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Thursday, October 14, 2010

My shower by Nina


LMM- this little lemon is for you! Tell me these are not the most adorable little things you've ever seen. Fresh and sweet, these were at all the place settings.


Oh the possibilities are endless, can't you think of a million different ways to use that idea!


I love all the sweet little details. The shower was thrown on 10/2 by Nina, a friend of the family. She thought of everything and it was just a beautiful shower.


In one room there was a little craft station where guests could decorate hangers for the baby's clothes. I thought this idea was fantastic, so much fun to make little things like this. Standing next to the table is May. She is uber-creative.


May gave me a plate of "cupcakes".. well because you all know how much I love cupcakes. Each little cupcake was a little burp rag or hat or some other adorable little rolled-up piece of cuteness in a silicone cupcake cup and topped with a little heart pick.

Just another idea I will have to steal.

Isn't she creative? She is also the one who painted the crate and barrel box at my bridal shower, shown here.


Here are some of the hangers I received from the shower. So cute!


Nina did a brunch and had a fruit platter as well as some fantastic homemade quiches.


Oh and the most perfect crepes you have ever seen. I have no idea how she made so many perfect crepes. I had one but could've eaten 20. She had big bowls of fresh whipped cream, saucy peaches and saucy strawberries to top them with. Heaven.


We opened gifts. This child has everything. Seriously, everything.

My nephew bought this onesie that says Still Living at Home. Love it.


Excuse the weird expression- I had to include this because it might just be one of B's favorite gifts ever. I love these bicycle seats where the child is in front of you instead of in back. It just makes more sense safety and balance wise and more fun for both you and babe. Plus, this one has something for them to hold on to.


Check out this bassinet cake, someone is really patient.


Speaking of patient, this blanket was made by my Aunt Judy. I will show more of it but I had to show you her needle point. Just wait until I show you the back side in another post. Amazing.


Here I am with my grandma. As the only granddaughter I feel quite special (and am quite spoiled) and it was wonderful to have friends and family together just a month before the baby is due.

Have I told you what a charmed life I live?

P.S. Happy Birthday B, you old man! I love you so very muchly. :P


  1. Look how adorable you look! Beautiful shower for a beautiful little mama! Happy Birthday to B!

  2. Oh it looks like fun! And again, you just are too stinkin' cute for a very pregnant lady.

  3. You are one cute pregnant lady Dawn. Seriously very pretty. Anyway I am so happy for you. You are obviously loved very much by everyone around you. What a special day. Such sweet gifts.

  4. All I can say is, "Awwwww!"
    And, of course, Happy Birthday to Mr. B.

  5. Lovely..loved the bassinett cake.

    Happy Birthday B!!

  6. Totally off Subject but I love your shoes. You are looking so cute. Wow! you are such a lucky momma 3 showers :) This lil peanut has so much love. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO B!

  7. You look AMAZING! So cute. Such a great shower.
    And we have one of those bike seats (well, it's this green thing) and the boys love it. Way easier to have them up front.

  8. I just want to know how you can look so unbelievably glowing and beautiful so close to your due date. I was a house! So glad you had fun!

  9. Wonderful photos of a lovely day! I love love love those lemon flower cups. Sooo cute! Definitely stealing that idea!

  10. OMGoodness! Where have I been? 14 days?! And you are still looking fabulous, dear. What a FUN, fun shower.. and awesome stuff!! Sweet pictures, and just look at that beautiful glow :) -Tammy

  11. All of the creativity is so amazing! The hangers, the lemon flower holders and the all looks like it was so much fun!

    You are so adorably cute! Hope B has a terrific birthday!

  12. Dawn,

    I love all the new baby products since the time that I had mine that have come out. I LOVE the bike seat for kids. You just never know what was going on before with the little one. Now they can see what you see and you can talk to them. Know B really loved that.

    Your shower ideas are amazing and I can't wait to capture some of these in my idea book.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  13. so sweet, you look so cute, and remember this shower, it was one of my favorite days! oh and we have that seat, the best thing ever!! we get to use it for the next one too, being that B loves bikes, I bet he was thrilled when this one came home! You are almost there! yipeee, and I loved your post yesterday about having a baby seat in the back, oh I remember when we did that too, so surreal! xo

  14. Oh fun! I love the hanger idea. I would have painted an airplane.


    Hahaha! Oh god I need a nap. My apologies.

  15. Wow! What a neat shower! Decorated clothes hangers .. I love that idea! It is so nice that Peanut will be welcomed into such a lovely support system as you have! Love to you!

  16. Creative people boggle my mind! The lemons? So cute! The hanger idea? So cute! And useful! I love it. Cupcakes? Darling! How fun, and what a special day for you and Peanut. :) And you are too cute. I wonder how many times I can use that word in a comment? Hey! Your new background is...lovely! How about that? :)

  17. the next time I have to throw a baby shower I am coming back to this post and memorizing everything in the pictures...perfect! looks like it was fun too! :)

  18. What a beautiful shower. You, b and Peanut are so blessed. I love the cupcake idea-how creative!


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