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Friday, September 10, 2010

Morning fog


This picture has been sitting on my camera for months now. Something draws me to it. I can remember the moment I took it. B and I were sitting in the living room and I stepped onto the balcony to feel the fog. We don't get a lot of grey days here. I get so excited when we have the day off together and the skies are grey. It means burrowing in, comfort food and cuddling.

I remember that everything seemed quiet around us. I just looked back to check the date it was taken and more memories came popping into my mind.

January 17th, it was a Sunday and we had just gotten back from our honeymoon in New Zealand the day before. We had been married for just under 6 weeks and were adjusting the calm. It seemed that the festivities hadn't stopped in months. There was the year of planning the wedding. We started celebrations with our birthdays in September and October, then Halloween, Thanksgiving, our wedding, Christmas, New Years, our honeymoon and then there we were.

Our minds were still wrapping around the trip we had taken and I was still giggling over the word husband. Actually, I still randomly call B and say, "Did you know we're married and I'm your wife and you're my husband?" Then B replies, "I do know that. Did you know you're crazy?"

I remember standing there and wondering if things would change now that we were married. What kind of rhythm would we settle into? I remember us both taking a deep breath. It's always good to come home.

Little did we know that in about 2 1/2 weeks we would be pregnant. We never would have believed it.

Life is just amazing. Here we are again, we're coming up on the holidays. It always seems like as soon as fall hits this part of the year flies by so quickly. Only this year we'll be adding the birth of our son to our festivities.

The birth of our son. I can't believe I just wrote that.

I started this post thinking about a calm foggy morning and reminding myself to enjoy the rested mornings now. Somehow I went off on a tangent. My apologies.

Does anyone else feel like this year is flying by?


  1. I can relate. It's been a whirlwind year for our family, too, especially since everything that happened with my Hubby's brother. Seems like that threw us into warp speed and there's been no stopping it. It's a good reminder to spend each day being thankful, stopping to "smell the roses" a little more, and not make what we CAN control (our day to day activities) be so fast n' furious.

    Hm. Must be a morning for deep thinking. :)

  2. That photo is so pretty and it is perfect for this time of year, which is feeling very fall-ish here in the valley right now! Isn't it so surreal to say "your son"!!! HAha! Crazy! I'm so happy for the adventure you're on. :O)

  3. It is absolutely flying by. I just teared up over the sentence about the birth of your son btw. I am currently where you were last year-giggling over the word husband and using it every chance I get! I love fall and it goes by way too fast.

  4. They always do. I love to hear your thoughts. Don't ever apologize for that. It took me a over a year to get used to being a MOM. That is quite surreal:) So excited for you girl!!!

  5. I'm still thinking March just passed... I can't believe you're almost done cooking your peanut already! The year has absolutely whizzed by.

  6. What a sweet phrase "The birth of our son".

  7. The days are long but the years are short...that's how the saying goes. :) It's so true. It kind of breaks your heart, but at the same time it's beautiful. I hope your fall is a wonderful time full of celebrations, again!

  8. I love the name of your blog! I just wandered by and thought to take a look, and I think you have a sweet way of describing your life! The photo of the little bird in the fog is almost haunting, yet beautiful.

  9. Sometimes time really tends to fly... If you like foggy weather, you should come to Southern Germany around this time of the year. I love it, when I wake up to the quiet of an overcast morning with fog and the outlook of a sunny day later...

  10. I love this photo, and reading your thoughts that the moment brings back. Very nice post.


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