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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just some reasons why I love Whole Foods


These pictures are all from the Whole Foods in Tustin. They were actually taken a while ago and it makes me laugh because I think that at this point I can have what is in only one of the pictures.

This Whole foods is amazing and I'll likely take you back here again. They even have clothing and small "restaurants" or counters as well as an adults only wine and beer tasting area.

I thought their candy apples were just gorgeous.


Oh wait, we're back at the candy coutner. They have everything. They even have vegan chocolates.


The chocolate combinations run from classic to really food forward. Is that a term? Kinda like fashion forward? Yanno, cutting edge?


I die over the smell of fresh baked bread. This is right next to the chocolate.


Next to the bread is the cheese area. The trifecta: chocolate, bread and cheese.

In this section they'll also have meats like salami and proscuitto.


Wandering through this section was the reason why we ended up with our Proscuitto, Manchego and Strawberry Crostinis. I would love one right now.


So many different types of cheeses. In fact, one of my very favorite things about Whole Foods are the knowledgeable staff. We just tell the person behind the counter what we'd like and s/he will offer suggestions and tell us the background of the cheese or what not. It's amazing.


Oh the beer section goes on and on. This isn't even half of it. Unique options for beer lovers like B.


This is called the Dawn section. I'll be hitting this up for the holidays.


For those of you who get grossed out by the sight of raw meat, my apologies.

It's just that we don't often see this variety of meats at a grocery store. They have an entire lamb section.


Honey, how about buffalo rib-eye's tonight for dinner?

The thing about Whole Foods for us is that it's inspiring. We walk thru and think of a million things to make. The ingredients are so varied, such high quality and sometimes so unique you can't help but want to plan out meals.

That just doesn't happen at Ralphs. At least not to me.


B and I both agreed that someday we would like to be rich enough to stop into Whole Foods and pick up groceries for dinner... whenever we want.

We go here for special ingredients or for celebration dinners. Believe me, it could easily be less expensive to go to a 5 star fine dining restaurant than it would be to let B just get everything he wants for a fancy meal at home.

The man needs to be under close supervision in this place.


They have an awesome variety of whole and fabricated fish and seafood.


Last but not least is their amazing produce section. I love these organic multi-colored carrots.

They are building a Whole Foods right by my parents house and I'll have to go in and stick to just the produce section!

Have you been to one before?


  1. "the Dawn Section?" Oh man... good one. Let's rename it the "Dawn and Sasha section." :) Almost there chickadee...only a little ways to go and then you'll be holding that sweet peanut in your arms! And I'll be jealous! :)

  2. Your food forward comment cracked me up. We built a specialty store for a lady who used to work for Martha Stewart, she calls her place Forward Foods. ;) She mostly sells specialty cheeses, but it's really like a mini (and I do mean mini!) WF. I had someone call it Whole (paycheck) Foods the other day, cracked me up.

  3. If I had an endless source of money, one of the first things I would do would be to roam the aisles of Whole Foods and buy anything that I want. Every day.

  4. I love Whole Foods, sadly the closest one to me is over 2 hours away, but I am headed there in 2 weeks for a work thing and plan on stopping in there on my way home.

  5. I love whole foods. Don't get there often enough. Don't you ever wonder what they do with what doesn't get eaten. Cause you know they don't sell all that stuff!

  6. My word I might never leave if there was a Whole Foods close by. However, the closest one is about 25 minutes away. I might have to go up there though to see the foreign beers section. I am hoping that someone in the US sells Primus beer which is the national beer of Rwanda and quite tasty.

    And the chocolate counter? I think I will just move in.

  7. OH MY GOSH, I've heard of Whole Foods before and I was pretty sure they were unique, but nothing like that. not like the Wal-marts you see in mid-Missouri. Boy do I feel like a hillbilly.
    I did google, even hillbillies know how to google and there is one about 130 miles from me. It's in the St Louis area. Some day I will go there. It might just be a drive by as I'm afraid I'd break the bank if I went in there. And that would just be the bread and chocolate isle!!

  8. There isn't one anywhere near us so I've never been. :( I'm so glad you ended with pictures of veggies though because those first pictures were killing me!! Yum!
    ☺ Celeste

  9. Wow! I could spend all day in a place like that! I need to google the closest one to me!!!

  10. Oh, yes, we've been to Whole Foods. It's dangerous to take Hubby there as he never checks prices on anything! (Your Photos Are Gorgeous!!!!)

    I, on the other hand, can compare prices at three different stores on 2000 different food items. I jest, but you get the point. LOL

  11. Ha... we used to call them Whole Paycheck... they're so crazy expensive but definitely worth visiting for a treat now and again!

  12. The "cherry cheddar" in the cheese photo had me intrigued! Saw Jeff's favorite beer "downtown brown" in the very upper-left hand corner of the beer photo. Sigh...that store has everything.

  13. I love your food photos. Enjoy the time you have now to slowly walk up and down every isle. Soon enough, you'll be running in and out of that store with a wiggly baby!

  14. We are lucky enough to have the Mother store here in Austin, you know their corporate office is here right? I am like a kid in a candy store whenever I visit! I think I'll have to go downtown for a visit there soon :)

  15. Jealous!!! And your food photos are fabulous. IF only we had a Whole Foods (or Trader Joe's) close to us.. I would never shop anywhere else. -T

  16. Ha, so true that you have to be rich to shop there for your regular groceries. I just love the smell of Whole Foods when you walk in. So yummy.

  17. Ok, so I feel really cheated because our Whole Foods doesn't look anything at all like your Whole Foods! It's still the second coolest grocery store in Park City, but we don't have all those great chocolates and no candy apples....and of course, no wine (stupid Utah crazy liquor laws). Hmmm, maybe I just need to move somewhere else..Somewhere with Trader Jo's also...

  18. I love me some Whole Foods but I am in the same boat. I would need to be rich to shop there every week.

    Here in South Carolina, we have Harris Teeters but they are remodeling it and I haven't stopped in there yet. That is the closet that we have to Whole Foods.


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