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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day in LA


It's been a while since B and I have spent a day in LA. It all started because I wanted to get some lanterns for Peanut's room. I needed something with color and something cheap... and China town is where to go.


When we go to LA there are certain things that B always wants to do.


Eat. Chinese food is always at the top of his list but there are also a ton of fantastic places to go.


I really hope Peanut gets his metabolism. We should all be so lucky. He ate this entire dish by himself.


Everytime I walk around China town I feel the urge to buy lucky bamboo. It's everywhere and in all different forms.


Love these little paper umbrellas.. perfect for pictures, displays or shade from the sun.


While I look at the tiny baby shoes and pretty paper lanterns B always seems to find the swords/daggers/knives.

He was actually doing this before I took the picture.


This has to be my favorite part of this shop... a little lunch area behind a screen. they had rice and some kind of chicken & gailon dish and it smelled amazing.

They would take breaks in between customers and make the most delicious looking bowls to eat in a nook by the plants.


We stopped in the jewelry district as well but they do not allow pictures in the jewelry district. Security thinks you're casing the place.

Then we always head to Amoeba because B cannot live without his music. We don't go very often so he always has a list of music he needs to find when we get there.


The only thing our day was missing was our usual trip to Scoops. Oh how I missed that trip to Scoops.

Maybe next time...


  1. I want to go to Chinatown with you. And I think I need one of those colorful paper lanterns. In fact I know I do. A red one to be exact.

  2. That looks like paper lantern central! Wow! The picture of B with the sword just cracks me up. Men always find the sharp things while women are looking at soft fluffy stuff.

  3. How FUN!!! We were almost planning our anniversary weekend to fly to San Diego or LA and I kept thinking, "Now how can I fit seeing Dawn at some point during my ANNIVERSARY weekend and get Adrain to agree???" But then we realized we don't have the airmiles and are now going to have to go local. Ew. But I tried...

  4. Wow! we totally missed all that when we went on our day trip to LA. Maybe it was because we had a 8yr old and 3yr old with us in tow. Oh well now I know who to call to plan our next trip to LA *wink*. We are already planning another trip to disney for 2012 to celebrate Ryder and Isaiah's 10th birthdays. *Since they were a bit butt hurt when we all went to celebrate Mazie's
    Great photos, I so want one of those lanterns okay maybe 5!

  5. Scoops will be waiting! :) That picture with B and the sword cracked my ass up.

  6. I SERIOUSLY need some of those parasols. Pink and yellow and orange would do quite nicely.

  7. I'm seriously drooling over that lantern selection! Every Chinese New Year I search in vain for a couple of nice red lanterns for decorating but darn if I can find any here!

    I think B and the male twin are related...I am pretty sure I have a photo of the boy in the exact same pose..too funny!

  8. The picture of B just totally cracked me up because my 8 year old has loved swords from the time he could wield one, and the pic of B makes me realize it is quite possible he will never outgrow that obsession! Love it!

  9. Wow. I LOVE the colors... I want to go to China Town, too. We don't have anything that comes close to this in the area where I live...


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