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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Watermarc Revisited, Laguna Beach


Do you remember when I used to post about food more than anything? That was before the gestational diabetes tried to suck the passion out of me and before the baby when I had time to trapse around eating at restaurants.

Oh but those days are back. For now though I have some posts that have been waiting in the wings while I kept my head above water at home


A while ago I posted about Watermarc Restaurant. When friends Gina and Sam came out to visit just before Peanut was born we headed out there again.

Here you see the Burrata Mozzerella with heirloom tomatoes and herb pesto. If you've never had fresh mozzerella you must try it immediately. This is not your pizza cheese, this is so much softer and so much better.


Filet Mignon Pot Pie. Need I say more?


What I love is that there are actually large chunks of filet. So tender.


Chillies Frita. If you've never had shishito peppers you must try them. They're a Japanese pepper and typically only about 1 in 10 are spicy. Although with these we got about 1 in 5 spicy ones. I know the waiter told us why (something to do with the season?) but I really can't remember. Anyone?


Chips. Yes we got the chips and they were fantastic. It's harder than you think to make good chips. They were crisp and not at all greasy.


I cannot emphasize enough how good these are. Warm Blue Cheese Pear Tarts.


These alone are reason to go to Watermarc. I dreamt about these during most of the pregnancy.


Burgundy Skirt Steak with vine ripened tomato, gorgonzola and chimichurri. We ordered extra chimichurri because Gina loves it.

This reminds me how much I love eating with friends like this. We all ordered a variety of things and shared it family style so we could each taste everything.

So very wonderful.


I thought this beer was super cool as I'd never seen it before. It's a Belgium beer called Delirium Tremens and it's an ale.

FYI: Delirium Tremens is an acute episode alcohol withdrawal that causes severe mental breakdowns. Great name for a beer.


Foie Gras Brulee! I have to applaud Watermarc's use of foie gras as they also have it as an option to top your hamburger with it. Gotta love a place where you can order a burger topped with foie.


Although this may initially sound odd, if you think about it foie in all it's creamy, fattiness really lends itself to the custard of cream brulee. Served with orange and pistachio just remember that it has been bruleed. This means you will definitely get that sugary sweetness.

Spread on top of brioche (to add to the buttery richness) I thought this was awesome.


The ice cream sampler included Chocolate Cayenne which I thought needed more cayenne but was a very good chocolate. The second is blueberry served on dried blueberry. The third, my favorite, was a rum raisin served on toasted oatmeal/granola-ish chunks. I really got the rum flavor and the raisins on top were still on the vine (twig) which I thought was cool.


We were so impressed with the color of the sugar decoration. How do you get sugar that color anyway?


Oh but we didn't stop there. At the waiters suggestion we also ordered the chocolate pot de creme served with peanut brittle and hot beignets.


Besides the fact that the presentation is adorable, the dish was super delicious. The begniets were light and tasty and the pot de creme was soooo creamy.

This was my 3rd visit to Watermarc and I've never been disappointed.


  1. Oh My Gosh ,,,now i'm starving! Such pretty food and it looks so good! Will Peanut be a foodie too?! luvuallbye

  2. AWWWWW a food post. I do miss those. You blow me away with the restaurants you go to. Talk about fancy schmancy. Seriously...bucket list... dinner with Dawn. That meat pie had me drooling. Gotta get one of those some day:)

  3. Everything in this post looks absolutely mouth-watering!!! Wonderful!!

  4. YUM! So glad you are able to enjoy good food again!

  5. I kind of sort of drooled a little on my keyboard.....

  6. Are you kidding me? I've never seen a more pleasing and tempting array in my life.


    PS. I'm typing this as I head to Cali for dinner..I should make it in time for Sat nite. : )

  7. *sniff* I miss cheese.
    And cream.

    And cheese.

    And creamy warm cheese.

    And warm creamy cream.

    And cheesy cream, wait. Yes, cheesy cream. I miss it.

    But that's okay. I'll come to your blog and lick my screen.

    Figuratively. Maybe. I'll never tell...


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