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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Doughbot Donuts, Sacramento

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B's friend Mike knows how much we love food and suggested this place to us.

I was sort of sold when he told me their tagline is "Resistance is Futile".

We checked out their website, finding they are a couple (she is pictured below) who started off 
making donuts out of their kitchen for friends 
while they scoured the internet for deals on the equipment they needed to open a store.

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The first thing I noticed when I walked in were their bicycles up against the wall.
Good food and bikes?  I'm sure B was sold right then.

We came in after the morning rush and it was quiet and calm with the smell of 
doughnuts and coffee hanging in the air.

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The decor is fantastic and makes me wonder where they found all these 
vintage, retro and modern goods.

So much personality in such simple decor.

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The menu changes daily and it makes me want to go back again and again
just to see what they are coming up with and try them all.

What you see above is the PB & J.  
Simple and delicious, why didn't I think of that?

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I ordered coffee and she prepared it in a french press while I drooled from the smell of it.

I already have a list of donuts that weren't available that day
that I must try.
Meyer Lemon Creme-filled with meyer lemon glaze and candied meyer lemon on top.

S'mores- cinnamon sugar donut filled with chocolate, locally sourced handmade marshmallow,
glazed with cinnamon and graham cracker.
I know, genius.

They also have quite a few donuts available in a vegan version.

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On the left you see a bite of the PB & J with that fantastic strawberry filling.

On the right you see the chai.
I really loved the chai and wanted a cup of glaze to dip my donut in.

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This is the apple bacon fritter which I really liked although 
I would have considered it more of a donut.
I'm not really sure what defines a fritter so maybe I'm off on my definition.

Really though, unless you have your heart set on a traditional fritter, 
I'm not sure it matters.

It tastes good.
I want to eat it.

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I had The Dude first.

Do you know what I'm referencing when I say The Dude.
The Dude abides.

My college boyfriend and his friends spent months watching The Big Lebowski
over and over again, spouting off quotes and whatnot
until just the mention of the movie makes my right eye start to twitch.

The man calls himself "The Dude", need I say more?

I loathe the movie.
I do not however, loathe White Russians, The Dude's drink of choice.

The translation into doughnut is a White Russian Bavarian creme-filled 
doughnut with perhaps a coffee glaze? on top.

The creme was light and airy and incredible and I woke up this morning thinking about this doughnut.

Perhaps now I've been cured of my eye twitch
because whenever The Dude is mentioned I'll think of this doughnut.

Perhaps I'm not cured at all as my eye twitch will be replaced with drooling.

I think the eye twitch may be more socially acceptable.

Anyway, this made me think of you mom,
oh lover of both white russians and filled donuts.


I also have to mention the vanilla bean donut.
It's simple and classic but good Lord, how often do you find donuts with actually vanilla bean?
I mean, look at those gorgeous flecks in the glaze.

On the right is the Strawberry Lemonade,
I didn't get to try you but I'm coming back for you my friend.

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Doughbot is a great find so head over there and eat some doughnuts!

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  1. I'm so hungry right now and looking at all those unique, gorgeous donuts is about to kill me!!! How delicious are those choices?!?! Meyer lemon...ulllgghhhhl (me drooling).


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