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Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Surprise Virtual Baby Shower


Where do I even start? I guess the only way to start is to explain that some of my best friends are people I've never even met in real life. Some would say I may never meet some of these friends but I refuse to believe it.

To be honest, it doesn't even matter if we ever see each other face to face because these ladies know me. They get me and my weirdness and my obsession with food and my rambling. They don't care when I talk about peeing my pants or nipple leaks. They laughed and cringed and sometimes cried when I told them about the muffin top diagnosing me with cancer. They don't even mind me gushing about B.


Knowing all this about them I shouldn't be surprised with what they have done. Oh but I was soooo surprised. It started when I got up at 1 am and clicked onto Blondiensc's blog to see how the new mama-to-be was doing.

Only I was confused because a picture of me was on her blog. A picture of me being a weirdo :) I kept reading something about a surprise virtual baby shower and I still couldn't quite comprehend what the heck was going on. Eventually it began to sink in and I felt like a kid on Christmas.

I eventually went back to sleep and woke up about 5 hours later just itching to get on the computer. B was really cuddly and he was having his morning bonding with baby (I'll tell you all about that later) so I tried to be still as long as humanly possible.

I still had no idea the extent of this virtual shower. Apparently Jana, Sasha and Becky got together to plan this surprise baby shower for me and there were sooooo many lovely ladies who participated. They wrote kind words about me and shared advice and stories that will stay with me forever.


They made me laugh and cry. They are actually showering me with gifts and love and it's so overwhelming I could just burst. This baby, this Peanut of ours, is coming into such a wonderful world. He is so completely loved and we are so lucky to have pieces of all of you surrounding us.

All of these lovely ladies have written wonderful posts about welcoming the Peanut but also about how children change your life. They are a very varied and unique group of women. I love them dearly and I just know that when you go visit them, you'll be just as hooked. Go see how witty and wise and talented these women are.

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Thank you, my dearest of friends, for all that you have done for me. Thank you also to everyone who commented on their posts, I love your advice and thoughts. I could go on for days about what this meant to me but I don't ever think I could really capture this feeling into words.

I will never, ever forget this. I'm still reeling. I'm floating on cloud 9 and floating is really very hard for a woman this pregnant to do.


  1. I think one of my favourite things has been meeting everyone! It's been so much fun and so flipping exciting!!! Jana, Sasha and Becky are fabulous for coming up with the idea.

    See, your influence is amazing - thanks for introducing me to new and brilliant friends!

    So much love. Xxx

  2. I have to concur with Alice. Doing the virtual shower was such a kick. But what was also exciting was to visit everyone's blogs and see who all you have collected as Jr. Hi stalker types who just want to hang with you and bring you gifts and....

    Or maybe that is just me.

    And yes Alice, we are brilliant aren't we.

  3. I'm in complete agreement with Alice and Debbie. It's been so much fun meeting the other bloggers and making new friends! Just another example of how inspiring you are to so many. This shower was incredible fun!! Hugs from me (and my adorable critters)-T
    p.s. LOVE those pictures!!

  4. Awwwww sweetie you're a doll. Who wouldn't want to bless you?! It's been such a joy knowing you before marriage...after marriage...pregnant and soon as a mommy. Isn't it just wonderful...this weird world of blogging:) Those pics are soooo sweet. Lovin' that clotheline!

  5. I wanted to participate and told them I would. Come to find out we got transferred and with the sale of a home, the purchase of another, and all that goes along with moving (again) 500 miles away, I couldn't. I am so sorry. I really wanted to join in. Please know that.

    Your pictures are adorable as are you. Congrats to you and B.

  6. It was so much fun being a part of this! We ♥ you, Dawn! The reason why it was so special is because you're so special! You inspire us!

  7. That is awesome! I wish I would have known... it would have been so much fun! I can't wait to see your little boy. He's going to be so cute!

  8. Met you through Becky...what a wonderful idea from some dear friends...just wanted to share in the joy and say that everything I've heard about you on the other blogs is have a great blog and I'm thrilled to meet you (people who don't blog, really just don't get it and that's okay...we can still love our face to face friends, but we can also know there is a genuine, fun freedom to love those we've never met face to face, as well!) Congrats on the upcoming little one!

  9. Elle Bee is right, it was special because you ARE special! Blogging wouldn't be the same if I hadn't met you.
    This shower was the most fun I've ever had blogging. Ever. I was giddy all day thinking of how much this must have surprised you, and then to visit everyone else who loves you so much, made me feel like I was at a party all day long.

    And never meet? I don't think so either. ; )


  10. It was so much fun being a part of this... being able to virtually celebrate the coming of Peanut with you and with all the other lovely ladies! :)

  11. You are so dear and precious to us too. It's so strange how close a person can feel, when you've never met them. I talk about you and B, and Peanut like I've known you for years! Which is really funny, because sometimes when you just decided you are going to be friends with someone you know in real life, you just are... I suppose something magical and similar happens in this blogland. The other night, I went to meet a woman in my town whom I had only had one brief meeting with at a church BBQ. She and I quickly hit it off and found each other via facebook. Then we realized that we both blog, and she sent me an immediate note saying, "I've decided that we have just got to be friends." Then we proceeded to drink crazy amounts of tea in a local shop and when ten o'clock rolled around, we realized we'd been speed talking for three straight hours, only to leave with our conversations incomplete. Instant friends. All that to say, I feel the same about YOU, and am so happy we blessed you. It was our one and only goal. Love you sweet friend.

  12. I'm so sorry I missed this!! What an amazing gift! :-) How wonderful. It's so true-I feel like I've known you a very long time. I have loved following along as you went from a blushing bride to a glowing pregnant Mama to be! Can't wait for Peanut's arrival!

  13. It was so much fun! I'm glad you dug it. I'm sorry I didn't see anything all weekend (Florida dontchaknow) but I can't wait to go see all the blogs! :)

    Happy Baby! :)

  14. Yeah yeah yeah, I am so glad that you had such a fun day on Friday!! yipee, you deserve it as you are so sweet and so supportive of all of us! I can't wait to meet your peanut! love those photos fo you, so darling!! he is almost here, yeah!


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