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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy 1st Anniversary B!

Oh B, where do I even start? I can hardly believe that one year ago today we were getting married. It seems like yesterday and yet it seems like years ago. We knew it would be a great year and a great adventure. Boy were we right. What a wonderful, whirlwind of a year.

I'll never forget the feeling that washed over me as I said my vows and you wiped the tear from my eye. The wedding was incredible, our vintage winter wonderland like a dream, but this first year of marriage has been the best part.

We traveled to far away places and indulged in our every whim. We explored, experienced and tasted our way thru the trip of a lifetime. I'm so glad we had that time together, just the two of us.

I never would have expected that on our 1 year anniversary I would be looking into the sweet face a 5 week old baby. Thank you for our beautiful little Peanut. A little baby B. I won't hold it against you that he doesn't seem to have any of my characteristics... yet. I'm sure he'll have my sparkling personality and quick wit.

Thank you for balancing me, for being grounded when I'm spinning around. Thank you for loving me and all my craziness. Thank you for being such a wonderful husband.

I expect all of our years to be as absolutely perfect as this one... so you had better start planning something exciting for next year.

No pressure though.

Be sure to work in romance, culinary adventures, life-changing revelations and marital bliss. OK?

And something sparkly.

And world peace.


Now for all of you out there in the blogosphere. So many of you have shared in all of this with me. We've been together thru the planning of the wedding, the crane-folding and the guest book making, the honeymoon in New Zealand, the pregnancy and the birth of Peanut. Thank all of you as well for a wonderful year. It seemed as though so many of you really should have been celebrating with us at the wedding.

Since you couldn't be there with us I'd like to share some never before seen (by you) footage of our wedding day.

Craig & Dawn from Garner Films on Vimeo.


  1. Oh Dawn, thanks so much for sharing your wedding with you. We meet online many months before you were to wed and I enjoyed getting to see you plan and get ready for your new life. Then we had the surprise of the peanut! Congrats to you both.

    (I loved hearing your voice)

  2. Oh My Goodness ,,,amazing winter wonderland!!! Congratulations Dawn & Craig! luvuallbye

  3. How can it be a whole year!!! That is just the best video. Congrats to you and Craig...and Peanut too.

    Loved actually hearing your voice.

  4. Are you serious! It's only 8am and I'm already crying! What an amazing video. Such a beautiful wedding.
    You really have had a great year. Hope the years to come are filled with just as much love and excitement!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Hey Dawn, we've never met, so can you tell me why I'm crying after watching that? Sweetest thing ever!

  6. That was the neatest video Dawn. So cool to hear your voice and to see you move...ha! What a dreamy day. I remember being so excited for you and now it's been a year already and peanut's here. Just amazing!

  7. Yay!! Happy Anniversary to you and Craig! :)

  8. That video was so beautiful! It made me emotional--the whole day was so perfect. And Our Love Is Here to Stay was our first dance song. Love it! Happy Anniversary to you both!

  9. I have loved every bit of this year--and I don't think any of us could have wished you anything more wonderful for your first year! Thank you for sharing with us!

  10. Congratulations! Your wedding was BEAUTIFUL and had me in tears. Love it! What a great year you've had, and here's to many more to come!

  11. Thank you thank for sharing this video! The pictures were amazing but seeing it on video made it feel so much more real. I really wish we'd gotten a videographer. I only have a little footage from the wedding, and not even of the important parts like the toasts. We do have the ceremony at least! Wow, seems like it was just yesterday that I was drooling over your wedding pictures and wishing it were my turn to plan my wedding. Here we are a year later, you with a little one and me a married woman. How time flies! Happy Happy anniversary!

  12. Happy anniversary! What a wonderful wedding that was and what a lovely video ... so very special!
    You are truly blessed!

  13. Happy anniversary! Hard to believe it has been a year for you guys.

  14. Hapy anniversary!! what a year!! yipee! more great moments to come~ :)

  15. Happy 1st! You guys are the sweetest... and yes, what a year it had been. :) Thank you for sharing it with us.


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