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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sneak Peak


While Peanut has been reading his Halloween book,
my mom and I have been busy, busy, busy
getting ready for his birthday party.

We like to go with a "less is more" design aesthetic.


If you know us at all, you are shaking your head right now.

Picnik collage

The thing is, the more time I have the more details that get added on.

You would think that I would start early and then finish early.

This is always the idea.

This has never happened.

Instead, every day another project gets added.

We started a few crafts back in September.

I still have a ton of things (like food and cupcakes) that can't be done ahead of time.

And maybe B & I will have little half-costumes, if I can give up sleeping and pull something together.

Yes, I know he's only turning 1.
But I figure I don't have that many years until he wants input on his parties....
and the 1st is always the biggest one.

Anyway, reinforcements are on their way.

B's parents come into town today and will be devoted to taking care of him 
so I can decorate 70 cupcakes and set up all of our Halloween decorations.

How do you celebrate Halloween?


  1. How is Peanut a year already?! I can't wait to see his birthday party...good luck and thank the Lord for reinforcements!

    I am so excited for Cricket's first Halloween. We are dressing her up as a mime and hanging out with my sister and her family (her little girl is going to be a cupcake). Since Cricket is only 8 months old I think it's fair that I eat my weight in Snickers...ya know, for the baby's sake. ;)

    Happy Birthday Peanut! You are such an adorable delight on your mama's blog...and I'm sure even more awesome in person. Have fun little guy!!!

  2. omg - i cannot believe it's been almost a year since ryder's been born! i can still remember RUSHING to get to the hospital to see you guys! i'm coming home nov 3-5... maybe we can meet up???

  3. So exciting! I say, go whole hog! He only turns one once. :o)


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