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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Andrea & Chachi's Wedding


I'll be showing you weddings in reverse order because I'm feeling sort of backwards these days anyway.

On Friday night Andrea and Chachi were married at the Sterling Hotel in Sacramento.


I love the old charm of this gorgeous building, nestled amongst the trees not far from the California capitol.


The wedding and reception took place in the ballroom that was equally as charming.


I love these pictures of them!


We arrived a little bit early and I was able to sneak around and take pictures of the table arrangements. Simple and beautiful.


The hanging key accents made such a gorgeous statement.


They had me at cupcake display. This picture doesn't do it justice.


There were actually 3 colors and flavors. Darker pink, light pink and white. Each color had a slightly different accent from pearls to flowers. You can't tell here but some of them were glittery!


More centerpieces, I love the mix of short and tall so they don't crowd the room.


Classic and glamorous.


Have I told you how much I love hydrangeas?


I got a sneak peak of some of the groomsmen and made him sit for me so I could get a picture.


The gentlemen all waiting very patiently. On the far left we have the minister and the 2nd gentleman is the groom.

We found out later that the mother of the groom gave all the groomsmen smelling salts in case they needed to revive him.


This blurry picture is the only one I have of the bride and grooms adorable son. He turns 1 next month!


I loved her hair and I felt the urge to go out and buy hair accessories... preferrably with feathers.


All the ladies waiting for the grand entrance of the bride...


and the saxophonist starts playing a melody.


Andrea looked so beautiful, she had the bridal glow.


You may kiss the bride!


I love Chachi's expression here.


Such a happy couple! The reception was full of laughter and a bit of chaos. I mean that in the best way possible. It was an adult only reception and included lots of dancing and drinking, a photo booth and many, many memories.


See, you can tell I'm pregnant! The black just disguises the belly in photos.

Oh and I did have flats with me just in case my feet or hips or back got tired. I ended up using them about the last 30 minutes or so.


Light-up hula hoops! I love little surprises like this :) A fun wedding for a really fun couple... I wouldn't expect anything less!


  1. They are so stinkin' cute. I need a wedding fix. It's been too long. Okay you had me at hello with those cupcakes.

  2. CUPCAKES!!!! I am dying for one... the doc says we have to keep my baby girl on this food restriction and all I want is a CUPCAKE!!!

    Girl you looked so stinkin cute in your LBD! Love it.

  3. Cupcakes!!! I am going to have to make cupcakes.

    And again, the red shoes.....I want them.

  4. I love this wedding post! I am going to be taking notes for my own wedding plans *wink*

  5. What a cute couple, and beautifully unique wedding. And look at that adorable pregnant girl. Looking great!! I'm looking at the countdown.. wow.. so close! -Tammy

  6. The cupcakes are to.die.for! Love it.

    I am so happy for you. You are so adorable and it is such a blessing.

  7. I just love reading your blog. Your mom turned me onto it. Our moms used to work together many years ago. So fun to read your stories!

    Kelly Kilpatrick Granado

  8. Loved all your photos, as usual. What a gorgeous hotel to get married in.

  9. I just love weddings. Those first few pictures when you walked in were adorable. That's something Match would totally do, pretend to run. :-)

    I love the hula hoops, what a cool idea! I wish I could be eating one of those cupcakes right now.


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