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Monday, May 21, 2012

In which my head explodes


Do you remember when I said I was going back to work?
Just a simple cafe with simple hours.
Practically part-time.

Well that was before they signed on to open a second location.
Yup, that's 2 places and I'll be managing them both.

The second location, for those of you that are local, will be on Big Corona Beach in Corona Del Mar.
It's the snack shack on the sand and we'll be running a full cafe menu in addition to a snack shack menu.

We open in about a week.

Did I mention that we are the only building on the beach?
It's going to be a very, very, very busy summer.


Then there is the Peanut who is talking and running and jumping and wreaking havoc constantly.

Measuring in at 34 inches I believe we're beginning to slow down in the height department,
I think that drops him down to the 85th percentage.

The nurse says she always remembers us as "little mama, big baby".
I'm glad we're making a name for ourselves.

Oh and I have lots of events over the next few months.
Family vacations (coming to visit us- yay!), holidays, birthdays, showers, blogging events.
I'm co-hosting a blogging event/ soft serve social tonight.
I think soft serve will soothe any anxiety I may have.

I've started scheduling in down time.
Sometimes you just have to do that.

I've also been on the computer a lot less and reading a lot more.
It's my way of relaxing my brain by escaping to a different world, if only for a moment.
36 books so far this year.  I'm completely addicted.

Easter 2012

We're also house hunting! 
(because there isn't enough decision making and chaos in my life)

My very lovely parents are helping us get into a house....
and by us, I mean, Peanut.
Peanut needs a backyard.
 Mommy needs to be able to park in the driveway and unload the groceries/diaper bag/who-knows-what without having to carry Peanut and said groceries across the complex and up the stairs to the apartment.
Daddy just wants an attached garage and a washer and dryer hook-up.

House hunting is fun, I think.
Man, it's crazy out there. 

Sure, sure, it's a buyers market but there are a gazillion buyers.
People are buying houses before they are even open to be viewed.
People are offering tens of thousands over asking price.
Some of the houses are getting 10+ offers in the first few days.

We started looking a few weeks ago and my mom has seen nearly 30 houses.
I've seen most of them.

I can't wait to see where we end up!

Does anyone have a suggestion for a bag that I could use to tote around all my stuffs?
I have packets, product lists, planners, paper, books, cards, pens and more that just go with me from place to place.  B and I rotate cars depending on whether or not I need the truck to pick things up and I'm trying to get organized before things get out of control.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Doc McStuffins Winner


The winner (picked by is #11- the Dabalack Family!


Send me your address and I'll mail out your prize!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Doc McStuffins Giveaway


I'm sure all you fans of the Disney Channel have noticed the awesome new show Doc McStuffins!

Doc McStuffins is a 6 year old girl who runs a clinic in her playhouse for all her stuffed animals and toys.
She helps fix what ails them and, in a way that only Disney can pull off, teaches lessons about health, overcoming fears and nurturing each other.


I love that the concept was created by a mom whose son was in and out of doctor's offices and hospitals for severe asthma. 

 She hopes the show makes the process of seeing a doctor, something huge like surgery or even something small like removing a splinter less scary for children.


At the end of March, Disney also started the 24 hour Disney Junior TV Channel.
Thats 24 hours of Disney shows focused on the age range of 2-7 years old.

No, I'm not suggesting that anyone run this channel for 24 hours.
I am saying that occasionally (ahem) I need to get dinner on the table (or something like that) and the Peanut is driving me crazy and I would love to be able to put on a show he would sit and watch.

Now we have that.  Done.
Now that Disney Junior is running 24 hours we'll be eating 5 course dinners every night.
Or maybe we'll eat a dinner where all the dishes are hot at the same time.


So in honor of all these fun new changes and the awesome new show,
we are giving away a Doc McStuffins set, courtesy of Disney!  

In here you will find a Doc McStuffins tin lunch pail, a DVD of the show, Doc's notebook, stickers, a poster and of course, some bandaids!

To Enter the Giveaway (please leave a separate comment for each):
-Leave a comment
-Blog or tweet this giveaway
-Share this post on Facebook

Contest runs through Sunday and winners will be announced Monday

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

That's me... in OC Family!


I'd like to be all cool and nonchalant about this...
but the thing is....
I'm in a magazine!

I'm not even someone in the background of a picture of someone else!

I'm in an article!
Have I exhausted my allowance of exclamation points?!

I love to use the ?! combination.


This months issue of OC Family is the Modern Mom Issue 
and I am one of the 5 moms featured in their cover story.

I was interviewed by another very awesome modern mom, Debbie.
 She was very sweet and patient when she asked me questions and my mind went completely blank.

I mean, she was recording my comments....
What is your name?  Um.... is that thing recording me?
OK it wasn't that bad but it was my first interview and it was a little odd.
Soon enough I felt right at home which was nice considering we were sitting at her kitchen table.

She has 3 kids, 2 birds, a dog and a bunny.
Her daughter watched Peanut while we did the interview.
I think he wanted to move in with them.


5 OC Moms Reveal the Secrets of their Special Powers

Bwahahaha!  Super powers, have you seen my kitchen?
Oh wait, you have.

Really it was quite an honor to be featured with these lovely ladies.
Being featured as a good mom, well that just takes the cake.

Excuse me while I glow for a little while. 




~insert caption~

Is that you in my book?

Why is your tummy so big?

Do you think those horizontal stripes are a wise choice?

Are we famous?
If so, where's all the help around here?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

#17 & 18 / 52 Food Adventures: Salmon Shabu Shabu & Tasti D'lite


Salmon Shabu Shabu!

I can't even recall the last time I had Shabu Shabu but I know I've never had salmon, or any kind of fish for that matter.  I'm sure I must've had shabu shabu at some point.

I went to California Shabu Shabu in Costa Mesa (full post on Eating the Orange coming soon)
and this was absolutely heaven.

Some I cooked all the way thru, some cooked just lightly on the outside and then dipped in a garlic ponzu.
So delicious.


I also tried Tasti D'lite!  It's a huge east coast chain that is making it's debut on the west coast.

It's not ice cream because it doesn't have the milk fat and it's not frozen yogurt because it lacks the yogurt cultures.  All natural and completely delicious.  Think ice cream made with skim milk.

What have you tried lately?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I just wanna dance

sometimes you've just got to move to the beat... you know?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fresh-squeezed Orange Juice...


... is just 45 minutes, a load of dishes, a trail of sticky finger prints and a bath away!

After weeks of getting oranges in our CSA box I decided to just juice the darn things.
The moment I turned on the juicer a little Peanut stood with his face pressed between the gate that keeps little monsters from invading the tiny space we call a kitchen.

I knew he'd love to help so I pulled over the stool and we had our first lesson in juicing oranges.

I smiled to myself, feeling very domestic and mom-like.  I thought it would be nice to take some pictures.

In the back of my mind I pictured us standing together at the counter, me looking lovely in my apron, with my hair and make-up done just so.  Peanut would occasionally look at me excitedly and of course, adoringly as we bonded over the juicing of fruit.  My kitchen would be lovely... and clean... and uncluttered.


I actually laughed when I saw the pictures.  This is what my kitchen really looks like... I mean, I didn't even think to move everything into a nice pile on the oven for a few minutes.
Sometimes I forget that my reality looks nothing like my Pinterest board. :)

Anyway the important part was that we learned about oranges and orange juice and you know, healthy stuff.  We ate the pulp that gathered on the top with a spoon.

I mean, it was easy!  Peanut only knocked over the juice or the juicer about 3 times!  
We only dropped oranges on the floor a half a dozen times!
There was only sticky juice splattered on half of the kitchen and all of the clean containers and appliances!
It only took about 45 minutes to do a 10 minute task!
Peanut was sticky from head to toe.

We'll probably start drinking only freshly squeezed juice!

At least after all that effort it took us a whole 5 minutes to inhale all of that golden goodness.

In all honestly I got a kick out doing it with him and he loved it.
It's the little things, you know?
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