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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh Christmas tree


We bought our tree last Saturday and I had every intention of going home and decorating it immediately.


Somehow we spent more time doing this and the tree just stood in our living room completely naked for another 2 days.

I like to say we were appreciating it's natural, raw beauty.

This has never happened before as I really like to gather 'round the tree for as long as possible. I suppose I'll have to keep it up until February. I'll put Valentine's decoration on it!


With the exception of a few ornaments, the tree is done in all reds and whites and tons of snowflakes. I have a snowflake obsession- I can't pass one up!

I have my eye out for a really spectacular snowflake or star tree topper.

I used to do my trees in all blues, silvers and whites and I still have those ornamentns which will probably be incorporated into Peanut's tree next year.

Yes, he will have a tree and hopefull it will be an aluminum one. I'm trying to get my hands and a cool aluminum tree!


All my decorations are purchased after Christmas each year with the exception of my one big splurge. This is the annual Swarovski ornament and I've decided it will be a Christmas tradition. I started this last year when I purchased one for each of my bridesmaids.

FYI: You can get these at Costco for $25 less than at Swarovski.


I'm having a hard time thinking about what next year will be like with a little rugrat around.

So I figured I should take pictures while the tree is decorated the way I want :)


Oh but I can't wait until the Peanut gets excited for Christmas!


  1. I love how he is looking right at ya! The tree is beautiful. Your snowflake theme is beautiful:)

  2. You chose some great colors for your tree. It looks fantastic!

  3. Beautiful tree!

    And, my kid the king of getting into things and in three and a half years has never once bugged the Christmas tree. So, there's a chance your ornaments will be safe. A small chance, but a chance all the same.

  4. Wow wow WOW! It looks amazing! I can totally understand it taking you a couple of days to decorate - your sweet boy's smiles are a lovely distraction! X

  5. Peanut is so cute!!! ,,,and getting so big!!! Love him in his Christmas outfit!!! Your tree is amazing ,,,just beautiful!!! luvuallbye

  6. Beautiful tree! I've learned that Christmas tree's with a 1 year old is challenging, but Christmas tree's with a 2 year old is even more so! AHHHHH! Thankfully he's only pulled it over once this year...

  7. Oh girl, enjoy this tree because next year he'll be yanking everything off if he can reach it! It will be fun though, I promise. You can just do what we did the second year, get a smaller tree, and set it on a big trunk so it's mostly out of reach. LOL It all looks lovely! I was so into the red and white this year too. I almost added some snowflakes to my tree, but at the last minute I wasn't into decorating it, and let the kids do it and they didn't want snowflakes.

    Oh, and the photos side by side thing, is a photo collage on Picnik. I've been liking that when I have a gazillion photos to share. Kinda cuts them down a little.

    I miss you too! Hope all is well? Is it? Are you feeling more like your normal self? Sleeping alright? I think I need an update!! :)

    Love ya and Merry Christmas

  8. You know, in my family (big bunch o' Catholics) we try to leave our tree up until February 2nd, because actually that's how long the *real* Christmas season is! :) Advent ends at midnight on December 24th, and Christmas goes from December 25th through February 2nd (the Feast of the Purification). So feel free to leave that tree up till February! :-D You won't be the only one!

    P.S. Adorable pics of the little guy!

  9. Your tree is BEAUTIFUL. From experience, I can tell you that for the next few years, your tree will probably be decorated only from the half point and on up. Your adorable lil peanut is growing so fast already...enjoy him!

  10. Beautiful tree! How do you get it so symetrical? That is my issue with decorating my tree. I think it may be that I just don't have enough of the matching ornaments and mine ends up looking slightly uneven. I'm definitely going out after Christmas on an ornament hunt. I've switched to red, white and silver on my tree for the most part instead of blue, silver and white. I love changing it up. I'm excited for pictures of Peanut's first Christmas. :-)

  11. Your tree is beautiful! =)

    Next year, Peanut will be big enough to walk and he'll probably want to touch, taste, take off, throw around the different Christmas baubles within his reach. So, you'll probably have the lower branches bare... and then the following year, your tree will probably be bottom heavy as he would want to help decorate and could only reach so high. Sweet times ahead. :)


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