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Monday, September 13, 2010

Lovely Photo Albums


I've come to realize that I am horrible at actually printing pictures and getting them into albums. Here they sit on my computer with noone but me to scan thru them. I've also realized that the only way for me to break this cycle is to print them and have an album ready and waiting for them to go into.

I plan on having lots and lots of pictures of the Peanut. I'm sure you're not surprised.

This album is by Dwell Studio (which I adore) and was sent to me by the lovely Cottage Girl! I'm developing a small obsession with cute owls. She did a post on owls and what the owl call or hooting means in her family. I'll think of that when I see this album.


This is a brag book... have you heard of those? It's by Pearhead and I love he modern polka dots on it. A brag book is a 4x6 book that you fill with pictures, place in your purse and bring out whenever someone near you stops to take a breath.

I received this from Alice over at Crumbs! She knows that this book will probably be filled in the first few days and I have to agree with her. Alice is an amazing mother of 2 boys and a new baby girl. She is an inspiration, has a fantastic family and you should go check her out. Plus, she's from the UK and her accent and expressions make me laugh... but in a good way Alice!

Are you one of those fantastic people who have all their pictures in cute little albums all scrapbooked to perfection?

P.S. It's my 31st birthday today! :)


  1. Happy Birthday! Love the owl photo album! I need to either print off a bunch of photo books, or put some of my faves in a photo book. In all my spare time. Ha. ;)

  2. Happy Birthday! My 31st birthday is this Sunday :)

    I'm terible about getting photos into albums - the only reason our photos are printed and in albums is because my husband does it. He also fills out the baby book and keeps a journal for both of his kids to give to them when they're adults!

  3. Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUUUU!
    Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUUUU!
    Happy Birthday Dear Daaaaaaaaaaandy!
    Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUUUU!

  4. Happy Birthday fellow virgo!! Mine is tomorrow! I forgot how close our bdays are to each other.

    I love the brag book idea-my mom did the same thing with her grandbabies. She busts out those pictures lightening fast! :-)

  5. Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet friend. You are so young! Oh my goodness. Enjoy cake. Just do it...for me pretty please:) Lovin' all the albums. You will have those filled in nothing flat. I have no doubt your pics will not stay in computer land. They will be visible everywhere:)

  6. Happy birhtday you beautiful girl! You're completely lovely to say such nice things. Hope your getting some treats even though you can't eat cake. Xxx

  7. Happy Birthday Dawn!! I used to LOVE to scrapbook, but now with kids it's almost impossible. I haven't done a scrapbook since college. I now make the photobook on my MAC, and LOVE them! They are super easy. I plan on making one each year for each of my boys.

    And brag books!!! Love brag books. And they make WONDERFUL Christmas gifts after baby. :) (and did I mention easy :)) My in-laws eat them up! My father in law loves showing off his grandsons to all the ladies in his office.

    Love the books that you received, super cute!

  8. Happy Birthday!

    When the male twin was just born, I somehow managed to find the time to organize all my photos into albums. And I haven't organized a single photograph since....

  9. Happy birthday!!!

    You always find the cutest stuff. Love those photo albums!

  10. Happy Birthday, Hot Stuff! Enjoy your day; the thirties just get better and better :)

  11. Happy, Happy Belated Birthday, my dear girl! What a year you will have! I wish you all of life's best blessings!

    Thanks also for the shout-out, Dawn ... You know those owls have a special place in my heart.

    Again I hope you had a wonderful day!

    Who who who who OWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Belated birthday greetings!! Yay, another September gal! :)


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