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Friday, October 22, 2010

Our Maternity Session with Adrienne


Well, Adrienne has done it again. I'll never get tired of telling people about this amazing photographer. The first time I saw her site I knew I'd found a good match for us.

When Adrienne and I chatted back and forth sharing ideas for B & my engagement session the excitement only grew.

She captured every perfect moment and all the many details of our vintage winter wedding.

To be honest, after the engagement session I already knew that as soon as we got pregnant I'd be asking her to shoot us again. When it all happened life got a little crazy and I almost didn't do a session but I just couldn't live with that kind of regret :) I started brain-storming a few weeks prior and we decided to do our maternity shoot in the same place as the engagement one.

For those of you who have asked me where I found the inspiration... the photos hanging from the trees were inspired by this video and the picture frames were inspired by this shoot.

So head over to visit Adrienne and see our Maternity Shoot!

I am so in love with the pictures and so happy we did them. I think you all know how much i've appreciated and adored this pregnancy. Thank you Adrienne for capturing it so beautifully, I will treasure these photos forever.


  1. Aaack! How stinkin' adorable. Love it!!! Those just turned out so great loved the frame ones. Loved all of them ;) Will she be photographing Peanut?

  2. Can't wait for the peanut photo shoot...

    I'll be in sort of, virtual grandma heaven!

  3. Okay one word...AMAZING! Those should be in a look like a model. She did real good!!!

  4. Sniff, sniff. Ok that was a happy tear jerker! What beautiful photos that you both will cherish!! Ahhh, loved the photo tree. And you two holding the frame? Priceless.

  5. such great photos! When I saw that Taylor Swift video I also wanted to use that idea...and now that I've seen you use it and it looks good in still shots I am even more determined to try it!

    it is fun to look back at pregnancy will be glad you had these made.

  6. Oh---she's amazing! These are fabulous~I love the ones with the frames---sweet!

  7. OH.MY.WORD!

    Gorgeous! I wish I had those type of pictures when I was pregnant. They are amazin.


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