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Monday, September 6, 2010

IVC Flea Market


The first Sunday of every month there is a flea market at Irvine Valley College.

I don't know what I expected but it was nothing near this.


There is just eye candy everywhere and it's overflowing with cute displays. I think of it as walking through an antique shop.


Prices vary from inexpensive to very expensive. These people know the value of what they have.

I love how they covered their books in material. It's not functional but it's very pretty.


This shop had the most interesting artifacts. It was like wandering through a museum.


This place could give me some major trouble. The lavender hue of these bottles are so pretty. This is the $3 table but he also had a $5 and $10 table and other various glass bottles ranging from clear to pale blue to black. He had glass dating back to 1850 and his prices were incredible.

Then I remembered that I really don't have space for a bunch of pretty bottles.


Don't you love that mantle?


Another pretty piece, I like the circles around the edge and I think it would look good like this or painted any color. I almost bought it for $20 and B reminded me that, with the exception of our bedroom, most of our stuff has a more danish mid-century feel than it does cottage vintage.

I'm going to have to do a better job of intermixing the two... as soon as I figure out how to do that.


This place was so much fun! Stuff! On the other side were tons of little things with letters on them as well as random game pieces. I could just see all the crafts in my head.

If only I did crafts :) I know some of you could do a whole display around keys, or buttons, or empty wooden spools or blocks with letters on them.


Although this isn't my style, I thought the display was so cute and creative.


I really wanted this typewriter. It was $50 and in absolutely perfect condition. I love the green keys and it comes with the original manual.


What is this? Is it what stores would use to sell spools?

I really have no idea but I like it.


This whole shop was packed with people but I had to try and sneak a peak of her displays. Gorgeousness everywhere. She just so happens to have a website and shop called My Sparrow, she not surprisingly is an interior designer and she has a blog. Check her out for some inspiration!

How was your holiday weekend?


  1. Forget the mantle I want the painting of that lady!!! I'll give you money to go buy her for me immediately.


  2. What an amazing place, and a small world, I used to work with the designer you just mentioned (when I was at Shea) She is wonderful, amazing and a very sweet lady. So glad you found her. :)

  3. Mmmm, craft ideas galore! I wish we had something classy like that around here. Notice: classy. That tends to be the defining difference between our flea markets. More fleas than class. But I'm not bitter. My Grandpa collected typewriters, and actually wrote most of his poetry on them. I have one, and it just has a smell that'll make you smile. Old, inky, and vintage goodness!

  4. Flea markets are dangerous for me... and C knows it. That's why he always steers me off in the other direction whenever we're near one! :)

  5. Love to flea market. That looked like sooo much fun!!

  6. I wish our area had flea markets like this. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough, but the big one in these parts is pretty junky. The chest with the drawers is a spool holder from an old sewing store. What a treasure!

  7. OH, I do love those purple bottles. Actually, there's a lot there that I see to love. I'm afraid, I might have gone broke. I love the little peak at your baby belly, too. LOVE IT!

  8. That is a great market!! I could have bought something out of every photo you took!

  9. Dawn,
    The picture of the little chest of drawers would have been in a store and held spools of Clarks sewing thread for sale. Clarks started selling the ONT thread for sewing machines in the late 1880's. It merged with the Coats Co. in 1952. Today, it is Coats and Clark, Inc. Sorry, probably more history than you wanted. lol
    What a great find though! I would love to have it for my spools!


  10. I just love that photo of the mirror and you! I heart flea markets. I need to find a really good one here in Washington!

  11. I love it. Flea Markets make me so happy!!!

  12. love that flea market, I was going to go on Sunday and decided i didn't need to spend any money, great sellers there, huh? I love my sparror, to pricey for me, but soo talented!

  13. Oh my, forget the drooling, now I'm just plain salivating. What a feast! We have nothing like that here.

    Let's see Chinese lanterns, amazing flea markets and the ocean...remind me why I'm still here surrounded by tall trees??


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