cookies and cream ice cream for dessert. You know what they say about assuming....
What is your weekend like?

Friday, October 23, 2009

My Search for Birch

I have this deep love for birch. It came up unexpectedley one day (like love often does). I'm not sure why or how I came to admire it so. Birch is not native to California. I have never even seen a bunch of birch trees together in real life.

Love is funny that way. Sometimes when it strikes you should just go with it. Let your love blossom, you know?

So I spent just the tiniest amount of time on Etsy the other day ~insert eye-roll~ and found these bircheriffic treasures. The links go to their etsy site but if you want to see that particular product just type birch into the search field.


By Allison Trentelmann of Rocky Top Studio Her work is like looking into a dream. This picture is haunting in the most delicious way.


I know you're not going to believe me when I say that I need these plates. I do realize I just received a bunch of plates. Its just that...I need these plates. Vintage Mikasa from Modern Nest.


This is a lovely Autumn painting by Kristen Dougherty which gave me the fantastic idea that I should change my living room artwork according to the season. This will happen after I win the lottery, of course.

Wait a minute. I found this while searching birch but now it says Aspen. I'm going to ignore this fact. Aspen means nothing to me. These are birch.

passport cover

A passport cover by Pepperberry & Co. I never even knew I needed a passport cover but here I am only months away from my trip and left with a nekkid passport.

scrabble pendant

These are both by ImagesUnderGlass. The first has a wonderful vintage feel and the second is on a recycled scrabble piece. Thats right, if you flip it over you can see the letter its done on.


A lovely journal from Reams of Fun. You can use this to jot down poetry... or more likely blog ideas when you get struck with a thought for a post and aren't anywhere near your computer.


I just love these pillows from Sarah Smile. She has different kinds in different colors. Simple and modern in such a sweet way.


This vintage picture from Knitsandpics needs to be framed and sitting on my shelf. Gorgeous.

leaf necklace

Oh my. This silver dipped birch leaf by My Cellar Door comes gift-wrapped for you. I love to open gifts, even the ones I give myself. Can you imagine making these to order? Striking.

birch words

A very crafty way of creating birh trees by Julie Suzanne!

thru window

Last but definitely not least are these two photographs by Gayle Ketzel Photographer. "This fine art print is formatted in the style of a TTV (Through The Viewfinder) study which is done with a digital camera through the viewfinder of an antique Kodak Duaflex camera."

Isn't it just marvelous? Maaaahvelous.

What are you into looking at these days?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Crate and Barrel Loot

First off, I went back and forth about whether or not to post the loot I've been getting as bridal shower gifts on top of posting all the details from my wedding and telling stories about my life and.... it all seems a bit self-absorbed. Is it getting hot in here? I'm feeling flushed.

But then I thought What kind of blog isn't a bit self-indulgent. I mean here I am writing about my world. Me. Me. Me. So, I'll be balancing it out by posting some more food posts. It'll be the food I like and my thoughts on it. See, its not all about me. Sometimes its about the things I eat.

Also, I wouldn't want the givers of these gifts to think I'm not over-the-top excited about them... because I am. So here goes.


Can we take a moment to admire this box? Isn't that the best idea . This was painted by May. May is my friend Amy's mom. Amy and I have gone to shcool together since kindegarten. May has suffered many years with us girls, she was my confirmation sponsor and obviously a great artist as well.

Inside the box were my new plates! They might go this way.

Or this way. No that doesn't look right at all. I love the unique shape. I've already gotten rid of our old chipped Ikea plates and placed these lovingly in my cupboards.

I love colored china but is there anything better than a pretty white background for your food picks?


Love these champagne flutes. I do believe that my champagne will taste better having been sipped from these flutes.

Oh and bellinis! Who wants to come over for some peach bellinis? Its been in the 80-90's around here so we could use a refeshing beverage.

I'd also like to say that I hate the type of blinds you can see in the background. Oh the joys of living in an apartment.


Ooooh shiny! On the top we have the big platter B picked out. In the middle is the plate I just love... its sort of weird and crooked like me.

On the bottom is a plate with tasting spoons! Basically you put a little morsel of whatever on there and use it to serve appetizers that wouldn't be your typical easy finger foods. Like ahi tartare OR a seared scallop with a bit of sauce OR fresh sorbet to cleanse your palate between courses OR mini caprese salad OR a slice of caramalized banana topped with chocolate mouse OR... the possibilites are endless.


My purty silverware.. its called Twist. Thats because at the bottom it has a twist. You didn't see that coming, did you?

Side Note: I was originally thinking I would do various plates and dishes and the same flatware. Then I started pricing the jadeite and milk glass that I loved. Then I started taking pictures of food and realized I do love the white and its more affordable (sometimes). Then I saw PW post with the mismatched flatware and decided I would start to collect that as well. (and then, and then)

In summary, I want everything.

That, my dears, is a cupcake carrier! The bottom is the cupcake tin you can bake in and the top layer is a plastic tray. Who has a good cupcake recipe?


I actually put this all out and gave B a presentation when he got home. I was wearing my apron of course... which he got really excited about until he realized it was just for show and I wasn't cooking anything.

Clarification: I was wearing the cupcake apron, not the one with the tickler.

B has been lovingly caressing and seasoning that cast iron skillet for days now. I may have to hide that thing soon. Also note the fondue set, tart pan, appetizer plates, tear drop plate and the gadgets!


I almost left this plate out! I've already used it and put it away.

FYI: Regardless of the fact that B and I have never had a dinner party we will use all of this. We rotate between eating directly out of the pot while standing in the kitchen (its a despicable habit, I know) and setting a beautiful table with all of our food displayed on pretty dinnerware.


OK be honest here... How many of you use the dinnerware you received for your wedding?
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