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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Loads of food in Sac


I'm sure it's no surprise that whenever we get together with either side of the family it becomes a smorgasbord of epic proportions. B's mom and aunties like to feed people like nobody's business.

Seriously, if you ever go out with them, make sure not to eat for the 2 days prior.


In our quick trip to Sacramento we had a little family gathering of maybe 50 or so. :)

Some I hadn't seen since the wedding and most I hadn't seen since the pregnancy. Of course, I am notoriously bad at getting pictures. I usually make my rounds snapping pics of the food and then forget about my camera completely. I have to stop doing that. I know that B's mom will have pictures fo every single person that was there.


This lemon dessert was phenomenal. The crust is basically a shortbreadish type crust with pecans in it. Then a layer of a cream cheese cool whip mixture, layer of lemon pudding and cool whip on top.


B's dad made this carrot cake. It was sooo incredibly moist and flavorful and had these gargantuan raisins, the size of grapes. I know that raisins are grapes but these were still the size of grapes even though they were all shriveled.


The mystery of the chocolate chip cookie. B's mom made these and my friend Tina makes these and they use the same recipe (from the package) and they come out perfect. They are a bit cakey and mine always turn out flat. Why is that?

B took one bite and explained that this is what he thinks of when he wants chocolate chip cookies. I suppose I'll have to try again.


So cute!


They were a spice cookie and they were so tasty. Sometimes you get these types of cookies and although they are pretty, they just don't taste that good. These were light and a bit fluffy with the perfect amount of spice. Yes, I ate this. Actually I tried everything.


This is what I would have looked like if you tried to keep me from trying all the food.


One of the few shots I took of actual people. I loved watching the girls having their serious discussion with their feet in the water.

Apparently 2 of the girls had been educated on the birds and the bees recently. The very next day they found out I was pregnant and burst into a fit of giggles. They were a bit giggly around us having known the real story of how this all came to be.

It made me laugh all day.


Of course, even though this was not a baby shower I seemed to end up with an entire borrowed suitcase of baby gifts. Here I am opening things later that night.

We are so unbelievably spoiled. This child will never, ever need anything. It was a really wonderful day and I am so grateful to have married into such a fantastic family.


  1. Such a fUN time!! So glad you are getting spoiled by family.

  2. Aren't baby showers a blast!? :)

  3. It is getting close. I can't wait!

  4. I love that lemon dessert. I've had that wonderful recipe forever. You can change the pudding flavor and it changes the whole dessert. Especially good with chocolate pudding of course. I love to scatter chocolate curls over the top of the Cool Whip or baby chocolate chips. And for summer I love pistachio pudding. I've tried them all and surprisingly the only flavor I didn't like was banana. (When I have banana pudding I want vanilla wafers.) The crust is like a cookie and so delicious. It's truly a never fail dessert and is well loved anywhere you take it.


  5. P.S. You are truly in the final countdown days, kiddo. You look great, but I bet you are peeing every 30 seconds, right? Won't be long though, he'll be here before you know it. Although to you I imagine it won't be soon enough. I remember those last two weeks.....felt like the weight of the world sitting on my poor bladder.


  6. That lemon dessert looked wonderful. I've had it with a chocolate layer, but the lemon...yum! Oh and those peanut cookies were soooo cute. How are you doing with the diabetes? I bet it's hard with all those sweets around. Great pics Dawn. Your little one sure is coming into an awesome family.

  7. I love everything about this post! The family moments, the girls giggling, the surprise presents...all of it. :)

  8. I just have to make that dessert with pistachio pudding- I love pistachio pudding!

    I am peeing every 30 seconds and I cannot believe the countdown is in the teens!

  9. Eeek, it is all so very exciting!!!!!!! Everytime I see a picture of you I just think, 'oh man, peanut is going to be the most gorgeous baby ever!', you look incredible! Hooray for great family. Xxx

  10. We need the lemon pudding dessert recipe...although it looks fairly "do it yourself". And a Boston Terrier!! We love those around here.

    And it just isn't fair that you look so stinkin' cute so late in pregnancy!!

  11. I'm still giggling that the girls were giggling! Hahaha! I love it.
    Those cookies were decorated so perfectly! And you just look as beautiful as ever. Love what you were wearing.


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