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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My baby Bozo

"Are you calling me Bozo?"

Our little Peanut is sportin' a new do these days. It appears that all the soft fuzz on the top of his head has jumped ship and left him with what I call a Bozo the clown hair cut.


As I look back over pictures it happened over the course of a week or two.

I had to make sure I didn't rub it off. You see, one day his scalp started peeling.


Like thick, scaly scalp peeling and I wondered if he was getting cradle cap. So I looked it up, applied a little almond oil and brushed some of the flakes off with one of those soft baby brushes. Afterwards I washed his head and what little flakiness left came off in the next few days.

After that his skin was smooth... and then one day we realized he had no hair.

"Mama, what happened to my hair?"

It's OK Peanut, we think you're pretty handsome anyway.

For the record Peanut, I didn't rub your hair off. I don't think. I'm pretty sure. I mean, the photos don't lie.

~shuffles feet~


It almost looks like we shaved his little head.

His little head still smells just as sweet as ever. ~sniff, sniff~


We'll just have to keep you in hats and hoodies for the rest of your life.

No worries.


  1. Oh ,,,sleepin' like a baby!!! luvuallbye

  2. nothing like baby fuzz...cute little red hoodie. he's stylin':)

  3. Yes, Peanut, Mama is bloggin' all this so someday she will have proof to show you~that she didn't make you lose your hair!
    Too cute.
    He is too sweet...
    xo, misha

  4. So sweet. I can just imagine how it feels. Enjoy that wonderful little man... We need photos of baby feet... :-) Have a great day.

  5. OH my freaking god...the cuteness..that last eyes my eyes..... so friggin cute.

  6. SO CUTE!! :) I'm sure you didn't rub his hair off. ;-) I've heard of baby hair falling out (I think... ;-) so I'm sure it wasn't you.

    I'm preggy with our first baby (also a boy!) and I'm due in about 2.5 months....yiiikes! Reading your blog is a comfort to me cause I'm soooo nervous and wanting to know everything about everything that's gonna happen.

    Enjoy your little guy! He'll grow up so fast!

  7. What did you do to that baby!!??!!

    Hahaha, just kiddin. Both my babies were baldies after a little while passed too. Not that either of them were born with much hair, but what little they had left. It's weird, but it comes back!! (Ava's took a two years... but don't worry, because it's not a big deal with boys! I had to get her ears pierced so people would stop telling me what a cute little GUY I had.)

  8. That happened to both of my kids. My girl's hair fell out in patches and it kind of freaked me out, but it grew back!

  9. ADORABLE! Q's hair did that a little bit, he always had more hair on the back of his head than the top.

  10. It'll just come in thicker and blacker. Not sure if cute even covers that little guy. Amazingly cute? cuter than cute?

  11. We always called that 'the Ben Franklin look'.
    He is too cute. Can't wait to smell him.

  12. Joe has that same haircut!!! lol Too cute!!! luvuallbye

  13. My cousin had a bald mullet for his whole first year. Nothing on top and long in the back. :-) Hoodies and little hats on babies are the cutest anyways!


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