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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Phenomenal Photo Booth

For the record I'd like to add that this was my idea and I was adamant about wanting it. When many people thought it was unnecessary and silly (you know who you are) I held my ground!

jan cousins
Some of B's cousins

Well of course its unnecessary... half of our reception was unnecessary! Of course its silly... but thats the whole point! It was a huge hit! There was a line. A line! Everyone had pictures taken.

party of 1
Lola (or is it Lana?)

First off, working with Darin is a total and complete treat. The man gives good e-mail. Its very hard for many to have their personalities shine thru in e-mails and in this day and age its so important. He sent me emails throughout the planning process just to ask if I needed anything. We laughed, we joked, we cried., then we saw something shiny and forgot what we were talking about. Kinda. Almost.

Amy (friend since Kindegarten) & Danny
This page from our guest book cracks me up because I have a whole notebook filled with these types of things from Amy and I.
Does anyone have pictures of the actual photobooth itself? Its was awesome. If you are ever looking for a booth please beware of some of the products out there. I've seen ones that are actually just a pipe and drape system with hole they fit a camera thru. This was an actual booth with a drop down for the pictures and everything. Capital Photo Booth rocks.

My grandma, Auntie Donna, Auntie Georgi

You got into the booth and pressed the red button and it gave you a countdown, then snap, then preview, lather, rinse, repeat.
Then there were two prints, one for you and one for me... and for all those of you who took both.... well Darin gave me a flash drive of all the photos. AND I'm pleased to announce there weren't any inappropriate pictures :P

Lana (or Lola), Jordyn & Ella
Is there anything better than being a total girl in a photo booth with your girlfriends?

Paul & Dad
Um... there are 4 photos gentlemen. 4. Not 2. Get back in there.

The sisters!
Ah, the sisters were with me 'til the end. It's a small world after all.
We like to represent ethnic diversity.

Kim (my personal sytlist), with Dave (Amy's brother) and Drew

I have a very vivid memory of Dave repeating that scary monologue from Willy Wonka (you know, when they are going thru the tunnel) when Amy and I were younger...and he totally freaked me out! Judging by the pictures I'm sure you are totally surprised.

I also put some of our engagement pictures throughout the guest books (I used all 3) and put your quotes and notes and poems around the pictures!

Alex and Josh, the ringbearers
Rar! I absolutely LOVE the fact that the kids are at the bottom of the picture frame.

The Balbas Family!

These are some of my cousins and aunt and uncle. How fun is squeezing an entire family into a photo booth?!
My nieces Dannette & Makayla Dawn (she goes by Makayla but I wouldn't want to leave out the best part of her name)

This is one of my personal favorites. Heads, Sholders, Knees and Toes!

B's parents, my in-laws, my husband's ~giggle~ parents

So cute right? Seriously the nicest people you have ever met. Like so nice you can't even believe how nice they are.
us girls
Amy, Tina, Celeste & I
I'm not even sure where to go with this one. Its like a flashback to high school. Only we are at my wedding. My wedding! We are literally in the moment we talked about during sleep overs and car rides to competitions. And being in the photo booth gives you this child-like feeling and there was giggling and hugging and laughter and memories and.... I need a tissue.

The Baker Family
I actually saw them tumble out of the photo booth after this one. It was like those shows where the neverending amount of clowns tumble out of the car. Not that I think they are clowns...only they kind of are...and I mean that in the best way possible.
So, a total and complete hit... and a great favor for the guests to take home. It was so good to be able to catch all the fun people were having. Its awesome to see everyone's personalities.
I can guaratee we will be looking over our guest books often during our marriage.
When was the last time you took a picture in a photo booth?


  1. Seriously cool! I never would have thought of that. Love, love, love it!

  2. What fun!!! Brings EVERYONE together and you have your guests' memories as well as your own! GREAT idea! Loved the book, too! What a great keepsake!

  3. Love it and and love the book too! Too cool for words. I take the twins to a photo booth every year for Father's Day. We have the photo strips lined up on the side of the fridge, year by year. It's neat to see how they've changed over the years. Eventually, I'll have to do 'something' cool with them.

  4. I think the photobooths are great ideas! I wish they would have been more popular when I got married, we would have SO had one! :) Love your scrapbook, so sweet, you'll cherish it always!

  5. I loved these! What a fun thing to do at a wedding reception! Yayyy! I especially like the quote on the bottom of your engagement photo - the "wierd" one...hubby and I believe that one whole-heartedly. Weirdly. LOL

  6. These are really cool! I just love the idea that you get photos of all of your guest, but not just in a formal posed photo that's usually the norm. Really, have I ever told you that you are the coolest?

  7. This is my favorite idea yet!! Who doesn't love a photo booth? Looks like so much fun:)

  8. That is the BEST idea EVER!!! I'm recommending this to all my single family and friends! And your cigar story was so sweet it made me teary eyed!

  9. An absolutely super idea. Lola (or is it Lana?) is my favourite, but everyone is wonderful. I think you and B should get yourselves a joint wedding present of your own personal photo booth in the corner of your house, for your moods, your visitors, your vases, your whims. You could call it the Lifetime Booth for Both.

  10. Love this idea girl! too much fun!! :)

  11. That is so freaking cool. I want a photo booth now. XD

  12. Those are so great! I have only done a photo booth once... and it was with a really lame group of people who didn't want to make fools of themselves. I really stood out like a sore thumb. LOL

  13. It really was SUCH a great idea!! Those books are absolutely priceless. What an amazing memento of the day.

  14. Dawn,

    What a great idea this was! Forgot disposable camera's! This one takes the cake! I love all the spontaneous pictures and how adorable are the ones with the kids! Love them all!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  15. Will you please show us a closeup picture of the crane tree? I can't wait to see it!


  16. The "weird" quote - That was my quote! Love the picture of B and you that you put with it. Perfect!

    I have always said that if I get married, I will elope. Your photobooth actually has me rethinking my plan.

  17. so awesome!! what a great idea....we had an espresso caterer at our wedding, it was so fun to order or silly seattle style drinks ...I think I ordered 5 just for kicks, I love the original and fun things like this for weddings, what a great way to remember your day!

  18. That is amazing! I want to get married again! To the same guy, of course. :)

  19. That is SO cool! I've never heard of having a photo booth, but that is the best idea ever! Ignore my previous comment about praying for you to have the best wedding - I've been out of it for a while! Obviously, you already did! LOVE this idea - I'm glad you stuck to your guns!

  20. I love how the scrapbook turned out. And thank you for linking to the photo booth company you used. I've wanted a photo booth ever since I heard it was possible to rent them! It's good to know there are good and bad ones out there. This is just an awesome idea!

  21. That was a great idea to have the photobooth. People always have fun with them and act crazy in them. You got some great pictures and the scrapbook it great!

  22. Hi, Dawn - I'm sure you're still trying to sort out Craig, I mean B's family, but did you happen to notice that in my sibling's and my photo strips that in the third frame, we are each kissing our spouse? That was totally unplanned but I thought it was a funny and cute coincidence! The photo booth was AWESOME and so much fun and really a great memory! We had the BEST time and loved that your wedding gave us an excuse, I mean a chance to hit Disneyland!! xoxo

  23. Those were awesome! Thanks for sharing. By the looks of things everyone had a marvelous time! Congrats again.


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