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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010


Our Christmas always starts with mass on Christmas Eve. My favorite part is always watching the kids and hearing their thoughts on the meaning of Christmas.

Afterwards we headed to my grandma's house, then a friend's house and then home. I spend an hour or two wrapping presents that should've been wrapped weeks before.

I swear next year I will not leave wrapping til the last minute. Sure.


Christmas morning we spent a bit of time at home admiring our little peanut and exchanging our gifts.

Oh how little b loves big B.


We were at mom's not too much later ready to open presents for Peanut. You can see how thrilled he was as I couldn't get his eyes open :)


My nephew got to open presents for his own peanut as well.


Auntie Debbie the baby stealer. Seriously, if you have a baby... beware.


There was a serious game of Jenga going on outside!

Family, tons of food, mimosa's and humongous Jenga. Oh and weather warm enough that we could be outside playing.

What more could you ask for?


Although, it would be nice to have a white Christmas. I suppose if you were used to snow than Christmas wouldn't be the same without it.

Whoever topples the Jenga better watch out!


Mary, Joseph and the baby chees-us! Get it? Get it? Baby cheeses. Get it? OK say it out loud. Get it?

It's a holiday tradition and we haven't been struck by lightening once.

I always steal the baby Jesus and replace him with cheese before my mom comes and puts Jesus back.


Alright, well we think it's funny. Sacrilegious but funny. I'm pretty sure God doesn't mind. I think. I mean, I know he has a sense of humor.


B, Peanut and I loaded up and headed to Fresno to meet up with B's family. We don't usually do this but really wanted the family to meet the Peanut. It took us about 4 1/2 hours. With the exception of the feeding/changing stop the Peanut slept the whole way.


A very special meeting of B's Poh Poh (grandmother) and the Peanut. B is such a proud daddy, it warms my heart to see him show off his son.


B's parents and his niece and nephew had already met Peanut when he was just a week old.


It's amazing how quickly babies grow so it's like seeing a new baby with each visit.

Peanut's telling them what's been going on in the last month or so.


Auntie Kami and Uncle Les were the first ones to meet him when we came in.

What a proud auntie! I'm positive she has more pictures of Peanut up on her facebook than I do... and that's saying a lot :)


Peanut was passed around and just happy as can be to get so much attention.

Meanwhile we ate and ate and ate some more. Then we slept and got up and ate again.


Three generations with the Peanut being the only one thus far to continue the family name.


One last picture with the kids and we were headed back to Orange County.


We had a wonderful Christmas full of family and full of firsts.

I cannot wait until next year!


  1. What a wonderful Christmas!!! Thanks for sharing!!! luvuallbye

  2. Adorable! Peanut is so photogenic--and I can't see enough pictures of him. Thanks for sharing him with blog world! Who knew 2010 would be so momentous for you? I have a hunch 2011 will be wonderful! Happy New year!

  3. Oh, how wonderful... and look at that smile from Peanut in the last picture! Precious. :)

    Have a blessed 2011, D, B, & P!

  4. That's what Christmas is all about!

    I think the baby cheesus is okay as long as nobody eats the baby cheesus. That might be a problem. Maybe. : )

    Happy New Year!

  5. Oh what a wonderful day. Your little guy is a trooper for sure. Lots of love going on out there:) Happy New year Dawn.

  6. I, too, love seeing the children during Christmas worship!

    As for the cheeses? Probably not as cheesy as a lot of other "Christmasy" decos. lol.

    Peanut is a family name? I don't remember you telling us that? jk! jk! lol

  7. Hahaha baby cheeses! :)

    Peanut has the cutest smile!

  8. funny that you chose baby bel cheeses ;) lol

  9. He's adorable, Dawn! And you are lookin' great, girlfriend! Happy New Year!


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