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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Warm Sunset


Last Saturday night we had the nost amazing sunset. It preceded a few days of 80-90 degree weather here in Orange County.


It's hard to believe it's nearly Christmas with the heat of summer and the trees around us just turning the colors of autumn.


On one side of us the setting sun made the leaves glow in reds, pinks and oranges.


On the other side you could catch a glimpse of a perfect crescent moon.


"When I admire the wonder of a sunset or beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator"
~Mahatma Ghandi


A gorgeous sky and a peaceful evening.

As peaceful as it gets with a 6 week old baby. :)

I'm trying to send some warmth to those of you bogged down in mountains of snow. We're looking at rain this week... how are you doing where you are?


  1. Well Glory Be I saw blue sky yesterday...for about 5 seconds. Snow fall this week wasn't that bad....only 15 inches as opposed to the 24 inches last week. Now if it wouldn't be so very cold.

  2. Just beautiful...however....I think you should have put a pic of the peanut in there somewhere. We all need a Peanut fix.

  3. just lovely!

    it's been cold here in Nashville. freezing rains yesterday but it warmed up in the night so I think that means today will just be normal cold, not freezing cold. either way I will be indoors staying comfy cozy :)

  4. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and we have our usual lovely RAIN. It has rained pretty much the past two weeks strait, I can't even clean out my jeep its been so stinking wet. We have ponds and mini lakes in places they are not suppose to be. We are expected to have a very cold winter, with lots of snow too. One reason why Tim and I are planning a trip to Mexico in March. Its my 30th bday gift to After our disney trip with our 3 kiddos, we are in much need of an adult ONLY trip.*wink* Im jealous of your warm weather :)

  5. Ahhhh...that looks wonderful! It's crazy cold here in Missouri! The highs haven't been above freezing for a while. We were in Dallas last week and experienced 65 degree weather which makes the cold here even harder to bear. Oh well. This too shall pass.
    ☺ Celeste

  6. Been gorgeous here in Colorado, but it looks like it might finally snow for a minute or two... yay weather! Watch your mail...small goodie for Peanut on the way.

  7. Wasn't it beautiful. We live up in Simi Valley and had an equally beautiful sunset. I don't look forward to 5 days of rain starting tomorrow though. Oh well it will feel more like Christmas.

  8. That is so hard to believe. I'm surrounded by nothing but white and bone chilling cold...wanna trade:)??

  9. It's freezing here! I've got the last week of the year off work and I am definitely heading somewhere warm!!!

  10. In Iowa any sunset that is tinged with red is almost a certain indication of sunshine the next day. I don't know if that works on the coast! Check it out by observation and see!


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