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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Belly Rubs

To touch or not to touch? That is the question.

~34 weeks, nearly 3 weeks ago~

It seems to me that women feel either one extreme or the other. How do I feel?

By all means, rub the belly. I'm serious. I really don't mind at all. I'm sure that doesn't shock you as it's becoming more and more apparent that I have no sense of personal boundaries. I keep it clean on here but you could ask me questions about nearly anything and I wouldn't mind answering. I think it's cute when people ask me if they can touch my belly. I can't imagine their reaction if I would say no.

There is something so magical about a growing belly. I can't help but want to reach out to one when I see it. I have to constantly remind myself not to touch pregnant women when I see them. I can't stop touching my belly myself. It's so odd, this crazy growing self. How can I not rub it? How can I not poke my belly button back in and laugh as it pops back out. I mean, my belly button has turned itself inside out and I've been told it will reverse itself again later. If that's not amazing, well then I don't know what is.

I completely understand how random people (or people you know) touching your stomach would skeeve you out. I get that this kind of contact wouldn't be normal if you weren't pregnant so why make an exception when you are. Oddly enough if someone were to have touched my stomach a year ago when I wasn't pregnant, I would have retreated immediately. I felt an inward cringe when someone would touch my stomach in the first few months of my pregnancy. That was simply because I hadn't really grown anything but extra padding.

Now, on the other hand, I have the hardest abs of my life! I have never had a stomach so smooth and firm! So go ahead and rub my belly because I have a feeling it will never, ever be this firm again.

What is your stance on the belly touching?


  1. Heeheee! Yeah, I'm not a super tactile person so wouldn't be particularly keen to touch other people's tummies! Was fine about people touching mine though - although strangers should always ask!

    Towards the end of being preg with Jemima I had impetigo on my tummy - rare and horribly sore- nice scars now! At that point, if anyone had touched me without checking I probably would have walloped them!

  2. I say touch. 16 years ago when I was pregnant, I touched mine all the time too and didn't stop people from touching it.

  3. I'm not pregnant and never have been, but I imagine if I were that I'd have no problem with belly touching. I wouldn't ever ask to touch someone else's, but that's just because I'm not a super touchy person. Otherwise I see no harm in it! It's kind of sweet.

  4. I loved having people I knew rub my belly (co-workers, family and friends). When I was preggo with my Ryder (my first) I worked as a preschool teacher and the kids loved touching my belly and talking to my belly. They would sit on my lap and lean on my belly and Ryder would push on their backs. They would giggle when they felt him do that. I would tell them, "he dosen't have much room in there, so he is letting you know he needs his space" It was so cute!
    I loved being preggo with my two babies, and I would do it all again in a heart beat... *wink*

  5. You are so funny, and absolutely adorable pregnant! Love this post! When I was pregnant I had mixed feelings about it. It all depended on how clean the person looked. HA! But when I was pregnant with my second I was paranoid about the darn swine flu, so I tried to stay away from strangers in general!

  6. Touch! Ask first, of course. To me, that fact that people want to touch your pregnant belly is incredibly life-affirming. It is like sending love to the being within and acknowledging the miracle of a new life in-the-making.

  7. I'm so relived, because I'm not only a belly rubber, I'm a belly listener and talker!!!!

    (Okay, but only to people I actually know.)

    I love the belly!!!!

  8. Pregnancy is the only time I'm happy with the size, shape and firmness of my belly, so rub away!

  9. I'm new to your blog and I love it. You look so cute with your belly! I say rub it.

  10. I will be right over to rub your belly and talk to Peanut. He and I have so much to discuss.

  11. I was on guard for people wanting to touch my belly, but no one ever did (except for a close work friend, who asked first).

    What was intrusive, however, was people commenting on the changing size and shape of my non-belly body parts like my boobs, hips, and butt. Thanks, you can probably leave that topic be.

    At least two people have wanted to reach out and touch the FACE of my baby, which damn near led me to commit homicide. Be careful of that if you ever put Peanut in a carrier facing out. People seem to treat that an an invitation.

  12. I'm all about it-at least from people I know. I'm not sure how I'd feel about a stranger. I think as long as they ask first then it's all good! I know I'll be like you-rubbing my belly all the time and marveling.

  13. You are so cute!! I don't think anyone ever tried to touch my belly. Except for friends, and I didn't mind that. If strangers tried, I probably would've been annoyed.
    But what did bother me TONS was when people touched my babies. You know, newborn up to a few months old. I even had one person (A STRANGER!!) put their FINGER in Bug's mouth! I pretty much turned myself inside out over that one. It was even worse for me with the twins because they were born at the beginning of flu, RSV, pertussis season. I just thought it was the most inconsiderate thing for people to touch my babies' faces during flu season. I mean, COME ON!!!
    Hoo. I'm gettin' all hot over here just thinking about it!

  14. Oh girlie you are just too cute. Seriously if I was there I'd rub your belly;) BUT just so you know I didn't like that from people...creeped me out!

  15. I'm a firm believer in it! I think the baby feels the love even before it's born. I swear that my assistant's baby knew me after she was born because I talked to her all the time before she was born...

    Getting close! Staying tuned for the big event!

  16. The pregnant belly is like a magnet to me! I have to rub. Only people I know, of course. But I swear, I love it.
    Maybe that's why I have 3 kids?! I couldn't stop touching my own belly. I didn't have too many issues with random strangers wanting to rub mine though. That might get weird.
    I don't think I want any more kids, but I swear, I would love to be pregnant again.

  17. I didn't mind at all when people touched my belly (and I'm a germaphobe!)...I loved it. :)
    And I'm with Elle Bee. I hated it when someone would come out of an airplane bathroom (those stinkholes!!) and touch my baby's cheek as they headed back to their seat. Seriously? Gross.
    Sorry about your fall! I know it was scary for B, and he is so protective now. It's sweet. I hope the rest of your days are accident free!

  18. I didn't really mind when people touched my pregnant belly. =)

    I was a little freaked out, however, the first time I touched my friend's belly (with her permission, of course!) just one day after she gave birth! It was like a mass of Jello!

  19. I was all for the belly-touching as long as it was other women. When men touched it, it felt a little awkward. Okay, a lot. There was this one guy at our church who we were friends with, but it was just sooo very awkward when he would rub my belly I found myself avoiding him. But really, I think he was the only man who would ever touch it (besides Steve of course) Do you have men trying to rub your belly?

  20. Perhaps people are just amazed by the beauty of a growing pregnant belly. They say it's miraculous when a woman survives from pregnancy 'coz two lives are at stake. Any first time "preggers" will feel awkward when someone asks to touch their belly, of course. But looking at their reaction is priceless.


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