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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Last Monday in August

Today is the last day in August! Do you know what that means?

It means its our anniversary! No, our anniversary is not the 31st. A few years back B and I were trying to remember when it was he became so blessed as to have me as his main squeeze. Yes, I just said "main squeeze". Its late and we just drove in from Sacramento, I can't be held responsible for cheesy sayings. Anyway, finally it came to him. It was the last Monday in August! Ever since then we have celebrated on the last day of August... whatever date that may be.

In honor of our 5 years together I'd like to share a story of love at first sight. The moment the world stopped turning, darkness turned to light and the angels sang in heaven.

It all started at Roy's Restaurant in Rancho Mirage, California. I had gone there for the management training a week earlier. B was a line cook there. He had been on vacation and arrived back while I was still in the kitchen portion of the training.

We both remember the exact moment we saw each other.

I was standing by the broiler getting directions from my trainer. I heard some of the guys greeting him as he came in. I looked up and watched him turn the corner into the kitchen. He was wearing his blue chef's pants, a white t-shirt, Roy's hat and he was holding his knife bag. He was tan from vacation. His walk was confident. He was quiet.

I was standing there watching him when he turned my direction.

Our eyes met...

I flashed my biggest, sweetest smile....

and then he.....

just continued to walk to his station.

He completely ignored me.

He actually made eye contact with me and didn’t even say hello. Who does that?!

Don't you make excuses for him, either. He can mimic the smile I gave him so I know he saw me. I will not be ignored!

I guess I showed him. Hmmph.

The courting process was more like me making a decision and him waking up wondering what heck happened.

B! I will not be ignored! I am not an animal! We laugh about it all the time.

The big jerk.

Anyone out there have that magical moment of mutual adoration? Please do tell.. I'd like to believe it isn't a myth.

And here is to 5 more years with my big jerk. I guess I'll keep him.


  1. Who could resist you?!! I think he was just dazzled. (We'll go with that!)

  2. We all know that he was dazzled, he just doesn't ever want to admit it.

  3. Happy anniversary! We just celebrated our sixth yesterday. :)

    So, what was his excuse for ignoring you?

  4. Aww! Happy Anniversary!

    Of course he couldn't ignore you for long :)

  5. Oh happy anniversary! That's a very cute story, and I applaud your use of "main squeeze" in a sentence. :)

  6. Perhaps it was completely sold out to you at the moment your eyes met and he lost all train of thought in even how to say Hello?

    Love memories like these! Thank you for sharing them and hope you two have a wonderful Monday together.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. happy anniversary!!

    Oh, and eyelashes... girl, just go for the ones I mentioned at Target. The Sonja Kashuk ones have black glue. FOOLPROOF. They are individual and you just tuck them in where you want them using a really BIG mirror and tweezers. Then brush mascara over them and you're done.

    Good luck. If there aren't any, it's because I bought them all....

  8. My parents also celebrate the night they met...actually more so than their wedding anniversary. It was college night, Nov 18, 1968. Believe me, we have all heard about it! They say that she picked him 1st, but he eventually picked her back.

  9. Awww, that is so sweet. You guys are so adorable. Happy Anniversary! I remember the first time I saw my Hubby it was love at first sight. He had joined a small group of singles from church having just moved from Dallas to Austin. I thought "Hello Dallas, they sure know how to grow them in Dallas!" I even remember the outfit he had on. He didn't notice me until later, but in Charlie Brown style he thought, that little red haired girl is cute!

  10. That picture of you two is sooooo cute! I hope it's framed somewhere in your house. Happy last day in August to you both!
    PS Way to go on the cold shoulder, B. Girls can't resist that. It totally gets 'em every time. he hehe :oD

  11. My husband and I met at a college bar, he asked me to dance I said "no thanks." 2 hours later I asked him..forgetting how bitchy I was he jumped on the opportunity to dance with me. The end..that was MANY years ago. Figtreeapps

  12. ADORABLE! That is what the 2 of you are!

    Guys are jerks ... it takes a good woman to turn them around and make them see the errors of their ways!!!

    Over 40 years ago ... my DH was a jerk to me twice, ending our relationship twice ...(I was still in High School and it turned out to be good thing that we didn't get more serious then... but still... OUCH!)

    3 years later after I had completed my schooling we bumped into each other again ... I swore up and down to anyone who would listen that I WOULD NEVER GO OUT WITH HIM AGAIN AS LONG AS I LIVED!!! Period.

    We were married 8 months later ... no ... I wasn't pregnant ... it was just LOVE ... Honey ... LOVE!!!

    He has made my life so wonderful. (Yes, we've had our peaks and valleys ... that is life! But I love him more now than I ever have before.) B will do that for you, too!

    Many, many happy years together!

  13. Can I just say.. You all are fantastic and hilarious and so right!

    Truth be told B and I broke up more than once in the early years. But its been smooth sailing for years.

    I love reading your comments. Love them!

  14. I opened the door at my friend's house. I said "Hi Friend!" That was it.


  15. How sweet!!

    I still remember the night I met my husband.20 years ago, I was on a date with someone else and he introduced me to his friend. We became friends, I married the other guy, divorced the other guy, and we were still friends.

    We have been together for 14 years and married for 11 years next month.

    Happy Last Day in August!!

  16. Great story! I met CB at the gym ... at 6 am. I was working out with a girlfriend of mine, and he was the smiley, happy friendly guy at 6 am at the gym. He always came in and said, "good morning, Girls." or, "How is your workout?" When I needed a morning running partner I knew who to ask ... only he was MIA. Finally, I caught him one morning and invited him to run with me. It was the best pushy moment of my life!

  17. Happy anniversary! That is totally hilarious, and I love that you can remember the exact moment your eyes first met. True love, for sure! Here's to 5 x 5 x 5 more years together!

  18. oh that is too sweet, haha I have a story that takes a long time to explain but it starts when I was three and John threw rocks at me. Congrats on your 5 years, you guys just warm my heart.

  19. I just love your story.Be happy all time.My good wishes are with you.Thanks for sharing.

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