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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Its a Cancerversary!

Bald head pix 002

No, I don't have a tattoo of a pink ribbon on my head. But, if ever I find myself bald again, I will get a head tattoo. But lets hope that situation doesn't come up.

Not that I didn't look dashing bald. Don't I have a nice round head?

So, a cancerversary (in my world) marks time as a survivor and other various milestones. It can be one week of surviving chemo, a year from diagnosis, a month from surgery, whatever. I celebrate things all the time! I think we should celebrate something at least once a week. And I like to celebrate with chocolate.

So what cancerversary is it today? Its 1 year since I finished IV treatment! After an entire year of IVs, this was a big deal.

When I first started the story of my diagnosis of breast cancer I wanted to list all the reasons why I am so incredible lucky. Hence the reason I named it Call Me Lady Luck.

But then the story of the actual diagnosis took 3 different posts. And then I went out to dinner. And then I remembered I was supposed to be planning a wedding. And then I got caught up buying our wedding bands. And then I was driving home and remembered that I had a point.

The point is that I was and am very, very lucky. Why am I lucky you ask? OK, you didn't ask but its my cancerversary and I will bore you if I want to.

I am lucky that the female problems that plagued me in college happened to pop up again in 2007. If they hadn't, I wouldn't have gone to the doctor until close to a year later.

I am lucky that my Obgyn was lame and told me I didn't have said feminine problem. (Sorry guys but at least I'm not gettin' all graffic-like) If she hadn't, than I wouldn't have gone to the clinic. TMI warning: Who ever thought my life would be saved by a yeast infection?

I am lucky that the clinic doctor was amazing and on top of it and cautious. If they hadn't decided to treat every woman the same regardless of age, I could have been considered too young to worry about sending to a mammo. I had my mammo 13 years before the designated mammo age.

I am lucky I had people tell me not to listen to my Obgyn. Thank you mom.

I am lucky I have incredible doctors. Thank you HB Clinic, UCLA and St. Josephs. I am lucky that someone cancelled a surgery and I was able to get my lumpectomy weeks before my original schedule.

You see, my cancer was aggressive and in the last month or so it was doubling in size every couple of weeks.

I am lucky in so many ways. If I hadn't gone to the doctor when I did there is a very good chance that by the time I felt it (since I rarely did self-exams), it would have been beyond the point of curing. When the lump was first found I couldn't even feel it and 8 weeks later I was stage 2.

I am lucky I had an awesome support system and I have met (in person and online) so many incredible people. I am lucky that the experience changed my life in all the most amazing ways.

I am lucky I don't have a wrinkly scalp or incredibly mishapen head. Lucky, blessed by God, one with the universe, whatever sinks better with you, well I gots it.

Now, in honor of my cancerversary I kindly request that you all go off and Feel Your Boobies.

Don't argue with me. Just do it. Feel your boobies. Feel someone else's boobies. Get their permission first though. I don't want any law suits on my hands. Well, have you done it yet? Tell everyone its a favor for a friend. Its a free public service, this boobie feeling.

Oh and celebrate with me today! There has to be something for you to celebrate... as if boobie feeling wasn't enough.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reason #34862

Reason #34862 of why I love B. You see, I get up earlier and usually go to bed earlier than B.

Every day when I get home the bed is made. Most of the time the clothes I threw around the day before are put away as well. I'm like a tornado when it comes to making a mess. I know, I'm working on it.

But thats not reason #34862. I think the bed making would be more like #46298 but I would have to consult the ledger.


You are probably wondering why we are looking at a boring picture of my bed. Don't judge me by my linens. My pillows look flat and lifeless, I think I need to go shopping. What are we looking at? Oh yeah, one of the reasons I'm keeping B around.

Reason #34862 is the fact that sometime between dinner and my bedtime "someone" turns down my covers and puts out my pajama pants. ~sigh~ I live a good life.


Why yes, those are rubber ducky pajamas! I think B does this because he can't wait to see me in my sexy sleep wear. I'm.a.catch.

Perhaps I should get a Snuggie for the honeymoon.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hello Old Friend


We were out on a walk when we discovered this gentleman. Or is it gentlewoman? I didn't check.


He was relaxing on the sidewalk in the shade. I wondered what he would say if he could talk? Would you tell us how you came to find your family? Would you relay stories of how long it took to train your new human?


Would you reminisce about your younger years? Did you love to run thru the waves at the beach? Perhaps he would tell off-color jokes about the times he sought revenge by peeing in someones shoes. You would never do that, would you boy. Or, um, sir.


"Old dogs, like old shoes, are comfortable. They might be a bit ot of shape and a little worn around the edges, but they fit well." -Bonnie Wilcox

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Roy's Restaurant, Los Angeles

If you continue to visit my blog (pretty please, with sugar on top) you will see more of Roy's I am sure. Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant is where is spent my years as a restaurant manager. I love this concept, their food, the people, the pride they have in what they do and the infectious aloha.

It also happens to be how I met B. We both worked at the training store in Rancho Mirage. Sorry Roy, I might've broken a few rules with that one....

Anyway, we went to Roy's in downtown Los Angeles as they were participating in Dine Out For The Cure.

This is the Dynamite Maine Lobster Melt. B makes dynamite with a mixture of kewpie mayo, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce and something for heat like sriracha or chili powder... I think.

I can't explain the deliciousness. Toasted french baguette, tomato, Maine lobster, creamy dynamite, goat cheese, melty, warm.

They have sushi too! On the left we have Hamachi and on the right Tai.

Also known as Yellowtail and Japanese Red Snapper.

I think this picture is even more blurry than the rest of the blurry pictures because I was cringing. I'm not a fan of the texture but there are a lot of people out there that love this.

This was B's Uni which is Sea Urchin Roe. You know, those prickly sea creatures? Break 'em open and you get this delicacy.

~sigh~ This is the Lakanilau Roll. Its pronounce Luh-cah-nee-low (rhymes with how). I crave this roll. When I was going thru chemo I couldn't have it as I was banned from rare foods. Not being able to have this roll was one of the tragedies of chemo. Its named after the lovely Cat who created it.

You are probably thinking to yourself... Is that meat on top?
Oh it is my friends.

Inside the roll is tempura asparagus, creamy crab and avocado. The outside is topped with thinly sliced kobe beef. Then the fun part... they torch it. The seared beef is delicate and melts in your mouth. I can't remember the sauce right now. This makes me kind of sad.

I know its not your normal roll and the meat throws people but just try it. Do it for me. Do it for the children. After all, I believe the children are our future. And the future looks bleak without the Lakanilau roll.

We decided to do all pupus (appetizers) because we didn't want to have to choose. Here is the Salt and Pepper Calamari with a White Soy Dipping Sauce. Notice how totally non-greasy this is. Simple flavors done the perfect way. The calamari was delicate and perfectly cooked.

Now is a good time to tell you that all the restaurants have different menus. They do carry some of the same signature items so there will be some repetition. Otherwise the chefs in each location design their menus and change them often. This allows them to be creative and to use only the freshest local ingredients.

The Creamy Crab Korokke. Korokke is a Japanese dish that is related to the french croquette. Its basically some kind of meat or seafood (this one is crab) mixed with potato and/or cream, formed into a patty, rolled in panko (Japanese bread crumbs) and fried.

What you get is a crisp outside and creamy, yummy goodness inside. Its on top a tartare-like sauce and it also had corn in it. I attempted to take a picture of the inside but I think, OK I'm positive it wasn't representative of how it tasted.

This mess was a once beautifully prepared Pineapple Upside-down Cake Parfait. Um, I think thats what its called, I couldn't find it on the menu.

I'll call it... The Best Non-Chocolate Dessert of All Time.

What you see are layers of custard, butter cake, pineapple braised in rum and spices of which I can't remember and topped with toasted coconut. It is the type of decadence that coats your mouth when you eat it and makes you not want to drink or eat anything afterwards. Why? Because I want to taste it for as long as possible.

We finished with the most refreshing sorbets. The bowl included Mango, Mandarin and Strawberry Lemongrass sorbets with berries, pineapple and kiwi.

How cute is that cookie spoon?!

And then we looked around and realized we had spent hours upon hours chatting with everyone there. The kitchen was being cleaned and guests were gone. We got home close to 1 am. At this point I remembered I am no longer in the industry. I had briefly forgotten I had to work in the morning. That 5:30 am alarm was punishment enough for all those calories.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Unique Registries for Unique Couples

Let me first start by saying that registering for presents makes me slightly uncomfortable. I don't want anyone to feel I require a gift. That being said, I love it when people put together registries. I'm going to buy you something either way so please let me know what it is that you want. Why then do I feel weird about doing my own registry? ~shrug~ I dunno. But I'm getting over it.

When it comes down to it we have all the basics already. We don't need another toaster or a cuisinart food processor. To be honest we really do need to upgrade some of our kitchen wares but I really am not registering for the $200 knife B has been eyeing. I don't touch B's knives... you learn early on not to mess with a chef's tools. You know, the ones in the individual cases, all wrapped up nicely in the knife bag. What was I talking about?


Oh yes, registries. So we decided to do a honeymoon registry! Basically you plan and book a honeymoon and then you register for the activities. There is an online webpage that guests log in to if they would like to purchase a gift. The above picture is the Milford Sound, New Zealand at sunset.

At that point I thought we were in the clear. I love our registry! But then we started getting requests for a secondary registry. What do you mean a secondary registry? How many gifts do you plan on buying?

I tried to say we don't need anything else. But they would like us to register for things they can get their pretty little hands on. I get that its fun to walk into Macy's and buy things, I do. My very nice and giving guests would like to be able to bring something to the bridal shower or to the wedding. You know, instead of saying "hey we bought you a cocktail in Auckland".

You are probably wondering how it is possible that I can't find anything to register for? What is wrong with this woman? Oh I can shop with the best of them.

You see, if I were to pick out mixing bowls they would run along the lines of vintage pyrex bowls. I love them. I just spend way too much time on here. I love the ones with bursts of fresh, bright, springy color. And my serving pieces would be more along the lines of jadite. Hmmm, I don't have any pizza shears...


Oh Etsy.... why can't you have a wedding registry? It must be Frieday because I keep following my own links and getting caught up in endless browsing. Focus, focus.

So invisible friends... do tell. Where did you register and what did you register for?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I want a Mad Hatter's Tea Party...don't you?


I saw this tea party and was overwhelmed with eye-candy! My mind raced with ideas. I emailed my mom and my best friend and of course, I have to share it with you.

I love that it is both whimsical and sophisticated. It is bold and delicate and.....I'm in a full on fantasy right now. The tea reminds me of a daydream I would have when I was little. When I grow up I will have afternoon tea with the other ladies and it will look like this....

The lovely and talented photographer is Adrienne Gunde. She also happens to be my wedding photographer! Aren't I lucky?

Joanna is new to the event planning scene but if this tea party is any indication of what Joanna Events can do, than they'll be taking off in no time. This affair was planned for her mother's birthday and inspired by Alice In Wonderland (in case you didn't get the mad hatter reference). I love the vivid colors and mixture of textures. It has the sort of random, mismatched but coordinated feel I adore... if that makes sense at all.

The flowers are so charming! I am already looking around my apartment for fun containers to use. Winners of the tea party games were able to take home an arrangement of their choice. How do we get on your guest list Ms. Joanna? The interwebs would like to know.

paper flower

Look at these handmade paper flowers that were planted just for me.. I mean for the guest of honor.

Don't even get me started on the food. The baby cakes, the tea sandwiches, the scones, all the deliciousness was made by Joanna's mom. You'll want to jump into the picture and try a bite of each and every one.

So go on over and check out this Mad Tea Party on Adrienne's blog and tell me what you think!

Oh and if you happen to have a fancy and rather large hat... please put it on now.

One more thing... does anyone have a little girl I can borrow for a quick tea party? I asked B if he would have one with me (a tea party not a little girl- you can all just settle down) but I don't think my feathered hats will fit him quite right. And if you go and have a tea party without me, please send pictures.

I'm done rambling now. So sorry. Sometimes I just get a little caught up. Did you look at the site yet?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Book Giveaway!


NotNessie over on Today's Adventure is having a book giveaway! I discovered her blog today and noticed that the 3 books she is featuring are all on my "to read" list. Besides, you know I can't pass up the chance to add to my imaginary future library.

If you would like the chance to win one of these books head on over! This could be you!

Only, you know, without the oscar. Or the super fancy dress. Or the prestige. Or the million dollar pay check. But you'd win a book and thats pretty darn cool.

Amoeba Music, Hollywood

This is one of B's favorite places. This is Amoeba Music. Do you like music? Any kind of music? Do you like movies? Do you like people watching? Do you like records? Do you need a place to find music you can't get on itunes or in Best Buy? Are you looking for suggestions of music you might like but have not yet heard of? Would you like to enter an independent record store so large it has its own map?

Well then Amoeba is the place for you!

Its hard to take a picture to get a scope of the place. B are you out there? B and I usually split up at the door. I tend to wander and B has already compiled a list of music to search out. I come up here to track him down.

This view is from the balcony of the movie section upstairs. Do you see that stage at the back of the picture? Its very, very tiny. Here B saw Sia and was quite impressed. We've seen her in concert and she has an incredible voice.. she could fill up a venue without a mike. Her recorded music doesn't compare to hearing her live.

Norah Jones played on this stage but we both had to work :(

What you don't see is the other 50% of space... yes this is only half. This is only the rock music.

Amoeba sells music collectibles and music only released over seas or other hard to get things of the music variety. It reminded me that somewhere I have a Michael Jackson doll and a MJ record player from the early 80's. I hope we kept all that stuff.

I love the records. No, I don't have any use for them. But I love them anyway. I feel sophisticated browsing thru the records.

I also love looking at the posters. Oh, if I could go back in time and go to these concerts.

I prefer the listening station in the Jazz room. Its much more quiet than the main one and there are hardly ever any people in this one. Now don't go run and tell all your friends. It'll be our little secret.

The music in Amoeba covers every interest. You can find Country, Christian, African beats, R&B and chanting from a far away monastery.

Have you been searching high and low for the Barbarella sound track? Search no more!

Amoeba also puts out a free booklet called Music We Like in which the Amoeba staff from the 3 stores list... the music they like. You didn't see that coming, did you? This booklet will keep B busy for weeks. He will read it thru and thru spending countless hours listening to the music suggested to find something new.

In about a month I'll ask him to list the new bands I'll like. He knows my taste and I get to skip the searching part.


Check out this poster. Its an original poster featuring The Grateful Dead as one of the bands playing in San francisco. Charge at the door $2.50. This poster is $1000.

Unlike that poster, the prices at Amoeba are fantastic. Majority of the stores inventory is used but guaranteed to play well. I picked up an Etta James CD for $4.99.

There are DVDs galore. Looking at the TV section is like taking a stroll down memory lane. I used to love Bewitched. Does anyone remember the TV show Beauty and the Beast?

The outside of the building is painted in a beautiful mural.

Amoeba is also known for their community outreach, push to be green and relief efforts. The staff and customers are as varied as the music they carry and that is one of the reasons I love it so much.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Philippe The Original (French Dipped Sandwich)

On Saturday we were in Los Angeles and decided to stop by Philippe's. In all the time we lived in LA we somehow never went in. It could be because its always busy.

But it is a Los Angeles landmark and the claimed originator of the french dipped sandwich.

Legend has it that one day the owner accidentally dropped the roll into the juice from the meat. The police officer he was making the sandwich for said he would eat it anyway. He liked it so much he brought more people in to try it... and so the french dip was born.

These lovely ladies are your order takers, your sandwich makers and your cashiers. By the happy look on their faces you would never know the restaurant looked like this.....

Look at that crowd! It was a Saturday in the afternoon... but I did it for you guys. I'm sure you appreciate knowing the background of the french dip.

So, if you look closely there are tables amongst the crowd. Long family style tables separate 10 lines. Some people sit and eat at those tables. We sat in another room. Amazingly the line moves quite quickly.

Many of the staff have been here for decades and they still maintain the same recipes, standards and service as they did over 100 years ago when they opened.

About this time my mom looked up and realized they served Silver Oak by the glass. Any winos out there? Silver Oak for pete's sake. They had a wine menu that was really impressive... at a french dip sandwich shop.

The food comes on separate cardboard plates and we ordered a variety of things. A few cold beers and a lemonade and we were ready to feast. B was sad to find out there was pigs feet that he didn't see on the menu. As a general rule I don't usually eat feet. I don't bite my own nails.. let alone something elses nails.

Oh and watch out for that mustard! Its very tasty used in small amounts. Too much and it'll completely clear out your sinuses. Its so popular that its now bottled and sold. They ship it across the country.

IMG_0927There were house-made pickles (sweet and dill) and pickled eggs.

We had both the beef and pork french dips. Oh and we can't forget the traditional sides of which we had the macaroni salad (heavy on the relish), coleslaw and potato salads.

Whats that you say? Does it look like a slice of cherry pie on the table? Well that must have belonged to a different table. I would never order cherry pie knowing we were going to an ice cream shop later that day. Who would want dessert twice in one day? Not me, thats for sure.

This is the brick wall the lines the staircase. I didn't have much time to stare but I did notice dates back to the late seventies.

I thought this was really charming. I realize the picture has lights glaring all over it but I have no idea what to do about that.

This, friends, is Charlie L. Sample. The picture was taken in December 2003. Charlie had been eating at Philippe's since 1919. I'm sorry... did that say 1919? When the picture was taken Charlie was 100 yrs and 3 months old!

I looked around for Charlie but I didn't see him. And what have I learned? If you eat at Philippe's on a diet of french dips, mayo-based salads and pie, you'll live a long and happy life.

Hey, if its good enough for Charlie, its good enough for me.

Friday, July 17, 2009

2 Letters & a Muffin Top (the diagnosis- finale)

Holy sh*it I'm going to get diagnosed with breast cancer.

I call my mom and explain the conversation I had with Voice of Doom. To be honest I can't remember exactly what she said. She asks me if I wanted her to go with me and I say no. I was going to be fine, I can handle it. But I'll come by after the appointment.

When I tell B he is softly supportive but not overly worried. After all, it could be anything. I tell Chrissy and a friend Marie who are at work with me. Marie, the sweetheart that she is, gives me a list of explanations that don't include cancer. I feel much better but on the inside I know. I knew the way you know about a good melon. What?

Then I realized what will happen if my mom doesn't come with me. I will have to go home and look my parents in the eyes and tell them I have cancer. And they will wonder how on Earth this can be happening. They will think about my paternal grandpa and my maternal grandma and what is was like as they fought and lost. I can't even imagine how it feels to have your child be in harms way like this. I don't want to see the pain on their faces. So I call her back and say I will pick her up on my way in.

~Fast forward to the doctors office~

We were in the office waiting. I'm not positive how long but I'm pretty sure it was close to 302 hours... give or take 15 minutes. I was sitting on the chair/table and mom was standing off to the side just slightly behind me.

I wonder how this is going to feel. Will I freak out? How long until the panic sets in?

And then She came in. Was she a doctor? A nurse? A volunteer? She was wearing the white coat but something seemed wrong. Hmmmm, what was it? Oh wait, I know! Its her inappropriate manner of dress! Her coat was open, wide open and underneath she wore jeans 2 sizes too tight and a shirt 2 sizes too small. Her shirt was high enough to expose her midriff and all its contents. Behold the Muffin Top.

Now I'd like to say that I understand the existence of the muffin top. Believe me, I really, really do. I've worn the too tight jeans and I know the spare tire feeling. But in a professional setting do you not agree the muffin top should be covered?

Oh my GOD! This woman is going to tell me the news that changes my life and all I can see is her muffin top.

I glanced over to make eye contact with mom as if to say.. Do you see this?! But she was focused and waiting for answers. As the doctor/nurse walks over I try hard not to stare at her belly button. But in my mind I can recall it perfectly. Don't ask me why I was so fixated on this. In fact, it was the last thing I remember being focused on before I heard...

"I don't know what else to say you have cancer"

The verdict was in. Delivered by the muffin top in one run-on sentence that lingered in the room. It was echoing in the room. "I don't know what else to say you have cancer"

My first thought? How am I going to tell B?

It took me a second to realize the doctor/nurse was talking to us. "Do you need a tissue?" "Do you need to sit down?"

I heard an odd sound behind me and realized it was mom. She was trying not to cry and she was leaning against the table. She sat down and the nurse handed us tissues.

I'll have to spend more time thinking about this because I remember very little about what happened after. I asked what the next step was. We made conversation as they wrote down references for doctors. Earlier in the week they had told a 16 year old girl she had breast cancer. 16. How do you deal with this kind of craziness in high school?

We got back to the house and I paced the sidewalk while making calls. We have very bad reception in the house so this was the logical thing to do. I really didn't want to be inside when mom called dad at work. I tried to formulate in my head what I would say on my phone calls. I still had the tissue in my pocket in case of mental breakdown.

How do people in the movies do this? Have I read any books that have characters who tell people they have cancer? Nothing. Think. Think. Think. Should I even call everyone now? I'm going to ruin everyone's work day.

A little background: I am the baby of my family. Seriously, the baby. I am 10 years younger than the youngest sibling and 17 years younger than the oldest. So I grew up with siblings/caretakers/second parents. Things like this just don't happen to the baby.

The conversations I had were such a perfect representation of my siblings. It just completely mirrored their personalities and I laugh when I think about it. All the conversations started with a series of "No way" or "Seriously" or "You're kidding". I called my oldest brother who told me to lean on him no matter what. He wanted to make sure I understood he would be there for me. Then there was the conversation with my other brother. I couldn't even tell you what we talked about because we were on the phone for like 30 minutes. We talked about the lady who lived down the street from him who had breast cancer. We talked about how young I was to be diagnosed. We talked about what kind of treatment I might have to have. It was kind of like having any conversation. Even then I thought it was funny how we casually chatted. Don't get me wrong, he was concerned but neither one of us were overly emotional.

Looking back there were two conversations that stand out. Telling my sister, Debbie and telling B.

I knew my sister was going to be a hard one because she had lost a friend to breast cancer months earlier. She saw first hand how ugly things could get and it was still fresh in her memory.

Debbie: Hey!
Me: Hi, I just got back from the doctors. I had a biopsy done a week ago..
Debbie: And.....
Me: And I have breast cancer.
Debbie: Nuh uh.
Me: Uh-huh
Debbie: No way.
Me: Yeah.
Debbie: Are you serious? ~voice starts to crack~
Me: Yep, I have breast cancer.
Debbie: Oh my God ~sniffle, shaky inhale, sniffle~
Me: ~eyes tearing up~
Debbie: But you're not going to look good all bald!
Me: OMG I know! How weird is that going to be!

The conversation went on from there. We discussed important matters like... what if I have a grossly misshapen head? And how I once knew a guy who we thought had wavy hair but who really had a wrinkly scalp. We talked and we laughed. I can honestly say that we laughed through the entire experience. Oh there were hard times and tears were shed but there was always laughter.

And then there was breaking it to B.

B: Hi!
Me: Hi. Um, what are you doing right now?
B: I'm in the car with __.
Me: Oh, I can call you back later.
B: No, no thats OK.
Me: So, I just got back from the doctor.
B: Yes?
Me: I have breast cancer.

B: Oh my God we have cancer.

It came out like a whisper, soft and sweet. And then I smiled. We had a short conversation and I told him I had to call my siblings to let them know. But what I really remember from that conversation is that I knew we had to be together. I knew I loved him. We'd been separated for a few months just prior to this and any confusion that was there before had vanished. OK, I knew how much I loved him when he was first thing that popped into my head after being diagnosed. But the man was right there with me. I melt into a puddle just thinking about it. It was the we that made the difference. Two little letters changed the day.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

First off, I will be posting the final installment of the diagnosis by approximately 8:24pm Friday night. I've been meaning to but the week has been full because I had to attend another fancy dinner (Dine for the Cure) and I needed to sort through my mounds of pictures from high school and I have to go see Harry Potter tonight. It cannot be helped. Sometimes the tedious tasks of my life get in the way of my priorities.

Speaking of Harry Potter... another book I loved, The Time Traveler's Wife, has been made into a movie that will come out next month.

The story is about the love and life between Clare the beautiful artist and Henry the handsome librarian. The difference between this story and the many other love stories out there? Henry is a time traveler. He has a "Chrono-Impairment" which whisks him away from the present time without a moments notice. He doesn't know where or when he will end up. Mostly he travels to his past and sometimes to his future always wondering what situations he will find himself in. He leads his life out of order but always, always gets pulled back to Clare.

When Clare and Henry first meet she is 6 years old and he is 36. What do you do when you meet the love of your life at only 6 years old? What kind of life do you live when your husband could disappear in the middle of dinner and not return for days? How do you know he is safe? Will he return to you?

Theirs is a love that truly trancends time.

It was author Audrey Niffineger's debut novel and I will definitely be reading more of her books. Did you read it? Let me know what you thought.

And here is the trailer for The Time Travelers Wife

Who wants to see it with me?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Discovered Treasure: Avalisa

I happened upon this site in one of my pointless searches for art/furniture/imaginary things for imaginary rooms. It was in a section of the late Domino magazine about buying things that give back to the community. I should buy this art because I am a great lover of the community. What community? Mine, yours, his, and hers to be exact.

Avalisa is fresh, clean, modern and whimsical.

orange allium

The designs make me feel calm and excited at the same time.

pink tractor

Pink tractors anyone? Each picture comes in a variety of colors.

blue doe

Can't you imagine all the fun combinations that could go up on the walls? Someone please find me a nursery to decorate.

green dalmations

A child's imagination could run wild.
And by "a child" I mean "me".

Many of these pictures also come in patterns.

pink rug

And there are rugs. Your sweet keikis need to grow up playing on this rug.

modernica rocking chair

I realize this chair isn't for everyone. But I love it. Did you see it in blue in the first picture? Modernica allows you to customize your chair... for a pretty penny. But considering the fact its going in my imaginary home.... I'll take it.

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