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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

To grandmother's house we go!


My parents are just the tiniest bit excited about Peanut's arrival. The plan was/is that they would have the Peanut during the week while we are at work.

So my mom started planning the nursery immediately. Actually, thats not exactly true. You see those adorable posters above the crib? Those were purchased in San Francisco for the nursery. The day I announced my pregnancy my mom pulled them out of the closet and the nursery transformation started.

She pulled them out of the closet because she already had them!!


This entire nursery was completed by my fourth month. It was once a den, guest room and computer room. The furniture was moved out and the walls repainted.

Years ago this was my room.


We found these baskets in white at Home Goods and my mom painted them to match the room.


FYI: the baby's name is NOT Stanley. If you have a Stanley or are married to a Stanley understand that it's not a bad name... it's just not our name.

My parents (and everyone else) were/are getting a bit anxious to hear the name of the baby. We're 99% sure of it but I worry that at the last minute I'll change my mind so I haven't commited.

On a trip to Sacramento we were walking thru a shop when my dad noticed a basket of name plates. They weren't hanging in alpha order like you usually see, they were just thrown in a basket. So my dad announced that whatever name he pulled out would be the name of the baby.

They have been calling him Stanley ever since.


I think you've seen this before but I can tell you more about the pictures. They come from a children's book line called Rip Squeak and were originally owned by a husband (illustrator) and wife (author) team.

We fell in love with the stories and illustrations.


Apparently there is a family discussion about whether this is a dinosaur or a dragon.

I'd like to put it to a vote. What says the blogosphere?


I dream about holding a warm baby, fresh out of the bath and wrapped up in a soft towel.


We're getting so close!

At least we know that my parents have a nursery ready. We, on the other hand, have very little ready. I have my big shower on October 2nd and I'll be shopping and finishing the nursery after that.


Until the Peanut comes Gingerbread will make sure and take care of grandma and grandpa's nursery. She is pretty darn sure it's all for her anyways.


  1. There's just one word that I'm thinking of: Absolutely cozy. Your mom did a great job!

  2. OK, I would move into that room and I am long past babyhood. At least most days.

  3. Wow, now that is a great nursery! Love the colors! And I'm going to say that is a dragosaur.

  4. I CAN believe that your parents have a room all set up. My parents would have done the same thing if I wasn't a stay at home mom. The room is SO cute! I know that you can't wait and I see that they can't wait.

    I vote for dino!

  5. I was all excited about taking Baby out of the bath too, but it turns out it's hard to keep a hand on a baby in the bathtub, hold a towel, take a baby out of the bath, wrap them in the towel, and then stand up and go to wherever you're going to dry them off (we use our changing table). I use my knees and hope I don't drop anything important, namely, the baby.

    The moral of the story is that until the baby can sit up, you might want your husband to help.

  6. Adorable...I know peanut will be very loved and you are so lucky to have parents that watch your child for you for the whole week, so blessed! Love the nursery your mom did a great job, now show us what you have so far, mkay!

  7. Beautiful!!! Your parents are amazing. I love the room.
    I say dino.

  8. Oh my! I was looking at that thinking it was YOUR nursery. They are!!!! I think it's a dinosaur:)

  9. And will you please show us photos of that nursery in YOUR house soon? Pretty please? Your parents did GOOD. :)

  10. Holy wow! I can't believe this is the nursery at Grandma's house!! This is incredible. I think it's a dinosaur too, and it's adorable. Love the Stanley joke-poor Peanut is always gonna have the most random nickname! Can't wait to see pics of your nursey!!

    PS My wedding post is finally up!

  11. Hi,

    First of all I vote dinosaur. Secondly, I came across your blog by accident and I am so glad I did. You have inspired me in so many ways today. I have been contemplating cutting my hair and donating it for the longest couldn't decide on Locks of Love or Pantene Beautiful Lengths...I have now chosen the latter. I also have not seen the my dr since the postpartum check-up for my last (3rd & final) child almost 2 yrs ago. I called today & made an appt. Congratulations on your health, your marriage & your peanut!

  12. The male twin has voted for dinosaur. He's an expert ya know. : )

    What an amazing room but you might want to make sure your mom's planning on actually letting you take your baby home. I suspect, perhaps, not!

  13. What a wonderfully pretty nursery!!

    By the way, I think that├Ęs a dino-dragon. :)

  14. What an awesome nursery! For sure, your parents did a beautiful job.

    Oh, and I vote dinosaur.

  15. SOOOOOOO cute!
    I love your mom and dad!

  16. That is amazing!
    I think it's a dinosaur...dragons have wings.
    And, the Stanley story is completely wonderful. They will always call this child Stanley, no matter if girl or boy. Maybe not, but I think that would be priceless. :)

  17. I came looking for something else, and found that I had missed this post! What a fantastic nursery!! I love the shelving unit on the one wall, with the backs painted blue and green and the matching baskets. Oh it's just perfect!! Love it!


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