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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Can I come stay with you?


My apartment has been taken over by mountain bikers. I think I may need a safe place to escape to. A few weeks ago B mentioned some of his friends were coming in from Sacramento to ride. Some came in the evening, some around 1:30 am. They ate, they drank beers and they crashed out. They were back up at 7am and ready to ride. How do they do that?

The picture was taken last night in our garage. I went down to do a quick bike count. You see most of those bike are ours. I have found that 'round here bicycles mutltiply like rabbits. B loves bikes like most women love shoes.


B and all the sweaty, stinky, dirt-caked guys will be coming back here after their ride. I'll be ready with some treats to make up for intruding on their male bonding. Instead of a bachelor party B wanted to do a series of rides. I did not know until yesterday that this was one of them.

Me: What trails do your friends want to ride this weekend?
B: I already know where we are going. I get to pick, its my bachelor ride.
Me: Your bachelor ride?! What the heck am I doing here?
Me: Oh B, I really wish you would tell me these things, I could head to my parents house, I could've made plans.
B: No, I want you here. Besides, who would make the appetizers?


So, they've loaded up and headed out and I'll start the prep. He also neglected to tell me it was one of their 40th birthdays. I'm not up to throwing together a cake but I know a great bakery down the road....

I'm thinking something pink, with flowers on it.


  1. You just might be a saint! Maybe we could make you the patron saint of bicyclists and/or bachelor parties. (I've got to love that B isn't sounding like the stripper type!) AND I say go for the pink flowers! : )

  2. what a brilliant idea for a stag do! You are brilliant for being so chilled about having a bunch of scruffy cyclists eating you out of house and home. Hope you all have a brilliant time. xxx

  3. Mrs. E- I guess I'll know the answer if a super hot cop shows up at our door tonight!

    Alice- I love you because you said both "brilliant" and "stag go".

  4. :-) You made me giggle. My son is 19 and I can see him doing something like this when the time comes and not inform his girlfriend. I hope he waits along time though.

    Go for the pink flowers :-)

  5. You know considering all the other alternatives most guys pick for a bachelor party, this one would be a breeze. A great big Bar B Que with some meat and potatoes is just what the doctor ordered for these hard bike riding men.

    I don't think they would get the cake with pink roses even though we would! :)

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Oh I feel your pain! HHBL just got back from his 30 mile ride, all sweaty but happy too. And I definitely vote for pink flowers!

  7. Wow, that's a whole lotta bikes! I'm lovin' the bachelor ride idea. You are so nice to have treats for them.

  8. PS In answer to your title, Uh, YEAH, get your behind over here sista! And bring them lemon bars!

  9. I would love to see the look on their faces when you present them with a pink cake with flowers. Go for it!

  10. C'mon over! We have poo to scoop and tomatoes to can! Sound like fun yet? No? :) Pink & flowery sounds perfect... goooo for it! -Tammy

  11. Hope you did get some pink on the cake to balance out all the testostrone around you this weekend. I'm sure it was still lively and fun!

  12. SOME of his friends?????


    Honey, B is not going to let you get away while his pals are at your house... he's too proud of you! But if he does, I have a frilly spare bedroom with internet service and cable TV. You could just chill or we could go shopping!

    This weekend will be a topic of happy conversation for years to come!

    Happy cleaning!

  13. WHUH? wow, thats alot of rabbits, I mean bikers. Hey when your done with his appetizers will you come make mine? haha!


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