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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Best Wedding Party Ever

Dawn Wedding 056

Here is a good shot of the guys shoes. You will notice B in his royal blue adidas. He picked them out himself and I had to rethink my idea of very pale blue shoes.

I wanted the guys to be comfortable and you know how I feel about letting people wear something they like. Since they had to be in tuxedos, it was only fair to let them pick the black and white tennis. The little ringbearers were wearing black converse allstars.

Dawn Wedding 054

Jump! The groomsmen were awesome. We have Shibata, Conger, Chris, B, Brandon (B's cousin and best man) and Scott.

Of course, they were nice and cozy in their tuxes and we were freezing in our dresses. At least I had a wrap/stole thingy.

Dawn Wedding 042

Here you see my Maid of Honor and my sister. Laughing. Of course. My sister Debbie may be trying to explain to Tina that she can't burst our laughing when she whispers something funny during the ceremony.

Either that or they are giggling from the rounds of champagne and bloody mary's.

Dawn Wedding 047

Well, hello gorgeous. You belong in a magazine.

Dawn Wedding 058

OK bridesmaids... remember that twig we found on the floor and couldn't figure out which bouquet it came from? There is our evidence. That would be Tina carrying my bouquet.

Dawn Wedding 061

There B is taking a picture of me taking a picture. Thats my husband. ~giggle~

Dawn Wedding 065

God I love those bouquets! What lovely ladies. On the left my 2 sisters Sherri and Debbie and then Tina (best friend and maid of honor) and Chrissy.

Dawn Wedding 068

Very nice photo taken by B. He didn't even have to pose them. Of course when we are supposed to look natural for the photographer, we just sort of shift our weight uncomfortably.

Dawn Wedding 071

The problem with taking pictures out in the grass is....poop. There was a lot of poop. Rabbit poop. Brown poop. Green poop. Lots of poop on shoes.

Dawn Wedding 073

Some pictures with my lovely ladies.

Ladies, I'm your bride in shining armor and I love you. ~If I must have Lionel Ritchie in my head, well so must you~

You have to forgive me. I was at Disneyland today and I'm so very tired. But I had to share these pictures and now you have to deal with my delirium.

Dawn Wedding 076

I can't remember what we are doing here. I think we are turning to walk down the path. OR this was when we did the pre-wedding sacrificial dance. Don't ask what was sacrificed.

Dawn Wedding 076

Shoe shot! I think I did a darn good job at coming close to B's wedding shoes! Thanks Tines for scoping these out.

Dawn Wedding 082

Adrienne rocks, I can't wait to see how the bouquet shots come out. Have you browsed her blog yet? Oh and take a look at the gallery on her website too!.

Dawn Wedding 083

Still laughing. I just love these ladies.

Dawn Wedding 086

I think I might be laughing at Debbie because she's gettin' all emotional.

Dawn Wedding 088

They look all sweet but really they are just huddled for any kind of warmth. They reminded me that I was the one who wanted a winter wedding.

When I was little I envisioned a winter wedding. I would be walking down the aisle towards the white marble altar. There would be fluffy snow gently covering the pews... but I wouldn't be cold because of my white fur cape. Oh and this next part was very important to my dream wedding. There would be a white snow tiger lounging on each side of the altar.

Yes, I said snow tigers. Why wouldn't they be at my wedding? I told them all about this dream wedding in the limo on the way to the church.

Dawn Wedding 093

I'm not completely sure about the expression on B's face but I still really like this picture. Perhaps he does not agree with the snow tiger concept.

Dawn Wedding 097

Here we are in the bridal room at the church before the ceremony.

Dawn Wedding 097cr

Lets get a closer look at that hair. I definitely wanted a vintage look. In the front are finger waves....oh how I love finger waves... and I converted a pair of vintage earrings into hair pins.

Dawn Wedding 100

Hey Dawn, guess what?!.......

You're getting married!

Dawn Wedding 101

Who is? Me? Is that why we are here?

Dawn Wedding 094

I think I need to breathe.

Dawn Wedding 103

And sit. I need to sit.

I love that necklace. I found it at an antique store in Old Towne Orange. The stones in it are white sapphires. I'll have to do a follow up post just on sparkles.

Dawn Wedding 104

Time for another veil change!

Dawn Wedding 106

The traditional veil went on for the ceremony.

Dawn Wedding 113

Here is Kim again, spraying the heck out of my hair.

Dawn Wedding 114

Was Chrissy doing a jig?

Dawn Wedding 116

I really should have tried the blusher for more than just this moment...

Dawn Wedding 118

but them mom came in and did the blusher toss. Thank you dad for not doing this :)

Please look in the mirror at mom's face. Please.

Dawn Wedding 123

We took this picture and they said goodbye to my maiden name... and then they cheered really, really loud. And we got shushed. And the bells started to ring. And I said "Holy shit". And we started to line up. My heart felt like it was going to burst right out of my chest.

Then the ceremony began. And well you heard about my tripping. But everything just melted away when I heard him start to say those vows. Its was beautiful. it was perfect.


  1. my goodness! Your pictures are amazing - they capture such a lot of excitement and fun! You looked absolutely incredible - totally you, totally gorgeous, really relaxed and very, very, VERY glamorous.

    What a foxy bunch of bridesmaids!!!

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I wonder if I can talk my daughter into a birdcage veil at some point. Doubtful. The girl is very opinionated. I wonder where she gets THAT from.

  3. Thank you for doing follow-up posts on your wedding. It makes us feel like we were there, too!

    Psst, I didn't know you had Joan Cusack and Bakerella in your wedding party! They certainly looked like those two in some of the pics. Heh. :)

  4. Love.
    What great Phamily and Phriends and Photographers! I can surely tell how much love there is for you. And Visa-Versa.
    I love that the guys dressed in their comfy shoes. They look so great! It's the ying and yang thing that makes it work!
    I love how beautiful your bridesmaids look. Gorgeous dresses! Gorgeous girls!
    I love your gown and your veils and you HAIR! You look so elegant, my friend!
    I love the pics here and I LOVE the pics from your photographer's site.
    Wonderful day!
    Hugs and more hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Amazing, what a beautiful wedding! I absolutely love your shoes, and B's too! : )

  6. Beeyoutifull!! Those shoes are awesome! I'm not sure how you walked in them, but they are amazing! Such a classy wedding!

  7. Hurrah for the royal blue adidas shoes and flouting convention.

  8. Oh how perfect!!! You're so beautiful and the pictures are driving me insane with their gorgeousness!!!! Love your shoes, the dresses, your hair, the veils...I could go on and on! but I won't. So you can get back to posting more. heh heheheh

  9. I am just in love with your wedding posts... I seem to be having about the busiest week yet, and haven't been by blogs this entire time, all but yours... because I can't go even one day with out checking this out!!!

  10. More wedding posts! I want more pictures! It all looks so fabulous!

  11. So perfect, everyone looks gorgeous...such a wonderful day! now show some more photos! :)

  12. Those are some killer shoes!!

    The joy of your day just comes shining through in every photo.

  13. Dawn,

    This was truly a fairy tale wedding come true! I've enjoyed reading about it from beginning to end. By the way, how did the cranes come out?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  14. Love your shoes girl! You nailed it:) All of you look so beautiful. You'd never guess you were freezing.

  15. We're sensitive! It was really in the low 60's I think.

  16. Hahah, your mom's face is priceless! I'm so glad you were able to capture all of the little moments. I don't think professional photographers always do. It's so great that you brought your camera-I'm definitely following that trend when it's my turn! Love these, love love love these pictures!

  17. Oh CONGRATULATIONS! Con-gra-tu-la-tions. The whole thing was gorgeous, stylish, wonderful. LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue shoes.

  18. Oh. Ohhhhhhhh....... I don't even have words yet. So gorgeous, so perfect, so heartfull - so you. I'll be back soon. Right now my heart is too full. Your love, your gorgeous perfect day has made me a bit teary.

  19. You are just absolutely beautiful. I love the way your hair is and I love the little veil. Can't wait to see some more pictures. The bouquets are beautiful too. Swooning over the shoes:)

  20. So great! You captured your entire day! That is really quite an accomplishment. (I'm very serious about that.)
    I could not have handled the poop! Is that a special contraption for getting it off your shoes?! How funny. But not for me. I have a major thing about poop. (Don't ask.) You seem to have handled it really well! And your shoes seem unscathed-very important!!
    They were fabulous, by the way. I could never even stick my toe in something like that; I would immediately have to go to the ER.
    Your bridesmaids are gorgeous...the different dresses is such (are such?) a fun idea.
    And look like a movie star! Can't wait for more!


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