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Friday, December 18, 2009

CD Freebie: Kenny & Dolly "Once Upon a Christmas"


Let me first say that when it comes to Christmas I don't think there is anything that is too cheesy or corny or quirky. I watch Christmas movies and sing Christmas carols and I have wonderful Christmas memories.

I'm not sure any of you will be into this CD but in my world its a Christmas classic... an absolutely must play every year type of CD. It can also clear B out of any room. Doesn't the album cover say it all?

I can practically feel some of you cringing. Its Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton people! Its sooo country.

This was from a Christmas TV special in the early 80's. You gotta love 80's country.

The next song is loud so turn your speakers down a bit. :)

You know, music is a very personal thing. But I'm just putting it all out there by saying that I love every single song on this CD. Part of it is that my mom loves this CD and I can remember very vividly dancing to it in the living room while she was baking in the kitchen.

I remember spinning around and around. I also remember the rust colored carpet. ~shudder~

Do you remember what I said about things not being to cheesy or corny? I may eat my words. Please check out the next video.

This is the very dramatic title track of Once Upon a Christmas. This video is so fantastic. Who doesn't need a dancing nativity scene?! But really, give it a chance.. you just need to get past the speaking part and the song is really pretty.

If you want it (giggle) let me know and I'll mail it out to the first taker.

If not, feel free to leave comments about the music you love and hate at Christmas time!


  1. Okay..

    I love Christmas! I love love love love love love love love it! But.. umm yea.. I'm not loving this. at all ;-)

  2. I swear I can't be the only one who likes this... I bought it at Barnes and Noble!

    I'm totally going to make you come over and listen to this.

  3. OH MY GOD. I haven't thought of this album in years, I know my mom had it and I just really loved Kenny Rogers, he just looked like such a grampa.

    And Dolly! I mean who doesn't love Dolly!?

    I'm totally with you.

  4. Totally fun & cute! Maybe not for everyday of Christmas, :o) but it definitely needs to be heard at least once during the season!

  5. You are too funny! I was in love with Kenny and Dolly when I was little. This brings back memories!

  6. My in-laws would love that CD. We are sending my father-in-law a box set of Dolly. That is what the man asked for. If you don't get another taker, you can send it to them.

  7. I almost teared up with this post! My mom had this album ON A RECORD! I too danced and sang, and I have every song memorized. I also love the album by the Oak Ridge Boys that has Thank God for Kids on it - another Christmas Classic at our house as a child! I'm praying all goes well with your wedding, and you have the most wonderful, beautiful, perfect day full of memories that will last a lifetime!

  8. I love it and I'm PROUD to admit it :-D I used to have the album in real vinyl, or maybe it was the cassette version. I DO know it wasn't an 8-track though :) Yes, there's something about that album that really puts me in the Christmas spirit. Maybe that's exactly what I've been missing this year! -Tammy

  9. LOL, raising my hand here! I grew up hearing this one and one of just Kenny, Reba's, Alabama's, and a few others I've forgotten the name of. My Dad's a white guy. LOL! While I don't absolutely love them they do bring back fond memories and are nice to hear once in a while.


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