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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Re-cap

Christmas 035

I'm going to back track a bit here. I didn't really get to post about how wonderful Christmas was because I was too busy praying to the porcelain gods. TMI?

My apologies. I can't even think about it. I'm not that recovered yet.

Christmas 018

Christmas Eve is always spent at my grandma's house. Meet baby Bruce. He is 5 months old and absolutely adorable.

Christmas 019

Oh baby Santa! Oh the things people do to their children. Dress them up in little outfits and take a bazillion pictures. It can't be helped though. How could you not?

Christmas 038

After church and grandma's and friends houses B and I went back home, popped open a bottle of bubbly and watched A Christmas Story. Its the only Christmas movie B realy likes and I think we must have watched all 24 hours of it.

I really wanted to soak in this first Christmas together. A Christmas with just the two of us. Who knows, maybe next year we'll have our own baby santa.

What? Did someone say something?

Christmas 042

~snort~ The next morning we got up and opened our presents. This is B being a big dork. I suggested that he might make that face when he actually opens the present next time.

I'm sure he loves that I share these things with you.

Christmas 046

In all fairness this is me first thing in the morning. I haven't even brushed my teeth yet. And I still have on some make-up from the night before.

I had just opened my present and the look on my face was... Did you really just give me lotion?

B is really notorious for dropping the ball on special days. He is incredibly romantic and sweet on a day to day basis but on special occasions it all flies out the window. Its another post all together. But he didn't let me down.

Christmas 054

No I did not get this dog for Christmas but I might steal her if I get the chance.

This is Voodoo. She is adorable and I love her and she is my nieces.

Christmas 055

Oh Voodoo. Don't you want to come live with me?!

Christmas 058

Last year it was decided that everyone was going to wear pajamas on Christmas. This year we did the same. Everyone spent the day in pajama's and it was quite fun. Next year I want some footed pajamas. Seriously. Don't they have those for adults? Or big kids?

I've been missing your blogs but I'm hoping to catch up soon...what are you plans for New Years?


  1. I sooo love the idea of Christmas in PJ's! Adorable! All I want for Christmas...Baby Bruce! What a cutie!

  2. YEAH they DO have those jammies... I saw some at Target of all places! I want some too!

    I'm gonna party like it's 1999 on New year's eve. Okay... well I need to clarify. I am going to party as much as I can in a household with seven children under the age of ten. But it's going to be wild, baby. Oh yeah.

    I might even crush a ten year old at Monopoly. You just never know.

  3. super cute jammies!! I love your bubbly pic too very nice:) John always gets me the things he wants...boys are dorks. and we love them anyway.

    Yeah so about the cookie rampage, I swear if you could see the house in its disarray you would know that I totally skipped unpacking...totally...just went into full on xmas mode. Im a weirdo like that.

  4. You look gorgeous even first thing in the AM!! Lovely day ... glad you are feeling better! The honeymoon is a a day or so away!!!! I can't wait till you start sending pics of sunny beaches and beautiful landscapes and NZ food!!!
    Love the juxtaposition of the peep-toe photo in your earlier blog compared with today's PJ/house shoe photo!

  5. Well then it's Christmas here almost every day then... when we don't go out, sometimes me and kids spend the day in pj's. The other day, we forgot to change Z out of her pj's when she went downstairs for her nap and she came back and asked, "Mommy, why I am wearing 'jamas so long?"

    I want me a Baby Bruce!!

  6. They definitely have footie jammies for adults...I think at Target. :)
    You look great first thing in the morning, and since it's a blog, no one can tell about the toothbrushing. haha

  7. You look adorable in the jammies! And why not wear them all day long. Perhaps I will do that on New Years.

  8. I hope you have a baby santa next year, too! ;) Love the jammie pics, how cute!

  9. If you want the footed PJs from Target, you better get them soon - they only have them this time of year. They were marked down not long ago. I thought about getting some, but decided they wouldn't be too nice to my hips.

  10. I love your black and white polka dot jammies! And the photo of B looking all shocked and awed made me laugh out loud.

  11. Dawn,

    Is it OK that I steal your wonderfully cute idea to celebrate the entire Christmas day in PJ's? I mean how relaxing and cozy would that make it for everyone and to top it all off, we'd all be ready for bed when we are all done!

    You all look so cute in yours!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  12. B sounds like my husband. Not really good at gift giving (except for the quilt) but in the day to day things, he is great. He brought me a Starbucks the other day and on his way home from work he stopped and got me a sweet tea from Chick fi la! He knows I love my sweet tea. It really is the everyday moments that mean the most. And, you look adorable first thing in the morning.


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