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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chocolate dreams


I'm currently having technical difficulties. My computer is working at the speed of...of molasses in January. Not that I've ever seen molasses in January. In fact, I've never even seen fresh molasses. I assume it runs very slow in January as compared to it's normal speed. Not that I know what it's normal speed is.

~sigh~ Are you still here?

~sigh~ Me too.

I'm going to bed now but in the morning I'll take you on a little tour of Whole Foods. I'm sure some of you are already fans.

For now I'll leave you with the above picture of their chocolate counter... and I'll drift off to sleep dreaming of chocolates... and of winning the lottery so I can try each and every one of them.


  1. WTF Why the hell haven't I seen this chocolate counter? I need a Whole Foods by me. STAT

  2. A. Chocolate. Counter????? I most likely wouldn't make it to any other part of the store. And yes, molasses does run slow in winter. I should know since I live in the Frozen Northeast Ohio. BUT, did you know about the Great Boston Molasses Disaster? Molasses kills you know.

  3. Oy..looks like you could have a field trip with just the chocolates!

  4. Love me some whole foods. The one I've been to didn't have a chocolate counter, though. Maybe the new one they're building will. I can dream.

  5. Can chocolate talk? It seems they're shouting out loud "Come and get me!" ;-)

  6. This is probably the only reason that it's good that Whole Foods is nowhere near me.

  7. Wow that's some chocolate. I hate computer issues. Makes me want to scream. Hope you get it all worked out:)

  8. That is sinful!! I've got to find a Whole Foods here!

  9. You read my mind! I have been craving chocolate lately and your picture is such a tease. :) Hope you had sweet dreams!

  10. I love Whole Foods and it is one of the great sadnesses of my life that I don't live near one. Excuse me while I go weep.

  11. OOOPs.I was logged in as the administrator of my site (Daron) It's really me ranting and raving about Utah liquor laws, not Daron

  12. I was sort of saying, our Whole Foods don't look anything like your Whole Foods and Trader Joe's won't even come here because of our stupid liquor laws..

    I need coffee.....


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