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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Sting-ray


This pretty purple girl is mine! She was a birthday present from B.

Do you notice the nifty 60's effect on the photos? Its seemed appropriate and these are officially the first photos I've gotten to edit.


Here is a comparison between the original and the 60's style picture. I couldn't decide what I liked better. I really like the style of the retro one but I missed the vivid purple of the bike.

So I'll be posting both, since I'm still learning here. I realize it makes the post sorta incohesive but we can just pretend we are in a time warp... and then back.. and then forward.. and then back...

So, about the bike. It all started at a bike shop in Sacramento when I spotted an original Schwinn Sting-ray called the Lemon Peeler. Anyone remember the Lemon Peeler with the 3 gear stick shift thingie? I love that bright yellow bicycle. But I will love her from afar.


Well the originals are quite expensive these days. Then B found out they were doing a limited time reproduction of the old sting-rays.

Don't you just love the banana seat?!


If it looks like a kids bike, keep in mind I'm only 4'11' and have 3 1/2 legs. What? I have 3 1/2 inch legs. I do not have extra appendages.


She is great for a nice ride by the beach. Of course, for every one time B pedals, I have to pedal 45 times.


I remember the first bike I ever got. It was a Strawberry Shortcake bike. I wish I still had that thing. It was Strawberry Shortcake before her new style of jeans and t-shirts. I was all about the OG.S.S. with her squishy hat, foofy dresses and green and white striped tights.

When I came out Christmas morning, Santa had left me that bike and it was standing in front of the Christmas tree. Ah, what a moment.


Do you remember your first bike?


  1. Santa brought me my first bike, it was purple! and teal? I think.. I remember seeing it in the back of my dad's car...but I didn't realize on Christmas morning that it was the same bike? or maybe I didn't want to realize. I rode it with training wheels for like a week and then I was gone. I miss that bike.

    I have a pink Roxy beach cruiser, but I rarely ride it. It's too hilly here in San Marcos.

    P.S. I love the OG SS... I got Tina's old sheets and bed set when I was little and I totally loved it. Pretty sure I still have the blanket :)

  2. I love the editing that you've done with the photo. :)

    If you use Windows, try Windows Live Writer... your photos will come out bigger. I use Live Writer now to write all my blog posts and it's been great so far.

  3. I love your bike!! Vintage bikes are making a comeback in a big way! Great editing. You really did give it a 50's feel.

  4. I *love* that bike. And if it were red? Now you're talking.....

  5. Our first bike (there were 5 of us) was a Schwinn. We lived in the country on gravel roads and we had to share. The only way I could get up on that thing was to lean it up against a tree, hop on, and begin riding. If I fell, it was back to the tree! LOL. Last year I bought a new Fuschia Trek and I absolutely love it!

  6. I bet I had the same Strawberry Shortcake bike. I got it for Christmas from Santa. Bike's always came from Santa back then. I look so excitedly happy in the pictures as I rode it around outside that day. I know I still have a small SS son uses it on occassion. I do love vintage bikes.

  7. eeeeeeee! Your bike is a beauty! I'm only 5 ft, so no "adult" bikes for me either, heehee


    My first bike was red/white and I had no idea how to ride it though I was in 4th grade. After a lot of crashing into bushes, off sidewalks, and once even flipping it over I finally managed to catch speed, go straight, and enjoy what were to be adventures throughout my summer days!


  8. I love your bike! And the photos are fantabulous. My first bike was from our hardware store - The Western Auto Store. In fact, I think it was called a "Western Flyer". I adored that bike - wish I still had it!
    Happy pedaling! -Tammy

  9. I do. I it was the first big thing I bought. It was used and blue and I paid $5.00 for it. I was so proud. However then for my 12th birthday my mom and dad got me a blue Schwinn 3 speed bike which they hid in the back of the camper under a sleeping bag. Thanks for triggering some great memories!

  10. Fabulous bike, fabulous pictures!

  11. Mine was a yellow Schwinn.
    I was 6 and super small. To get on I had to use the curb. To get off I had to slow down just enough so that I could jump off and run along side my bike.
    My brother learned to ride on my bike and totally wrecked it and then got a Space Invaders bike for his birthday.
    I so hated him for that.
    I can't remember where that bike went. We moved alot because my dad was Army and I think it just didn't make it on a move.

  12. My bike was a schwinn and of course, my twin had an identical one. It was goldish green (metallic) and had a banana seat and a basket. I put baseball cards in the spokes to make it sound tougher than it was.

    Thanks for the memory, Girl!

  13. does that seat GLITTER???! Goodness me you lucky bean! My first bike was when I was 5 - it was a bit boyish and absolutely brilliant. I remember being utterly gobsmacked because until then ALL things in my life had been handed down from my older sisters!

  14. She does glitter and she is fabulous. I don't think I was clear but I got her over a year ago :) But I still love her like she was brand new.

    I love the stories of leaning against trees and getting started on curbs... which is actually what I do on an adult bike.

    I love hearing about your first bikes!

  15. Oh my gosh I had a strawberry shortcake oldschool bike too!!! it was my very first bike with training wheels! I love your new purple masterpiece, how sweet of B, you are kinda pocket sized arent you?

  16. Um that's amazing! I absolutely love vintage bikes, and that is like the dream bike! Oh and the color is perfect! But now what you have to do is get some pictures with you on it :)

  17. My first brand new bike was a yellow Schwinn 10-speed that I bought with my babysitting money. My dad agreed to pay for half if I came up with half. It must have taken me a long time -- 50 cents an hour (showing my age here!) and the bike was $110.

  18. Really cool bike! I had a yellow one that was a hand me down from my two older brothers! It had the same seat. I like the purple one better :)

  19. Well I know that it had a banana seat but it was blue I believe. My brother had that bike with the gear shift thing. I never remember these having the names that they do now. How sad that for a vintage bike, they have to be so darn expensive.

    Glad you were able to get one! What kinds of looks do you get when you ride yours?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  20. My first bike was a blue Schwinn, a birthday present from my grandma. Loved that bike! Still have very many scares on my knees from learning to ride it on a gravel road!

    Have a green Giant now. There is nothing like riding your bike to make you fell like a kid again!

    I love your bike, Dawn! Very, very cool ... just like you!

  21. I love the way the photos turned out! The retro effect is perfect--though you do lose the purple. It is hard to decide.

  22. Your bike is totally awesome! I love the 60's style editing. It really added some retro charm to an already charming purple gem! My first bike was a red white and blue, star spangled banner, banana seat monstrosity. I loved it.

  23. Oh, can I just say I have bike envy! That is too fun and the pictures were awesome!

  24. That is a seriously bitchin' bike... I remember my favorite one, a blue mountain bike that was like riding a Cadillac. Stolen, naturally, but still beloved!

  25. It makes me very happy to know you are the kind of girl who thrills to a banana seat. I knew we were kindred spirits. You have my clapping. Clapping, I say.


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