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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Lanterns

Picnik collage

These easy-peasy lanterns are great because they 
pack a lot of punch and look great during the day or at night.

They would be a great craft for kids or you could get really creative and elaborate with them.


We bought the lanterns in China Town for super cheap 
but you can also find them online and at stores like Ikea.

I like to get a variety of sizes.

These would also be great in different colors... like a green frankenstein or purple bat.

Picnik collage

My personal favorite is the jack with the mustache.

All you need is construction paper, scissors and your choice of tape (double sided preferred),
elmers glue or hot glue.

It really depends on if you want to be able to take them apart to use again.

I figured either way I'll have to cover holes next year.


For all of these I folded the construction paper in half, sketched out a shape and cut 2 
so that they would appear even.

From jack-o-lanterns to owls, there are just too many possibilities.

You could do bats, cats, witches and ghosts.

You could add personality to you jacks' with eye patches or hair bows.

Picnik collage

These can be as simple or elaborate as you like.

Don't worry if you make a mistake...

Picnik collage

like the notches in the yellow wings.

Those are there because I cut the wings front he same paper as the nose and it overlapped a bit.

The hardest part about this was deciding which faces to make.

Have fun with it!

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