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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Joanne's Baby Shower


On the 17th I went to yet another baby shower! It seems that a good portion of my high school dance team got pregnant at the same time. Joanne is in the middle and is due on December 20th (about 31 weeks along), Theresa on the right is due on December 12th (about 32 weeks along) with her second and Jen on the left just got married.

I'm in the process of getting some engagement and wedding pics from Jen so we can swoon over her gorgeous details.

Celeste was also on the dance team with us as well as 3 other ladies who had/have due dates between July and December. It's an epidemic.


Theresa made this display (she is super crafty) that had our name tags and table assignments.


Loved these little diapers AND they had a bonus. One of these diapers was dirty and the person with the dirty diaper won a prize.


I was at table Rubber Ducky and we each received these little cinnamon rolls with a "thank you for showering our 'lil bun in the oven".


There were salad and sandwiches galore....


and a dessert table. All the desserts were adorable and sported little labels, which I love.


Holy moly, I had a bite of these and nearly died. Go make these immediately.

I asked Jen and she let me know they were a Bakerella recipe, found here.



I love dessert tables. I'm sure you aren't surprised at all.


This is just evidence that I steal all your ideas. I used the clothesline idea from my shower and then sewed some burp cloths like Elle Bee and LeAnna.


Hey hot mama. You see, I'm not the only one sporting non-maternity dresses and high heels!

Joanne is just one of those super stylish people. Darn those naturally stylish people.


Speaking of stylish, this is Jen (who you've met) and Annamaria (fellow dance teamer) and her baby girl.

This child didn't make so much as a peep. She is the poster child for mellow kids. Plus, she has the most adorable thighs.


Here are the 3 preggos! Some of us look like we are about to explode.

Congrats Joanne and Theresa!! Can't wait to meet your winter babies!


  1. Look how adorable you guys are! Love the preggo tummies! <3 congrats to Theresa and Joanne! Miss you guys!

  2. Cuuuute! Love the pic of all three of the preggy baby bumps! :) Looks like you all had a great time. Wow what a coordinated and lovely shower!

    I have the same maternity shirt as Theresa is wearing! I'm 22 weeks I don't quite fill it out as cute as she does...but give me another two months and I'll be there!

  3. What a wonderful shower. have some really sweet friends to pamper you girlie. I love all the little touches and ALL that food. You are definitely looking ready to go:)

  4. This was actually a shower for Joanne :)

  5. Aww, love those tummies! I would so wanna rub the budda belly though!!! I adore some of those details for the shower and now need someone to shower, ack the cuteness is killing me. I just was thinking about you and am checking in to see how you are doing???

  6. Thanks again for coming to my shower and for taking all these great pics!!! It was fabulous to catch up and see each other's baby bumps :)

  7. Hey Dawn! You're a mamma by now (congrats!), but I just happened to check out your blog and saw the pic of Delilah and me. Thanks! It was so nice seeing you, and enjoy your baby and these bonding days. Delilah is only 7 months, but she's changed so much since she was born. I heard this a thousand times, but have learned is so true: "They grow so fast. Enjoy every moment of it because it goes by so fast!"

  8. Your Baby Shower looked very nice!


    Sandra @


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