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Friday, October 29, 2010

We have a deadline people


We went to the doctor's office yesterday in which I was only 1 1/2 centimeters dilated. She still managed to stick a finger thru and touch the baby's head. That's just odd to me and really not very comfortable. Did you hear that, she stuck a finger through and touched the baby's head. You see the kinds of things we say when we're pregnant. There are no boundaries.

She asked if I wanted to have the baby as soon as Monday. I must have had a deer in headlights look because I was totally unprepared for that question. I just feel odd about picking the baby's birthday. If I were super uncomfortable I might have just gone with Monday but I didn't feel like my increasily angry stretch marks were a good enough reason to force the child out. I may come to regret that decision :)

We talked it over and decided to schedule an induction on Thursday which puts me a full week past my due date. This gives Peanut a chance to come on his own which is supposedly a faster process than being induced. Come on Peanut!

This child is already roughly 7 lbs, 5 oz so he doesn't need to keep growing. I hope he;s all feet and tiny little head. Hee, OK maybe that would be a bit freaky.

Either way, something is happening by Thursday the 4th! We check in that morning at 5 am.

Thanks to LStewart I'm now able to tweet via text message and so I plan on giving some updates on Twitter. I feel so fancy! The updates are up on the right side of the blog or you can just follow DandyClaps on Twitter.

Down to the nitty gritty here. I have had some of the most HILARIOUS comments on my facebook page on how to induce labor. I might just have to try some of these, ha!

They include but are not limited to:
*Eating pineapple/pizza/eggplant/spicy foods
*jumping jacks
*railroad tracks
*raspberry leaf tea
*membrane sweeping
*doing "it", how doing "it" helps and very specific forms of anatomical manipulation

and my personal favorite...

*Ok sounds like you're going to have to jump up and down while 'sweeping' as you're eating spicy pizza all while doing it. Try it!

This video makes me laugh, I wish they would have kept the camera rolling. If you want to see something crazy check out the next video where the kid scares the mom into labor.

I love old wives tales.... any others I may have left out?


  1. Wowowow, so close! Hoping Peanut comes before you need to be induced. With first baby, Dave and I went for all you can eat Chinese and then I went into labour. I guess there just wasn't enough space...

    A friend told me her plan for getting her baby to arrive: "hot bath, hot curry, hot sex". Think i just blushed. Xxx

  2. Is my countdown widget going back up again?

  3. Um.. I don't know if it's going up or not, it says 1 day to go. Peanut is feeling pretty cozy in there right now. Won't be long before he's ready to move on.

  4. Dawn, I pray that peanut comes early. Induction is NO fun. Doesn't feel good but then again, nothing about labor feels good. Hang tough girl, you are almost there.

  5. Come on Peanut!!!! I hate waiting.

  6. I remember everyone telling me cod liver oil would do the trick. Have you ever smelled that stuff?! Ugh!!
    Oh, and "it" helps because of the prostaglandins in the fluid. I can't think of a cute way to say that one : ).

  7. That was so cute. I tell ya...HAVE SEX. It works like magic. Those spermy's will make you go into labor.

  8. Well, I can't even imagine having sex at this point, and I only made it to 39 weeks. Good luck mama! I really hope he decides to come on his own.
    You will only go into labor if your body is ready.
    My doc did 'sweep the membranes' with my first and I went into labor the next day. Little Connor was born 4 hours later :-)
    Can't wait to hear the good news!!!

  9. Exciting!! I'll stay tuned for updates :) Sending good thoughts!! -Tammy

  10. 11/4! That's an excellent birthday. Very manly.

    Also, it's totally true, there are no boundaries at this point. I remember being all worried that there would be people in the room, LOOKING AT ME in all my nakedness. By the end, I was laying there naked & bleeding with like 7 people in the room. I did NOT care. I just didn't. I was busy looking at my kid. :)

  11. I had no idea so many people have captured thier water breaking on camera. Holy cow they are funny. Little peanut will be here soon, I know how these past due dates feel, Isabella was 4 days late and it was killing me, I just wanted to meet her. Take care :)

  12. Sex worked for me. Some doctor I didn't know stripped my membranes as soon as I got to the hospital. That was, uh, uncomfortable. I mentioned that to him and he snapped, "You want to have this baby don't you? Jerk. I wished I had slapped him. Hard. So I go with the sex. That wasn't uncomfortable. But then pregnancy made me insatiable, much to my husband's delight, right up the very end. Too much info?


    P.S. So glad you are tweeting! Thank you!

  13. oh my gosh. I almost choked on laughter at what Becky said....
    Yep, my sister's studying to be a doula --wonderful birth support and head knowledge for mothers-- and I've heard that doing "it" does help. heheh.
    And a friend of ours tried eating pineapple.
    Nothing amazing happened.
    Rubbing good quality essential oil of Clary Sage on your ankles does it. For reals.
    (that's if you plan ahead and order that, the best source if Young Living essential oils)

    Can't wait to see this cutie!! :)

  14. Holy. Crap. That vid of the kid scaring the mom is hilarious! Man, that was a gusher!!

  15. 1. My firstborn was induced a week late. He was worth the wait.

    2. My late husband's birthday is Nov. 4, 1968. I'm selfishly hoping that Peanut waits until Nov. 4, 2010. =)

    3. Thinking of you often!

  16. This made me laugh and laugh. I hope he arrives sooner rather than later! Have fun trying to get him to hurry on out. :)


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