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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Peanut's Room, Part Two


I've only showed you one wall of Peanut's room in my previous post but I didn't forget about the tour!


OK so I forgot to take before picture until after I had already started to take everything apart. Originally this wall held two of these bookshelves stacked with books. It doesn't look like it but the 2nd shelf fit to the right under the overhang from the blinds.


Thank you B's parents for the dresser! It's also from Ikea and fit well into the style I was looking for. I decided against a changing table and opted to put a changing pad on this dresser as it was the right height.


Before I had even cleared out this room I knew I wanted to decorate it with some interesting bicycle art.

So I got on etsy and really the rest is all history. Things got a bit out of control and we nearly ran the risk of being able to make wallpaper out of all the prints I wanted to buy. Luckily I lost my job when I did.

I have a hard time editing out cute things.


Do you know that Peanut has an entire drawer of cute hats and shoes?!


Baby boy clothes and accessories really have come a long way. I've been lucky enough to inherit a good amount of clothes from friends and family. Yay for boys older than mine!


After a lot of going back and forth we ended up getting rid of B's old bed. Guests who come will have to rough it on our deluxe air mattresses and couch space. We promise it's comfortable! Really, the only people that stay over are B's friends and they could roll a sleeping bag out on the porch and be fine. Not that I would do that, I'm just sayin'.


Here is the after...

Lovely crib, compliments of my parents! It's one of those convertibles that becomes a toddler bed with a railing and then a full size bed frame later on.


More artwork purchased from etsy, pictures from our engagement session and possibly my favorite piece of art... the bee made by a very special little girl.

My dad glued it to foam board and then cut it out with an exacto knife.


Do you remember the trip China Town for paper lanterns? Well, here they are. I just bought a ton and then my mom and I stood there asking my very patient dad to switch them around until we came to a decision on what looked good.


On the other side of the room we have more storage for Peanut's books, some of his toys and his DVD collection. Yes, he already has DVDs.

I love that when he gets older I can display his favorite books in hopes that he'll make his way over and pick one out for us to read.


Wow. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and this belly just doesn't seem real.

Hello, Peanut are you ready to come out?


Our apartment is actually a dual master so Peanut has his own bathroom. This is the blah-before.


Here is the revised Peanut potty room. The curtain came from Urban Outfitters, the B washcloths we found at Home Goods and the rubber ducky was a gift and it says hot on the bottom if the water is too hot for the baby.

Oh and I love the Skip Hop Hare set which is the little bunny whose ears are actually a brush and a comb and whose face is mirrored underneath.


That concludes Peanut's room tour! The above mirror and Farmgirl Paints original artwork is in the hallway between our two rooms. The mirror was already up and the peanut picture was just so perfect below it, announcing the entrance to Peanut's wing.

For now it's just sitting and waiting for it's ruler!


  1. Just Darling! Almost time for his debut. You did a wonderful job!

  2. I love what you've done with this room! It's so "liveable" and not so "babyish"---love~I keep hoping to see the post, "On my way to the hospital"----it won't be long!!! Just prayed for a smooth, quick, safe delivery!

  3. I love it! Absolutely darling. Like Kathleen, I like that you did not make it "babyish" too. Seems when you do that, it is no time at all you have to change it.

  4. Oh it's so READY for him:) Love all the little bicycles and his bedding is really cool. Looks fab! And I won't mind sleeping on the couch. I'm really not fussy at all;)

  5. You are all set!! You could so tell that so much love and care went into the making of Peanut's room. :)

  6. I love all the bicycle art! And the chinese lanterns! And the bedding! And the bathroom! And the dresser! And.... ok, its all wonderful!!

    Won't be long now...

  7. So cute!! I totally love it end to end. It was very smart to go with a dresser vs. a changing table - it'll last you way longer. Just watch out for those surprise belly rolls, I'm tellin' ya. ;)

    ZOMFG 2 DAYS. Are you cooked yet Peanut!? Come out quick so we can meet you!

  8. I wISHHH we had been so organised! Simply beautiful! X

  9. Where did you find the cool bookshelf??? Me wants!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I love the way you display Peanut's books!! So adorable. I've been following your blog for a while now, it feels like I know you :D Love, love your blog and all the photographs!

  12. Love it! I wish I had half of your decorating skills. My kids rooms are so boring.
    And yes, where did you find the bookshelf? we totally need that.
    P.S. Yummy Yucky is one of our favorites.

  13. I love yummy yucky!

    The bookshelf was from Amazon, search sling bookshelf but they also have a version at Target!

  14. Great room, i love that you followed your heart. Peanut has really dropped I bet he will be here on the 29th. Good luck~~

  15. You are so cute and little! (All baby!)

    I adore Peanut's room. Everything fits together like they were all meant to be there! I also love the sling book holder.

    Anticipating his arrival.

  16. Sooo adorable. I love the wall of bicycle art. I love the crib. I love the lanterns. I love the whole thing.

    And that bathroom. . . I had to go back and look to see that you didn't even paint, it's all done with accessories. What a transformation!


  17. Oh, so very cute. I just love the paper lanterns and the Bee drawing is just precious.

    You look Wonderful and I am glad Peanut is just hanging out until it is time. Good Luck and I can hardly wait for the lovely little one when he arrives.

    Sending many good thoughts!!!!

  18. That is most precious!!!

    I'm so happy for y'all! Can't wait to see those first baby pictures.

  19. It is beautiful! You have the decorating gift!

  20. I love it. Only thing that's missing is Peanut!!

    And I just checked your countdown, I could have sworn you still had 3 or 4 days to go but no, it's at two. TWO!!!!

  21. The whole room is just delicious in every way. Love, love, the wall art and the paper lanterns most of all but it all is just so cleverly and lovingly put together. It's just perfect.

    Can't wait till I click and see he's HERE! Best of deliveries to you and peanut! And may B get through it too! Hey, it's not easy for the dads either.

    Love and Kisses, Jaxx

  22. I love Peanut's room. It's absolutely perfect! Your belly truly is amazing. I love that you're all belly. It really looks like you're trying to hide a watermelon. :-) One more day!

  23. Oh Dawn, it's all so perfect!! THE BEE!! The bee is there! I showed Grace and she squelped. Yes, a mixture of a squeal and a yelp. Squelp. :o)
    That light-up panel thing with the green rectangles--what is that? It's awesome! A perfect night light?

  24. LOVE everything! You did such a great job. There is so much personality in the decor. I was thinking of getting that same bedding but decided that it was slightly too boyish. Seeing your completed nursery makes me even more excited to finish mine. All we've done so far is paint one wall, so I have a long ways to go. Can't wait for peanut to arrive :)

  25. The lil guy's room is absolutely adorable! The only thing I would say if he ends up anything like my four babies, you might want to consider some black-out linings for the window if you don't want him waking up with the dawn. Just a thought, and he might not be as light sensitive as my lovely lot! You are so nearly there, lucky boy to have such a beautiful bedroom! Belinda x

  26. The room looks amazing! I like how modern it looks.

  27. That wall of bikes is marvelous. And, I am dying over the lights! You got style, girlfriend!


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