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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sacramento Zoo


One thing I love about having Peanut is the excuse to do all these things with him.

On our recent trip to Sacramento, while B was on a long ride,
some of the rest of us went to the zoo.

Picnik collage

I loved the giraffes!

Even though I witnessed one drink the others pee mid-urination.

I'm sorry, I had to mention it because it was just as we were walking away
and I was thinking about how cute they were when it happened.


Alex had a half-day at school and was able to show Peanut around.

Picnik collage

They had a great time together, as you can see.

Picnik collage

I loved the otters!

He looks sleepy.

The otter utters by the lake, 
'tis getting hard to stay awake.


You know that feeling when you get out of the water and the sun feels sooo good?


I loved the flamingos!

Picnik collage

Did you know that flamingos are pink because the beta-carotene in brine shrimp
 causes their feathers to turn pink?

I believe at zoos they add something artificial to their food to keep them pink.

I wonder if they could turn them blue and purple or red and green for Christmas, ya know?
I mean, since they are already artificially coloring them.

I'm just sayin'.

Picnik collage

We actually took a little train ride around as well and he pretty much had this expression the whole time.

Picnik collage

I loved the tiger!

He was awesome just lounging around.

So close to us, it was kind of odd.

At one point I was taking a picture and looking thru my camera when he
stood up and turned around.
It sort of startled me.

This big face looking at me.

Then he got sleepy.


But not as sleepy as Peanut.

Look at those eyes.

This was our second day there and he was still too excited for napping...
so this is what we got mid-day.

So go to sleep, my sleepy child
the tiger whispers in the wild.

As tired as he obviously is, he only slept in the car ride home and
I could not get him down at the house.
We had a get together that night and he was fine.

Why this kid hates to nap, I'll never know.


It was a great day,
we loved all the animals (in case you didn't notice)
and had a fantastic time.


  1. Your zoo pics were awesome. Love that goofy first one. We went recently and they ate out of our hands. Can't believe how big peanut is. He looks like he's officially a big boy.

  2. Love, love, LOVE the pics at the zoo! Alex clearly adores his cousin (and the feeling is clearly mutual!). I also love, love, LOVE the shots with the tiger looking right over Alex's shoulder. I was born in the year of the tiger so they are one of my favorite animals. Wasn't the weather amazing this weekend?!?


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