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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sure, I can make that

Picnik collage

My friend Tina and I were talking about how we get these great ideas.
We see things online or on TV and decide that we can do whatever it is ourselves.

Most the time we don't even try...
but sometimes we lock ourselves into these ideas.

We had this discussion at her sons birthday party
after she spent hours and hours making BAM!  and SPLAT! and BOOM! cookies
and a gorgeous banner that looked relatively straight-forward.

We know better, don't we.

Oh sure, that won't take much time.

So when I started looking for a costume for Peanut,
I just couldn't decide on what I saw.

I started seeing all these diy owl costumes and ended up with a whole board of them.

Picnik collage

We thought that he might make a great vampire, what with the hair do and all,
but I kept coming back to the owl.

I mean, it's his first second Halloween and I get to make him cutesy if I want to.

So my mom helped me pick out a pattern for the body.
There weren't any owl patterns but a pumpkin/lady bug/duck pattern should be fine.

Of course, just opening up the pattern scared me.  
There were 35 different pieces and so far I've use 2.

Of course, I don't understand the directions.

Um mom!  What is basting?!
Like in cooking?
What does basting have to do with sewing?

I figure if I just do what she tells me it really seems pretty straight forward.


For now I'll just spend my evenings cutting out "feathers".

Lots and lots of feathers.

B still doesn't believe I'm going to make a costume.
I mean, just because I've only sewn square (and 1 rectangle) pillows...
and some pumpkins (that were slightly lopsided).

Back to cutting feathers.

The more pictures I see the more elaborate things get,
so I've restricted myself from looking up anymore owl costumes.

He'll be 1, he won't even remember this.

Oh but the pictures will last forever :)

Remind me later that I wanted to do this.


  1. You are brave and you are lovely!!!

  2. Oh My Goodness!!! I used to make some of the boys' costumes ,,,spider, superman, ninja turtles ,,,some came out good, some not so good. But nothing as elaborate as yours, with all those felt feathers ,,,WOW!!! It looks like it will be beautiful!!! Oh ,,,and there comes a time where they will ask you NOT to make their costume!?!? Ohhhh ,,,Peanut and Ginger - so adorable!!!

  3. i have no doubt you can do thiS! can't wait to see the final product on that little peanut;)

  4. I was so lucky with my daughter, because my cousin has five girls and is EXTREMELY creative. Every Halloween we would go to her house and it was like visiting the costume store.

    My boys weren't so fortunate. However, I found that when they were toddlers, any costume could start with a pair of sweats -- just choose the basic color and embellish it with felt or fabric or whatever. I sewed a Batman cap and hood onto a gray pair one year, appliqued the front, and it was darling. Comfortable and both my boys wore the sweatshirt for play. I did a puppy dog one year -- just sewed spots and a tail on. I'm a lazy crafter, as you can tell:)

  5. I agree with Karen! And I got a couple of good hand-me-down costumes for Naomi from her cousins Margot & Kelly. But, I have NO doubt whatsoever that the owl will be adorable and you will have a new business in your future! The cookies look and sound delicious so I am adding pecans to my shopping list and they are next on my list to try! I love to start baking more in the fall!

  6. Sewing is such a mystery to me too. I would love to learn it though. I can't wait to see how little the little Peanut Owl turns out!

    Hehe, love that hair!

  7. Its going to be adorable!!!! Love the colors too. and believe it or not, the FIRST thing I ever made with a sewing machine was a bee costume for JJ complete with stinger. It was cute, I had no pattern, I put a zipper in it, and sleeves, and had never even used a sewing machine before in my life!! Trust me, you can do it.


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