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Saturday, January 1, 2011

What a great year it was!

DawnCraig  0341

I was going to write a post highlighting all of what happened this past year and link to certain blog posts. I just can't seem to squeeze it all in between naps and feedings :)

I've thought about it and it all gets put into 4 major adventures.

DawnCraig  0612

We didn't actually get married in 2010 but it was close enough. Adventure #1 is the time we spent as a married couple... just the two of us.

Technically this lasted exactly 61 days.

I repeat.

61 days.

Do you see the expression on B's face in the picture above? I hereby deem that B's expression of 2010. Over and over again.

Poor B still doesn't know what hit him.

Tranzalpine-Franz Josef 428

Adventure #2 was our honeymoon in New Zealand. I can't even list all the fun things we did. Hiking on glaciers, a helicopter ride, massive amounts of meat pies, blackwater rafting, food, food and more food, island hopping and so many more adventures! In fact, despite having blogged about it for a month after, I still have adventures to share with you!


Did I mention all the incredible culinary adventures we shared in during 2010? Oh man, I'm so glad we've been documenting it all. Incredible culinary experiences from street vendors to five star restaurants. I love them all.


Adventure #3 was the growing of a Peanut.

I can't even put into words how much I loved being pregnant. I loved it so much I actually miss that belly sometimes.

I don't miss the gestational diabetes.


I spent majority of 2010 pregnant. It's such an odd thought.

Oh the craziness and wonder that is pregnancy.


Adventure #4 (and by far the biggest adventure) was the birth of our baby boy. There you see our very first family photo.

Mentally skipping over contractions and the healing from labor this adventure has been so, so sweet.


Excuse the picture quality- these are pictures of pictures as I don't have a scanner.

I still can't believe I'm a mom.

My little man, I love you so much.


I have cherished every moment with you. You are growing so fast.

Your daddy and I have never been so proud.


It's only been 9 weeks and I cannot imagine life without him.

2010 was incredible and there just won't be any topping it. I have no idea what 2011 will bring but I'm ready for it!


  1. I still kind of stare off in space at the awe of the fact I was pregnant for most of 2010. Makes for a long year. ;) Peanuts pictures are precious! Happy New Year!

  2. You did have an amazing year! Congrats on everything :)
    I'm so happy we are back in touch too! I love reading your blog and I look forward to watching peanut grow.

  3. We all had fun living through your year!

  4. What a memorable year! Great photos, especially of little Peanut. :) Happy 2011!

  5. Love following your blog ,,,thanks for sharing!!! Especially Peanut's photos!!! luvuallbye

  6. You have had one very eventful year! Holy cow. Love the walk down memory lane. Here's to seeing what's next in 2011. I just knew you'd love being a mom:)

  7. So many life changing, amazing events in 2010. I love love love that first family photo. Such a sweet moment. Happy New Year Dandy! It's been so fun reading along with you as you transitioned from bride to be, to mommy to be. Looking forward to all of your adventures ahead. 2011 is going to be full of so many firsts for little Peanut.

  8. You have really packed it all in girl! I can't wait to see how motherhood treats you this coming year. I know it's going to be an amazing time, because it just keeps getting better and better as they learn more and more. Such fun adventures ahead!

    Happy new Year friend,

  9. All I can say is...Thanks for sharing you year with us. It was beautiful AND fun! It doesn't get much better than that!

  10. What a beautiful post! Such a blessed year!
    Looking forward to all the wonderful things that come your way this year!

    Happy New Year!

  11. That Peanut is so cute and a mini B!


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