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Friday, October 1, 2010

Bakerella's Cupcake Pops


Most of you are very familiar with the great Bakerella and many of you have already made her cake pops. I never attempted them because I'm lazy when it comes to this type of thing.

My mom was having a party where everything was served on sticks and couldn't figure out what to do for dessert. The situation just screamed cake pops.


I'm not going to give step by step instructions because I had memory card issues and the pictures are on 3 different cards and doesn't that sound exhausting?

Yes, it does. Besides, Bakerella gives step by step instructions here.


They were really cute. I realized in the end that I don't have to make them all perfect because noone cares if they are kinda messy.

I would like to make the cake pops and skip the whole cupcake thing because that's just one less step. Bakerella has some really adorable ideas for different cake pops (like the reindeer) and she has just come out with a cookbook!

I love the pictures on her blog, they are so fresh and clean. Does anyone remember the proposal post?! Oh that was adorable.

I'm hoping to catch her on her tour this month. Have you tried any of her recipes?


  1. Those turned out great and I love the display. I still haven't made any but you and Alice and Elle Bee all make it look so easy! I loved the proposal post on Bakerella!

  2. Gorgeous! Hey girlie thanks for the note. I was so excited to open it up. It was like a little piece of you seeing your handwriting in person. It's hanging on my magnet board by my computer. And now I'm in the know...thanks for sharing names;) LOVE IT!!! Oh and my family thought it was a hoot that you put "to the fantabulous Becky Strahle". Saving the envelope too!

  3. Those are cute! And yes, I remember the proposal post, it was soooo sweet!

  4. Your cake pops turned out great!! So cute! I made the pumpkin ones for the twins' first birthday--felt the same as you--at first I was devastated that they were all misshapen and wrong, then I realized it really didn't matter! And interestingly, "pumpkin pops" is the number one keyword search that brings people to my blog! (Thanks for helping me get stat counter :o))!

  5. I haven't yet tried this out... I'm thinking I might give it a shot for a holiday party or two this year though! :)

  6. Soooo cute!! I've been wanting to try to make them but I've been too intimidated!
    I did make her "Green Velvet Cupcakes" for my friends birthday (her bday is on St Patricks Day) and they were absolutely fabulous!!

  7. Cute, cute, cute! I made the Red Velvet ones a couple years ago---you are so good to take photos of everything---such a good blogger! I'm glad you made these---it reminds me to get back to her site and bake some yummy stuff!

  8. I attempted the cake pops and since i have no patience, let's just say that they didn't turn out the way I wanted. I did make her Fathers Days "Hamburger" (brownie, cupcake bun) and "Fries" (sugar cookies) and they were a hit! Turned out cute. Then we went to Hofs Hut the next day and I saw some in their dessert case. If only I knew...ha!

  9. I have recently made the Red Velvet Cake Balls. They were a huge hit at work!

  10. I tried to make these about 2 years ago and they didn't turn out. We ended up eating them in little balls without sticks:) Yours turned out great.


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