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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Keyword fun: Floating Fetus Gelatin Mold

~babies made of marzipan~

On Saturday I decided to check my statcounter and see if I'm getting more visits than I think. I sometimes forget that I get more visits than I do comments. A lot more. I'll be honest and say that I haven't checked it all summer.

I love looking at the keyword activity. This shows me what people are typing into their search engines that eventually leads them to me.

My favorite this time around has to be Floating Fetus Gelatin Mold! Somehow that led to my post about my bridal shower in which we did have several things made with gelatin molds. I'm sorry to disappoint the person looking for the floating fetus though. Unfortunately or fortunately, there were no floating fetuses in our jello. I wondered if they would continue their search for the gelatin mold that contains a floating fetus or perhaps a jello mold in the shape of a floating fetus? If they do search again.. they'll be led right back to me.

To Whom It May Concern,

I'm sorry my blog did not offer the information you were searching for. I do hope you enjoyed my post. I, of course, have now done a search for the floating fetus gelatin mold and have come up empty-handed. I did find this very amusing post on fetus-shaped cookie cutters if you'd like to change your plans.

I do have some suggestions to offer you... perhaps a regular gelatin mold with a floating plastic baby in it? I know, it just doesn't have the same flair as a fetus.

Perhaps you could commission this Brazillian student to make a 3D model of the actual fetus! Then you could put that in jello! Is there an actual fetus? I'd love to know what you need this for.
OR you could skip all this gelatin stuff and have a cake made that looks just like a baby. I've seen a good amount of baby cakes (which I never understand) but this one.... takes the cake.

Yum, good enough to eat.


This post was brought to you by the letter: crazy.


  1. I absolutely love looking at my stat counter and seeing how people wandered over to my blog. "Wet pig butts" is a particular favorite.

  2. Dude how can you eat one of those baby cakes?! Those are horrifying! "I'll take a leg!"


    Also... @Debbie... "Wet Pig Butts"? HA

  3. Some people worry me. The fetus/jello/crazy people actually worry me a lot. I am going to focus on your lemon bars now to bring me back to my happy place.

  4. Just creepy. Reminds me of the baby shower I went to that had a Santa Claus stripper.

  5. Ewwwwwww. I've been called "baby cakes" before... but I've never eaten one. That gives all new meaning to the term.

    But "brought to you by the letter crazy" was pure genius.

  6. Those were some interesting babies in the first pic...cookies?? Very interesting! How did you find that search thing? I'm curious how people find me now.

  7. I worried about the poor girl who's search question 'can abnormal crumbs be a sign of pregnancy?' took em to my blog!!

  8. Hahaha! Oh my, baby shaped things are WEIRD. Unless of course they're actual babies.

  9. PS how do I get a stat counter?

  10. Dandy, I really was interested in the painting of the lady in the blue dress sitting on that mantle you liked. Is she in the shop you listed as Sparrow or part of a regular flea market? Is there a way for me to contact the owner of the painting?


  11. Hey Jaxx, it was just in a shop at the flea market. I'm not sure who the owner was :( But I do plan on going back to the next one so I will keep my eye out. I'll make sure to get contact info if she is still there :)

  12. Thanks sweetie. Much appreciation....



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