Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A November day in Crystal Cove


Such a lovely day.

I have something to admit.
I haven't been to the beach during the summer in years.
I'm not really sure why but it has something to do with the amount of people everywhere.
That and my aversion to wearing a bikini in public.


Other than the occasional cropping these photos weren't edited.
They came out soft and lovely just the way the day felt.
Just look at that blue sky.


Can you believe we spent the 7th of November at the beach?
Is it Autumn? I was wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt when I should have been wearing a sun dress and a light wrap. Its cooled down to the low 70's. I love it.


This is just the beginning of my favorite time of year at the beach.
The crowds are gone and you have the beach nearly to yourself.

This family was taking a nice stroll down the beach together... just because.


Oh my. These boys were in heaven.

I have so many good memories of days at the beach growing up.

They were like this down the entire stretch of coast.

They never stayed in one place but just kept frolicking north.


The ocean always gives me perspective.

Its therapy. Free therapy.


This beach is Crystal Cove which is a CA state park at the south end of Newport Beach just before you come to Laguna Beach.


B and I spent the day here.


We looked at shells (but did not take them because there are so few left).


We listened to the sound of the waves.

I cannot imagine not knowing this sound.

Powerful and soothing at the same time.


We laughed loud and long and hard.


We sat, we walked, we explored.


We danced.


I am so lucky.


Where do you go that makes you feel refreshed?


  1. What a lovely day. I'd go to the beach rather than to blogger like a shot if only it wouldn't rain here. And look, only 25 days to go! I'm busy choosing my hat.

  2. Beautiful shots. Almost makes me feel like I am there. Anywhere outside makes me feel refreshed. We have a great, big beautiful world!

  3. I'm sorry to intrude, but your pics and words almost make me feel as if I were right there with you!
    Great way to start a hectic day!

  4. Oh, Dawn! Those are beautiful pictures. I wish we had access to the beach more readily, but no such thing. It's gorgeous, though! If I want to feel refreshed, I go outside. I love some of the treed areas around us. Growing up, I'd hop on my pony and take off riding down by the creeks. Lots of perspective can be found upon the back of a trusty horse.

  5. We had almost the same day this weekend! Although out on the East coast, it was surprising that a day in November was so warm (at 65 degrees) - usually by this time we're walking the beach in winter coats and mittens! But the fall is still my favorite time on the beach - it's almost always empty so my kids can run far and wide and I have no reason to worry about losing them in the crowd. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets to enjoy these sites!

  6. Awesome photos! I especially love the last one with the footprints. :)

    We really should take the kids to the beach before it gets colder. It's actually perfect this time of the year... Maybe this weekend.

  7. Beautiful pictures for a beautiful day! The beach is my absolutely favorite place to go,too - I head on up to Carpinteria though, and have my own special spot there. Like you said, free therapy!
    Counting down the days with you! ox

  8. When I need to refresh, I LEAVE! I'm just kidding. Mostly.

    I refresh best when alone with my man... like on a date... something that I have to be really intentional about. Maybe that's why it refreshes so much- after you go to all the trouble to arrange a sitter, and get your kids ready and all that goes with that, when you finally DO escape, it feels refreshing! Or time spent in prayer. Dang. Should have said that one first. LOL

    These photos were beautiful. The footprints looked so cool- like they were pressed UP instead of down.

  9. Any time I can be in nature is when I feel refreshed. Wish I had a beach closer to me. Gorgeous pictures!!!

  10. Great photos! Love the lighting and tones.

    Nowadays, while the beach or the mountains would be my escape of choice, I retreat to the bathroom. And if I get a chance in there without someone bringing me something to check, or the phone, or a dog needing a good scratch, I'm thankful.

  11. Absolutely beautiful! I love the ocean so much, you have no idea. No matter what, seeing the ocean always makes me happy...

  12. Gorgeous photos!! you were just a few minutes from me spending the day at work in a cubicle, surrounded by co-workers wondering why I type all day long...(shh, don't tell I am blogging!)....love that beach so pretty and yes refreshing!

  13. Dawn! I just won a PW cookbook from She Wears Many Hats!!! Thanks for sharing about her blog, I have so been secretly lusting and coveting after this book and feel like I just won the lottery. Yaaaayyy....Happy Dance, Happy Dance!

  14. I love that close up of the sand... you have such an eye for detail!

  15. Thank you for sharing. So good to see you doing something relaxing with all the stress of the wedding planning going on around you. To feel refreshed I just love going for a walk or as of late just laying in my room with the lights off for a few minutes. Something about laying in the dark and taking a minute...really helps me put things in perspective.

  16. I think the ocean is my best therapy. It's healing and peaceful and quiet and non-judgmental all at the same time. Beautiful photos!

  17. It sounds cliche, but there's just something about a walk on the beach with your sweetie, isn't there?

  18. This is the closest I have ever come to seeing the ocean ... it is beautiful! I love being outside.

  19. I love the beach as well. It's so healing and soothing, smelling the salty water, feeling the cool breeze, taking in the sights and relaxing.

    Are you getting excited???

  20. Lovely post! The photos and your words made me feel so centered and peaceful.

    I love pine trees. The mountains refresh me. If I could live there, I would in a heartbeat.

  21. Beautiful serene photos! I'm going to have to remember to take a trip to the beach this winter!

  22. I'm so jealous. I miss the beach, and I can't wait to go back to Oregon this Christmas and visit the beaches in the town I grew up in. Going to my hometown is always so refreshing.


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