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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The 1001 Cranes

Ah yes, here you are. Do you remember the saga of folding 1,001 cranes?

Of course you do because some of you actually folded cranes for me!!

Rehearsal 125

Did I mention that the cranes literally arrived the day before the wedding? All I could think was how disappointing it would be for all the people that helped me if the cranes didn't make it to the wedding. But they made it!

Rehearsal 127

Is that copper piping?! How much do you think I could sell that stuff for?

Rehearsal 198

In the front of the picture you see the instructions for assembly. It was actually very easy but I don't have any pictures fo the finished project yet. And by very easy I really mean very easy for my dad.

It basically went into a ceramic pot and was surrounded by white rock.

Rehearsal 199

Originally I had wanted the bonzai tree but then Alan read the blog post about how I loved birch and changed the design. I really love how it turned out.

The only thing it was missing were the black striations that are a birch trademark so my dad painted those on for me.

Rehearsal 200

All those little leaves are cranes my friends and I folded. Thank you Chrissy, Tina, Celeste and April!

A very special thank you to my lovely friends Mimirickets and Jana who folded for me. We've never even met in real life and I still consider you two of my favorite people. I'm so glad you could be a part of my wedding.

Rehearsal 202

With all this focus on including all of our ethnicities in our ritual I just couldn't leave out a bit of Puerto Rican flare.

One of these is not like the others!

Rehearsal 196

What I am left with is an amazing piece to have in my home that will stand as a reminder of the hardwork and love that went into it.

Thank you friends.... I really could never have done it without you!


  1. Ohhh, you posted the pictures! It's the most gorgeous thing I've seen in a very long time. I want one! I tried the website you posted for these but didn't find it. I love the wish granting part of the story. But since so many people folded the 1,000 cranes does each person get a wish or do you have to fold the thousand yourself? Anyway, this tree is just so beautiful. Do you think he would make me one with something less than 1,000 cranes?


  2. Me again, just how tall is this tree? I can't tell from the pic, not do I understand what the pipe is for. Is that how he protected it for shipping or is that how it is displayed? Confused here.....

    Can you post the website again so I can get in touch with the artist who makes these?

    Thanks so much for sharing the pics!


  3. Me yet again, when I went back to your original post on the cranes the address listed for Alan does not go to any website and I can't see the picture of the bonsai, I can only see a red X where the picture is supposed to be. Is it my computer? Is there another address I can try to see more of these gorgeous trees? (Sorry to keep nagging you on this subject!)

  4. Beautiful. What a treasure for you and B. to keep forever to remind you of your wedding day and all of the love that surrounds you.

  5. That is just gorgeous! And what a wonderful thing for you and B to look at every day to remind you of the wedding and all the wonderful people that helped to make it possible.

    And I would be selling the copper tubing right quick.

  6. Don't give out your address or the copper thieves will be paying you a visit! Beautiful cranes!

  7. Oooh, that is so lovely!!

    (Just wondering how you'll "clean" it if it gets a bit dusty..?)

  8. Hi Jaxx! Apparently Alan has taken a break from creating as his other job has gotten really busy. I'll try and find a replacement picture.

    The copper was just for the shipping. The tree stands about 2 feet tall.

    Buckeroomama, Alan the creator suggested a glass case for it... but for now I'll just use the swiffer!

  9. Oh wow! That is amazing! Summer of 2008 copper was bringing 3 bucks a pound, not sure what it is now. I only know that because my Dad is an HVAC guy and has copper stolen out of his pickup and job sites quite often.

  10. YAY!!! i was so excited to see it! I love that you chose your fave tree how cool is that!!!! I wonder what happened to my cranes with chromosomal deficiencies...I have to say, it was alot of fun to help out, I was just thinking the other day how I wish I had something like that to do to keep my hands busy...but out here in the country they dont have awesome oragami papers. I will have to find some happy for you and your handsome hubby!!! *hehe* being married is one of my favorite things about life. xoxo

  11. I'm so glad it turned out!! I love it!! Plus it's so original and will be great in your home for years and years...

    But you might need to invest in some canned air to keep it dusted. Just being practical here, becuase that's a lot of paper darlin'. Not fun to dust at all. At all. LOL

  12. Absolutely beautiful. Such a lovely tradition!

  13. That is so beautiful and unique! I love that you snuck the puerto rican flare in! :o)

  14. That is just incredible. I'm sure it's struck you already, but I just had to share. As I read your posts about your wedding, I keep thinking of how very loved you are. How so many people wanted to be a part of your day. How many people love you enough to work hard and give of themselves to make your dreams come true. How many people love your precious, loving heart. You are indeed a woman blessed.

  15. That is beautiful. I have never seen one of those before. Gorgeous.

  16. Beautiful. I've never seen one of these before either. Really cool.

    I have to agree with Relyn, you are very, very blessed indeed.

  17. I remember that post. It's gorgeous. And how awesome that Jana helped! I'm jealous. She said she'd help me with the back splashing tiling I want done but I'm afraid to hold my breath. Now I'm gonna remind her that she helped you and she'll hurt my feelings if she doesn't help me. :)

    Btw, LOVE the Puerto Rican one! Niiiiice!

  18. Dearest Crane Maker:

    I too am half Japanese and as a child I remember a family friend making and giving me 1,001 cranes so that I would get better from Streptitis. Then later as we lived in Japan, I noticed the origami cranes hanging on strings at temples, restaurants, etc.

    My cousin told me about folding 1,001 cranes as she was about to be married.

    Currently my daughter is about to be married and decided she would like to fold the cranes! In doing so I proudly told my full Japanese Mom what the two of us were doing. Her response was "No, cranes are only folded for the children of Hiroshima or for sick people."

    Just now confused and dazed from making 832 cranes so far decided to search for the truth!

    I was so happy to find your photos and comments.

    We are planning to put all 1,001 cranes into a large round clear glass (cylindrical) type vase to display on the table at my daughters wedding shower and at the wedding!

    Thank you for sharing!


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